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Op-Ed: How the COVID-19 pandemic lead to a spike in creativity

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned everyone's world upside-down, yet the human need to create, to perform, or think of something in a way that has not been done before is alive and well.

Collision sees technological transformation of creativity

While the more altruistic elements of technology continue to be pummelled in the court of public opinion, tech is trying to find its way forward. One path that could inspire people is technology tools for creative practice.

Science: Listening to music while working impairs creativity

Lancaster - Should you listen to music while you are working? For many this is down to individual preference, and many find music helps develop the muse. New research, however, finds that, overall, playing music whilst working inhibits the creative tide.

Can creativity be boosted through electrical stimulation?

London - Is it possible to boost creativity by applying electrical stimulation to the brain? One group of scientists state they have found a way to improve creativity through brain stimulation.

Matter of perception: How creative people perceive the world

Melbourne - Why are creative people so clever? How do they come up with innovations and inventions? It is a special something that goes beyond IQ and relates, according to a new study, to how some people perceive the world.

Op-Ed: Be deliberately provocative

We live in a society where people are quick to take offense so we are encouraged to be polite and correct. But sometimes the best way to gain attention for your creative idea is to be outrageously provocative.

Review: Every music fan needs to watch the new Amy Winehouse documentary Special

Watch what fame does to not only your head, but also your body. That's one of the many warnings in Asif Kapadia's acclaimed film Amy about the late singer Amy Winehouse, who in July 2011 died at 27 from alcohol poisoning in her London home.

Minecraft to be given free to every school in Northern Ireland

Every secondary school in Northern Ireland is to receive free copies of the massively popular computer game Minecraft after the title was recognised for its unique educational potential and ability to teach children about the world.

Creative people have lower ability to filter sensory distraction

Creative production is linked to a lesser ability to filter distracting sensory input and not to the ability to think on-your-feet. Are creative people always subject to "leaky" sensory input or can they shut off the sensory stimulus valve?

Researchers confirm that creativity is sexy

While some creative endeavors rank higher than others, creative people generally report having more sexual partners. Scientists think creativity might signal mental fitness to potential mates. (I knew it all along.)

Meditation may make even first-time practitioners more creative

A new study has concluded that meditation can enhance creativity in individuals even when they have no prior experience of meditation techniques.

Are females more attracted to artistic men?

A recent study by an Italian postgraduate student claims that art and creativity is a masculine representation of one's genes in the context of selective mating in humans, and therefore makes males more attractive.

Op-Ed: Unleash your creative genius — 10 tips to boost your ingenuity

Brilliant thinkers are creative and they use techniques to boost their creativity. You can improve your ingenuity by using some of these methods.

Some well-known human traits are now linked to creativity

Creativity is something that has always fascinated humanity — now scientists in those fields that typically deal with creativity have discovered a whole range of human traits which they believe indicate creativity in human beings.

Creativity and collaboration merge on WholeWorldBand Special

New music/video platform WholeWorldBand embraces emerging technology while celebrating the spirit of exploration. Along with giving users a chance to play with their music heroes, it allows a new way to collaborate on and monetize creative work.

Op-Ed: So you've invented eternal happiness. So what?

Sydney - The New York Times featured a piece on its Room for Debate section recently about the “death” of creativity. Several people provided perspectives on the problem. The trouble is that specific theories can limit the value of the discussion.

Op-Ed: New study — To be creative, shut down cognitive functions?

Sydney - A study by University of Pennsylvania has found that the mind becomes creative when the prefrontal cortex, the “irrelevance filter”, is bypassed. Creative people may find this irritating but it’s an interesting picture of mental functions.

Irish author battles demons, with some angelic help Special

Dublin - Binge-drinking during the Victoria Day weekend in Canada is nothing new. Irish author Catherine Barry knows all about heavy drinking. The reformed alcoholic documents the horrors of rehab and recovery in her 2011 book, Charlie And Me (New Island).

New York Businesses Get Creative Special

New York - For years, many have made a distinction between business types (also sometimes known as 'the suits'), and 'the creatives', but that classification is becoming increasingly outdated as the line today between 'business' and 'creative' blurs.

Dopamine, schizophrenia and creativity related, says new study

In a society that seems to consider being boring as hell to be normal human behavior, this tale of the "abnormal" may be of interest. There’s always been a folklore link between “madness” and genius, but now it’s been found to be literally true.

Boredom Could be Key to Developing a Creative Mind

Forget filling up every available moment on the schedule. A recent review of past research and theories on boredom has concluded that a lack of activity may be exactly what the brain needs to filter out certain input to allow for creativity.

How to Use Creativity to Keep Us Ageless!

All of us here at Digital Journal should pat ourselves on the back, because we all are doing something that will add years to our lives. What is it? Creativity! Studies have shown that there is a direct connection between creativity and healthy aging.

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Sony Pictures Animation head of production Pam Marsden at Collision 2019.
Sony Pictures Animation head of production Pam Marsden at Collision 2019.
WholeWorldBand CEO John Holland was approached by a filmmaker friend curious to post a new short wor...
WholeWorldBand CEO John Holland was approached by a filmmaker friend curious to post a new short work, in order to have platform users to collaborate on its soundtrack. "It’s really down to the user and the artist to look at how they best utilize it and make the most of out of it.”
Sulinna Ong
Collision 2019.
Collision 2019.
Collision 2019.
Collision 2019.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt speaks at Collision 2019.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt speaks at Collision 2019.
WholeWorldBand allows users anywhere to collaborate on music and video projects.
WholeWorldBand allows users anywhere to collaborate on music and video projects.
Fans can collaborate with The Rolling Stones  Ronnie Wood using WholeWorldBand.
Fans can collaborate with The Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood using WholeWorldBand.
Collision 2019.
Collision 2019.

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