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Turkey condemns Czech release of Syrian Kurd leader

Ankara - Turkey on Tuesday accused the Czech judicial authorities of backing terror after the release of prominent Syrian Kurdish leader Saleh Muslim, warning that ties between Ankara and Prague would be harmed.

Belgium mocked for security failings

Paris - Belgium's approach to immigration and security has again come under fire after the Brussels bombings, but some say the country is being unfairly singled out and the timing of the criticism is crass.

Peeple website and social media accounts mysteriously disappear

Over the past few days, an app called Peeple has been stealing headlines and attracting a storm of controversy online for its advocacy of allowing people to rate each other without any opt-out. Today, the app's websites mysteriously disappeared.

Boy George voices his disappointment about Eminem's 'Rap God'

English singer-songwriter Boy George recently took to Twitter to express his disappointment over rapper Eminem's latest song "Rap God."

Critics slam Barcelona's decision to charge entry to Parc Güell

Barcelona - Critics are angry over the decision to charge a tourist fee for entry to the iconic Parc Güell, which is currently the only site displaying the work of Antoni Gaudí without charge.

Influential American film critic Andrew Sarris dies at 83

NEW YORK – Film critic and essayist Andrew Sarris, a longtime contributor to “The Village Voice” and other newspapers and one of North America's most enthusiastic champions of the auteur theory, has died. He was 83 years old.

Assange and RT in trouble with US for 'The World Tomorrow'

Following the first episode of Julian Assange's "The World Tomorrow" where he interviewed Hassan Nasrallah, the U.S. is angry.

U.S. Marine faces dismissal over criticism of Obama on Facebook

Camp Pendleton - U.S. Marine sergeant Gary Stein made the mistake of criticizing President Barack Obama on his Facebook page. That mistake may cause him to be dismissed in shame.

China insists on Internet control

The controversial anti-pornography Internet filter software, Green Dam Youth Escort, will still be pre-installed in all new personal computers sold in mainland China beginning July 1 as the government refuses to review the decision made early this month.

Op-Ed: GOP Chair Angers Party’s Right Wing

It appears that RNC chairman Michael Steele has developed a bad case of “foot in mouth” disease. The man once deemed the party’s Black savior has found himself defending a string of gaffes that has many Republicans openly calling for his resignation

Veterans Affairs Committee In Search Of Geeks? VA Takes Criticism Over New GI Bill

A delay in the new GI Bill, also called the Post 9/11 GI Bill, has many law makers upset, with some going as far as saying that a "geek" could do the job of getting the new system in place. With a deadline of August, 2009, will the VA pull through?

Bush sharpens his criticism of Venezuela's Chavez

On Wednesday U.S. President George W. Bush accused Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez of disturbing patterns and squandering his country's oil wealth to foment anti-Americanism.

Apple’s New Leopard OS Faces Criticism Days After Launch

Apple isn’t accustomed to bad press, but last week’s launch of the Mac operating system Leopard fell prey to several gripes from tech journalists. Find out why Apple still has to iron out some kinks in their revamped OS.

Ark. computers delete Huckabee criticism

Internet criticism of Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee's involvement in the pardon of a castrated rapist as well as his heavy use of a state airplane disappeared with a mouse click.

Media Watch, Australia: The most loathed media critic in the country

Possibly unique, Media Watch is the part of the Australian national broadcaster which bites. This might be of great interest to DJ readers and journalists, because it sets some pretty high standards.

Who Does Actually Support John Baird's Green Plan?

Canadian Environment Minister John Baird has been under attack since his Green Plan was announced by some high profile critics and opposition parties as well.

British Oil gaint BP facing US criticism over blast

This critisicm of US is due to the refinery disaster that killed 15 workers

Cheney Won't Take Back Pelosi Comment

Long-distance quarrel between Dick Cheney and Nancy Pelosi

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