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Credit card News

Apple Card can cause damage to wallets and jeans

Apple's credit card, released during August 2019 to a selected group of Apple aficionados ahead of a major roll-out, has been found to be capable of affecting the color and texture of certain materials, like denim.

Apple begins the global rollout of its first credit card

Just five months after Tim Cook announced Apple's next phase in the money markets (after Apple Pay), the company's first credit card is now available.

Swedish fintech startup devises credit card for sustainability

Doconomy, a Swedish fintech startup, has developed the world’s first credit card with a carbon limit. The new credit card is called DO Black.

Addressing security fears when making contactless payments

Oxford - University of Oxford technologists have designed a prototype device designed to make contactless payments more secure. The device sends secret keys to encrypt information passed from a mobile device to a payment terminal.

Credit card launched with ever changing display

A credit card with fraud-busting display has been launched in France. The card has an ever-changing security code, designed to make it fraud resistant.

Wendy's hit by credit card hack

U.S. fast food burger chain Wendy's has been hit in a major credit card hack. It is estimated that one in five outlets nationwide have been affected.

Credit card skimmers at gas stations and ATMs on the rise

Police across America are warning people of a credit card crime that is occurring at gas stations and ATMs. The scam involves the use of credit card skimmers.

Give your loved ones and yourself a holiday gift with Reveli Commissioned

It’s that time of year again. Holiday shopping season is upon us, and once again, millions of Americans will reach into their wallets for their credit cards.

MasterCard 'Selfie Pay' will let you blink to make purchases

Credit card provider MasterCard has announced it has begun rolling out a new biometric authentication technology previously known as Selfie Pay. It will allow card holders to complete transactions by scanning their face or providing a fingerprint.

Raspberry Pi 2 unveiled; updated minicomputer now runs Windows 10

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched an updated version of its acclaimed credit-card sized computer featuring upgraded hardware and much more power than its predecessor, giving it the ability to run a version of Windows 10 later this year.

Obama's credit card declined in restaurant

Washington - President Barack Obama faced a moment of embarrassment recently, and one that many people have encountered as well. On one of his regular appearances at a restaurant he went to pay the bill, only to find that his credit card was declined.

Millennials need to understand their credit scores, warns credit lawyer William Nixon, OKC

Talk about the looming “fiscal cliff” and “debt ceiling” has presented a fiscal nightmare for many Americans. Various recent reports show that the rocky economic situation has wide-reaching negative effects.

A site that sells stolen credit cards

Stolen credit cards are openly sold in the cyber marketplace, as one Russian carding site is selling 554 stolen Australian credit cards for $4.50 per record.

Air France passengers asked to chip in for fuel in Damascus

When an Air France flight was diverted to Damascus on Wednesday, the crew asked passengers if they could lend them some cash for fuel after Syrian authorities refused their credit card.

Study: Most Canadians hold debt, nearly half made lump payment

Toronto - A new research study by a financial institution found that 72 percent of Canadians maintain some form of debt, while 49 percent have made at least one lump sum payment in the last year. Is the debt crisis worsening in the country?

'Jews are despicable, Hitler was right' says Saudi commenter

Israel's Ynet news reports that Saudi talkbackers praise the credit card hacking scam that occurred earlier today in Israel affecting around 14,000 Israelis.

Saudis hack thousands of Israeli credit card details

Saudi hackers exposed personal banking information of thousands of Israelis by hacking into a sports site on the Internet and obtaining credit card details.

New Sony hack attack exposes personal info of 24.6 million users

Once again, Sony is warning more gamers their personal information may have been stolen by the same thieves who first breached the PlayStation Network, the company said Monday. Close to 24.6 million Sony Online Entertainment users may have been affected.

Honest homeless man reunites with exec who lent him credit card

New York - The homeless man who borrowed an ad executive's American Express Platinum Card on Monday and promptly returned it to her after making a few purchases, was reunited with her again a few days later.

Homeless man borrows executive's credit card, returns it

New York - A high-powered Manhattan advertising executive, perhaps a bit tipsy, let a homeless man borrow her American Express Platinum Card when he asked her for some spare change.

Vending machine of the future links credit card to thumbprint

Boston - Next Generation Vending and Food Service is experimenting with biometric vending machines that would link credit cards to thumbprints. The company president feels "for a certain demographic that is pretty cool."

Survey: Brits owe £55 bn in hidden debts

A survey has revealed that people in the United Kingdom owe £55 billion in hidden debts, and almost a third hide the true extent of their debt from family members.

Forgotten credit card leads to huge bill for Toronto woman

Toronto - In January, a Toronto woman walked out of a store forgetting her credit card. That mistake proved costly because when she opened her latest statement, she found out she had been billed for more than $10,000 in purchases.

Credit card scam suspected in Spain

It is thought that some credit card holders may have been caught in a scam based in Spain. The possible fraud is currently being followed up by Spanish police.

Fraud Credit Card Gang Busted

Ras Al Khaimah, one of UAE's seven emirates has caught a gang that has been using fraud credit cards pretending to buy or sell mobile phones and gold.

Wells Fargo: Interest rates to increase

In light of legislation establishing new rules regarding the raising of interest rates by credit card companies, Wells Fargo announced today they will increase their interest rates before the new rules go into effect.

House bill to enact credit card rules early as banks hike rates

In the interim between the passage of the CARD Act and implementation of some of its provisions, banks hiked credit card rates by 20% and changed terms. Members of US House seek to enact provisions early to thwart “anytime, any reason” changes.

Credit Card Debt Reaches All-Time highs

The average American consumer spends 43% more than he or she earns and the national credit card debt is $2 trillion. Is there no end in sight to this madness of credit?

Barack Obama announces new credit card restrictions

Barack Obama signed a new bill today which was aimed at credit card companies. The new laws will stop them from increasing interest or charging some fees.

Canadian Finance Minister to announce new credit card rules today

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is expected to announce new measures that will require financial institutions to provide better disclosure about interest rates.
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It’s always good to pay off your credit card debt  and with interest rates rising  what better tim...
It’s always good to pay off your credit card debt, and with interest rates rising, what better time than now?
Paul Vlaar
Credit Cards.
Credit Cards.
Sean MacEntee (CC BY 2.0)
Oberthur Technologies  new credit card with the code that changes every hour.
Oberthur Technologies' new credit card with the code that changes every hour.
Oberthur Technologies
MasterCard and VISA credit cards are seen in this illustrative photo
MasterCard and VISA credit cards are seen in this illustrative photo
Bobby Yip / Reuters,

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