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Amnesty seeks probe into civilian deaths in Karabakh conflict

Moscow - Amnesty International said Thursday Azerbaijan and Armenia must immediately probe the use of "inaccurate and indiscriminate weapons" in heavily populated civilian areas during the recent fighting over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh territory.

Kosovo ex-president Thaci denies war crimes

Den Haag - Kosovo's former president Hashim Thaci pleaded not guilty to war crimes charges in the 1990s war against Serbia as he appeared for the first time at a special international court in The Hague on Monday.

Srebrenica massacre, 25 years on Muslims still face Serb denial

Srebrenica - Relatives of the Bosnian Muslims killed in the worst atrocity on European soil since World War II are getting ready to mark 25 years since the Srebrenica massacre on Saturday, but for many Serbs the episode remains a myth.

Kosovo ex-PM questioned at war crimes court

Den Haag - International prosecutors questioned Kosovo's ex-prime minister and wartime guerrilla commander Ramush Haradinaj on Wednesday in the latest in a series of war crimes proceedings against him.

US Navy SEAL found not guilty of murder in war crimes trial

Los Angeles - A decorated US Navy SEAL was found not guilty Tuesday of murdering a captive teenage militant in Iraq, the most serious of the charges brought against him during a two-week war crimes trial in San Diego.

US Navy SEAL found not guilty of murder in war crimes trial

Los Angeles - A decorated US Navy SEAL was found not guilty Tuesday of murdering a captive teenage militant in Iraq, the most serious of the charges brought against him during a two-week war crimes trial in San Diego.

Elite US Navy SEAL facing war crimes charges for killings in Iraq

Los Angeles - Stabbing a teenage prisoner to death, picking off a young girl and an old man with a sniper rifle and firing a heavy machinegun into a residential area: these are some of the charges facing an elite US Navy SEAL on trial for war crimes while deployed i...

Karadzic trial to close, but Bosnia's divides remain open

Srebrenica - Widows of the Srebrenica massacre hope he will die in prison, while Bosnian Serbs have honoured Radovan Karadzic with a university dorm in his name.

Srebrenica survivors hope Karadzic gets life sentence

Tuzla - Survivors of Bosnia's Srebrenica massacre said Monday they hoped a UN court would sentence convicted war criminal Radovan Karadzic to life in jail when he receives his final verdict next week.

I. Coast's Ouattara says 'someone must be responsible' for poll deaths

Abidjan - Ivory Coast's President Alassane Ouattara has refused to comment on the acquittal on crimes against humanity of his predecessor Laurent Gbagbo at the International Criminal Court while insisting investigations would continue.

Libyan commander wanted by ICC 'escapes prison'

Benghazi - A Libyan commander wanted by the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes has "escaped" from prison, the forces of military strongman Khalifa Haftar said.

'No obstacles' in launching C.Africa Special Criminal Court

Bangui - A court charged with probing atrocities committed in the Central African Republic (CAR) has cleared its final hurdle and is expected to launch investigations later this year, its special prosecutor said Monday.

Srebrenica award to Bosnian Serb leader angers victims' families

Sarajevo - Authorities in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica angered relatives of the 1995 massacre there by handing its top municipal award on Sunday to the leader of the Bosnian Serbs, local media reported.

Duterte spokesman reveals, rejects ICC probe linked to drug war

Manila - The International Criminal Court is opening an initial probe into allegations of crimes against humanity by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, his spokesman said Thursday, insisting the Philippine leader rejected any accusations of mass murder arisi...

World court will prosecute crimes of aggression

New York - An assembly of 123 countries gathered at the United Nations agreed to allow the International Criminal Court to prosecute those responsible for the crime of aggression, officials said Friday.

Philippine lawyer accuses Duterte of 'mass murder' at ICC

Den Haag - A Philippine lawyer on Monday filed a complaint at the world's only permanent war crimes court against President Rodrigo Duterte, alleging his war on drugs has caused some 8,000 deaths.

EU: Russian, Syrian Aleppo bombing may be 'war crimes'

Luxembourg - The European Union on Monday strongly condemned Russia for the bombardment of the Syrian city of Aleppo, saying air strikes by Moscow and Damascus could amount to war crimes.

Syrian arrested in Germany on war crimes charges

Berlin - German authorities Wednesday arrested a Syrian national on war crimes charges, on suspicion of commanding a rebel militia in Aleppo that committed atrocities and plundered artefacts for sale.

Initial ICC probe says no crimes against humanity at Ukraine's Maidan

Den Haag - A preliminary probe suggests Ukraine's security forces used "excessive and indiscriminate" force in the 2014 Maidan protests but are not guilty of crimes against humanity, the International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor said Thursday.

Romania probes ex-president for 'crimes against humanity'

Bucharest - A Romanian court has begun a probe into former president Ion Iliescu for alleged crimes against humanity over the violent suppression of protests in 1990, months after the fall of the Communist regime, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Improved crime scene forensics with fungal DNA

New York - Scientists have come up with a computer model indicating where a dust sample came from within the U.S. This is based on the DNA of fungi found in the sample.

Philippines bans cybersex

After two Swedes were sentenced to life in the Philippines in 2011 for illegally running cybersex dens, the government passed the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 to eliminate any other similar crimes online.

Europe still split on totalitarian crimes on Black Ribbon Day

Budapest - The European Union’s Black Ribbon Day has been held in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, but has not had much media coverage, except in media catering to the relatives of the victims of Communism and some victims of Nazism.

Man sentenced 10 years for asbestos crimes

A man from Illinois has been given a 10-year prison sentence for illegally removing asbestos as well as exposing workers to it.

Most wanted 97-year-old Nazi war criminal arrested in Hungary

Budapest - Ladislaus Csizsik-Csatary, 97, sent 15,700 Jews to Auschwitz in 1941, while employed as a police commander in a Slovakian Ghetto. Now he has finally been caught.

Former East Bloc countries call on EU to recall Communist crimes

Prague - Former Communist countries in the EU have called on the Union’s Justice and Home Affairs Council to declare a day of remembrance of all totalitarian crimes committed by regimes throughout Europe.

Vancouver Police searches for sexual predators

The Vancouver Police Department has released a composite drawing of a suspect believed to have groped a young woman March 2nd, west of Vancouver.

Scotland: 43 police officers convicted of criminal offences

Information obtained from a Freedom of Information request sent to Scotland's eight police forces has shown more than 40 police officers have been charged with a variety of offences since January 2009.

November's Top Stupid Crimes and Criminals

A temporary lapse in judgement can cause people to do "not-so-smart" things. These criminals have topped the list for dump acts in November.

Naomi Campbell testifies in 'blood diamonds' war crimes trial

Den Haag - British supermodel Naomi Campbell has testified in the trial of former Liberian president, Charles Taylor, who is on trial in The Hague on 11 charges of war crimes, including the use of child soldiers and sexual assault as a form of attack.
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