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Crocodiles News

'Idiots of the century' swim in baited croc trap

Sydney - A group of men seen swimming inside a baited crocodile trap in Australia near where a woman was recently eaten were blasted as "idiots of the century" Tuesday.

Seeds may have helped birds survive extinction of the dinosaurs

While there's plenty of evidence to suggest that dinosaurs were already in decline millions of years before the asteroid impact that spelled their doom, we know that those small, feathered theropod dinosaurs, otherwise known as birds, did survive.

Meet Dracoraptor hanigani, the ancient 'dragon' found in Wales

On a prehistoric island near Wales, a young dinosaur perished and was washed out to sea, before becoming encased in a cliff face near Cardiff. This small carnivore is the first Jurassic dinosaur to be discovered in Wales.

Indonesia plans prison guarded by crocodiles for drug convicts

Indonesia is planning to build a prison island guarded by meat-hungry crocodiles for drug convicts. The reason for using the deadly reptiles as prison guards is that crocodiles cannot be bribed like human guards.

Starving crocodiles finally fed amid Honduras legal row

Tegucigalpa - Some 11,000 crocodiles that have gone unfed for almost a month -- because their Honduran owners had their assets frozen due to US accusations they laundered money for drug traffickers -- were finally fed on Tuesday, officials said.

Crocodiles starve after U.S. freezes elite Honduras family's assets

- More than 10,000 crocodiles are starving to death on a farm in Honduras after the wealthy family owning them had their assets frozen because of US accusations they laundered money for drug traffickers.

Crocodiles can sleep with one eye open

A new study from Australia has found that crocodiles can sleep with one eye open, allowing the reptile to keep itself on alert.

150 Toronto crocodiles and alligators rescued by reptile zoo

Indian River - The Indian River Reptile Zoo, located in Indian River, Ontario, took around 150 crocodiles and alligators from an undisclosed home in Toronto.

'Carolina Butcher' — The huge croc that hunted on two legs

Recently discovered fossils show that Carnufex carolinensis, a massive bipedal crocodile ancestor, was an apex predator during the Triassic period 230 million years ago.

Some species of crocodiles can climb trees

The belief that you can climb a tree to escape a hungry crocodile has been proven moot by The University of Tennessee that says some species of crocodile can climb trees.

Photo Essay: A photographic safari at the local zoo Special

Toronto - Looking for an adventure to take your kids or grandkids on? Try something old with a twist. A photographic safari at the local zoo.

Daring thieves steal crocodile, snakes and dragons from pet shop

A group of daring thieves raided Stockport Pet Warehouse, an exotic pet shop in Hallam Street, Heavily, Greater Manchester and got away with an intimidatingly bizarre mix of 100 exotic animals, including a 5 ft crocodile, 50 snakes and about 40 lizards.

Airplane crashes after crocodile on board escapes

Kinshasa - A small airliner crashed into a house, killing a British pilot and 19 others after a crocodile smuggled onto the aircraft in a sports bag escaped and sparked a panic and stampede inside the aircraft's cabin.

Crocodiles escape Mexican refuge

Veracruz - Potentially up to 400 endangered crocodiles have escaped a refuge in Mexico following a heavy flood in the area as caused by Hurricane Karl.

Crocodiles kill eight poachers and injure another in Zimbabwe

Authorities in Zimbabwe say that poachers have not been discouraged from fishing in a lake near the country's capital Harare, despite the deaths of eight men and women who fell victims to crocodiles.

Australia: Wildfires Kill 93

The death toll in what is the worst wildfire disaster in Australian history now stands at 93 while floods are claiming lives in the north.

Crocodiles and Snakes in Australia Floodwaters Like Katrina Storm

More than 60% of Queensland, Australia has been under water in recent days while Australia has suffered its worst flooding in 50 years. As if that isn't bad enough, folks have to contend with crocodiles and snakes in their homes.

Zulu boy saved from hungry crocodile (gruesome pic)

Twelve year old Zulu boy Sakhile Xulu and his friends put up an impressive fight with a large crocodile while swimming in the Umhlathuze River in KwaZulu Natal - and they won. And he has the scars to prove his bravery forever.

Op-Ed: Dinosaurs 'lucky' to win evolutionary contest with crocs?

In the pre-dino era, the Triassic, the two main classes of reptile were the proto dinosaurs, and the ancestral crocodilians, known as crurotarsans. Theory says the dinosaurs out-competed the crocs, but now some people are saying it was just pure luck.

Baby crocodiles start chatting with siblings and mothers before they hatch

French researchers have learned that baby crocodiles start to chat even before they hatch. Scientists say they make sounds so they will induce the hatching process and hatch at the same time as their siblings so they can be protected by their mother.

Aussie croc myths come to life: big crocs getting the locals worried in Kakadu

Anyone who’s ever had fishing in the family will know the problem; you can’t get them to think about anything else. That includes safety. Northern Territory Rangers are now getting worried about the fishermen getting in the way of saltwater crocodiles

Homesick crocodiles defy relocation of 400 Kilometers

Three homesick crocodiles in Australia who were relocated more than 400 km (250 miles) away from home, found there way back anyway. Animal experts were shocked that the crocodiles could find the precise location in which they previously lived.

Croc plague in northern Australia

Here’s a snapshot of a public debate in Australia. It has the depth of sensitivity and wide range of emotions we’ve come to know and despise as doing absolutely nothing about the problems.

Woman strapped crocodiles onto herself

A woman with three crocodiles strapped to her waist was stopped at the Gaza-Egypt border crossing after guards noticed that she looked "strangely fat."

Malawi's ''Serial Killer'' Crocodiles Cause Havoc Among The Blind

BLANTYRE (dpa) - Malawi's growing crocodile population is playing havoc among blind people living on the banks of the Shire River in the southern districts of Nsanje and Chikwawa. Last month at least three sightless people were killed and another si...

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Saltwater crocodiles are estimated to kill an average of two people in Australia each year
Saltwater crocodiles are estimated to kill an average of two people in Australia each year
William West, AFP/File
National Geographic
Wildebeest  zebras and other mammals crossing the Mara River do so even with the danger of crocodile...
Wildebeest, zebras and other mammals crossing the Mara River do so even with the danger of crocodiles.
MBC Documentary

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