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Crocodile News

Huge 6,000-pound crocodile terrorized prehistoric seas

Suffice it to say, if this beast was in the water, you'd want to be out of the water. What is this creature? It is the largest sea-dwelling crocodile that has ever been discovered, growing to over 30 feet long and weighing three tons.

Dozens of crocodile heads dumped in Australian town

Sydney - Up to 70 rotting crocodile heads have been found in an old freezer dumped at a remote Australian town, police said Tuesday, with the culprits facing large fines and jail time if convicted of the killings.

In a while crocodile: Safaris yet to be snapped up by Australia

Sydney - Australia's top official on indigenous issues on Tuesday said crocodile safaris should be used to help fund impoverished Aboriginal communities, but the prospect of big game hunters was downplayed by Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Crocodile battles with three lions

A video has surfaced and it shows a crocodile battling with three lions in Kenya's Samburu National Reserve, which is home to hundreds of species of birds and animals.

Obese 100-year-old crocodile dies from overeating sacrifices

An overweight 100-year-old crocodile in south-western Bangladesh has died from overfeeding caused by eating too many chickens and goats that were thrown to it by worshippers believing they would get good luck.

Op-Ed: The crocodile suicides — Inside the Thai zoo where things go wrong Special

Samut Prakan - On a recent Friday at Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo, a 65-year-old woman slipped off her shoes, clambered over a balustrade and plunged into a pit of hundreds of crocodiles. As workers rushed to distract the reptiles, the woman swam toward them.

Man vs crocodile off Playa del Carmen, Mexico (Video)

Playa Del Carmen - A man is very lucky to be alive after swimming off the coast in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It seems he didn't realize that a massive crocodile lives under the bridge, just where he was swimming, and it started to chase after him.

Crocodile attempts to swallow shark

A tourist in Australia was surprised when he spotted something unusual. He witnessed a crocodile trying to swallow a shark.

Philippine fishermen demand bounty for crocodile

Davao - Fishermen in the southern Philippines are demanding a reward for a crocodile they said they caught accidentally, but officials insisted Sunday they would not pay for the reptile.

Video: Snake beats crocodile in fight, then eats it within 15 min

A snake in Queensland, Australia coiled itself around a crocodile in the water and later brought it's dead challenger to the land to eat.

Human remains found after Australian croc attack: reports

Sydney - Police reportedly found human remains Tuesday in the search for a 12-year-old boy snatched by a crocodile in northern Australia, and scaled back operations to a body recovery mission.

Man sleeps in hotel with crocodile under his bed

Guy Whittall, who was in Zimbabwe, was shocked when he discovered that there was an eight-foot crocodile right underneath his bed

Crocodile stalked New Zealand kayaker

A shocked tourist was trapped on a remote island in Australia for two weeks, because a giant crocodile trapped him there.

Australian man snatched by crocodile; feared dead

Darwin - A man is believed to have been killed by a crocodile while swimming in a river in Australia's Northern Territory during a birthday party. According to conflicting reports, he was either 26 or 24-years-old.

Watch crocodile bite head of Thai trainer Pravit Suebmee

A Thai animal trainer, Pravit Suebmee, got off lightly, with only minor injuries, after a crocodile snapped its mouth shut on his head while he performed a dangerous stunt at a popular tourist crocodile farm and zoo in Thailand.

Naked Aussie rides on log in crocodile-infested river for bet

An unnamed Australian fisherman risked his life for a bet. He rode in the nude on a log down the crocodile infested Daly River on Sunday and won two cases of Jack Daniel's whiskey.

Video: Photographer narrowly misses being eaten by a crocodile

Antonio Ruiz is a daredevil photographer living in Costa Rica. He wanted some close-up shots of a crocodile and almost got eaten in the process.

Watch a cat battle an Indian crocodile at a Jaipur zoo

Jaipur - A domestic cat came a whisker away from death but did not know it. The animal challenged a gharial crocodile to a fight after it strayed into the crocodile's pen at a zoo in Jaipur, India.

World’s largest croc’s next ‘home’ is US$120,000 museum

Davao - ‘Lolong,’ holder of the Guinness World Record for the largest captive saltwater crocodile that died last February 10, will get his second ‘home’ in a museum presently constructed by the town that hosted him when he was still alive.

World's largest crocodile in captivity is dead

The world's largest crocodile named "Lolong" died in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur, Philippines, Sunday evening, according to Mayor Edwin Elorde of Bunawan town.

Video: Crocodile leaps on tourist in Australia

A video that shows a crocodile leaping off a rock at a Swedish tourist in Australia has gone viral. The tourist was swimming in water when the crocodile leaped from a rock and landed on top of him in the water.

Video: Crocodile jumps on tourist's head in Australia

A tourist swimming in an Australian river got the shock of his life when a crocodile sunbathing nearby jumped on his head.

Crocodile leaps at tourist swimming in Australia

Three Swedish tourists had a surprise while swimming in a national park in Australia when a crocodile leapt from rocks landing on one of them.

Crocodile kills Australian boy in second attack in 2 weeks

A crocodile seized and swam off with a 12-year-old boy in the second fatal attack of its kind in two weeks in Australia's tropical Northern Territory.

Croc jaws are 'super sensitive'

The jaws of crocodiles and other crocodilians have been shown to be super-sensitive organs, far more so than the human jaw, according to new research.

Crocodile captured in Gaza sewer two years after zoo escape

Gaza - "Rock" the croc eluded his captors for two years after escaping from a Gaza Strip zoo, spending his time terrorising local residents who feared it would eat them. Now Gaza police have finally recaptured the escapee crocodile.

Crocodile escapes on Qantas flight

Melbourne - Baggage handlers on a Qantas flight had a nasty surprise when they discovered a live crocodile at large in the cargo hold.

Largest known crocodile could swallow a human if it wanted to

Researchers have said that the largest known crocodile was large enough to have swallowed a human being if it wanted to.

Komodo dragons, rare crocodiles among animals in seized luggage

Bulgarian customs officials in Sofia announced on March 12, 2012 that they had seized several suitcases of live exotic rare animals. The alleged trafficker, a Bulgarian citizen, was traveling via bus from the Czech Republic when his luggage was seized.

Crocodile swallows 10-year-old girl as father watches helplessly

Maumere - Local officials in eastern Indonesia say a crocodile swallowed a 10-year-old girl while she frolicked in a river. The case is the second on that spot in the last two months.
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Crocodile Image

snake fights crocodile.
snake fights crocodile.
Tiffany Coralis
Cat battles crocodile
Cat battles crocodile
The skull of Machimosaurus rex reached five feet in length.
The skull of Machimosaurus rex reached five feet in length.
YouTube screen grab National Geographic
An impressive look at the jawline of a crocodile.
An impressive look at the jawline of a crocodile.
Photographer Antonio Ruiz narrowly escapes attack by crocodile.
Photographer Antonio Ruiz narrowly escapes attack by crocodile.
An obese 100 year old crocodile died in Bangladesh after being overfed sacrifices of chickens and go...
An obese 100 year old crocodile died in Bangladesh after being overfed sacrifices of chickens and goats
Cuban crocodile
Cuban crocodile
Photographer Antonio Ruiz narrowly escapes a crocodile attack.
Photographer Antonio Ruiz narrowly escapes a crocodile attack.
This saltwater crocodile  over 15 feet long  was causing problems in an area about 150 miles southwe...
This saltwater crocodile, over 15 feet long, was causing problems in an area about 150 miles southwest of Darwin. The saltwater crocodile was captured in a billabong near a river reserve. It was well known for intimidating locals, especially children, preventing them from crossing a road to get to school.
GeoBeats News
Gharial crocodile
Gharial crocodile
Snake eating crocodile
Snake eating crocodile
Tiffany Coralis
Photo of freshwater crocodile taken in Australia
Photo of freshwater crocodile taken in Australia
Morelet s crocodile.
Morelet's crocodile.
American Alligator
American Alligator
Bill Swindaman
Sarcosuchus skull.
Sarcosuchus skull.
Wikimedia Commons Clstaudt