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Creative News

Matter of perception: How creative people perceive the world

Melbourne - Why are creative people so clever? How do they come up with innovations and inventions? It is a special something that goes beyond IQ and relates, according to a new study, to how some people perceive the world.

Jivox IQ update introduces new dynamic canvas technology Special

Jivox, a company focused in data-driven advertising solutions across screens, has announced some major product upgrades to its Jivox IQ platform.

Op-Ed: How to hire the most creative people available

How can you change a corporate culture which is comfortable, complacent and risk averse into one which is dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovative?

Op-Ed: How open minded are you?

Open mindedness is the willingness to listen to and consider opposing or contradictory views. People who are open minded are receptive to fresh ideas even if those ideas challenge their strongly held beliefs.

Howie B's 'Down With The Dawn' a portrait of loss and life Special

Scottish DJ/producer Howie B. is perhaps best-known for his work with U2, Bjork, Tricky, and Ry Cooder. But he's also a gifted artist in his own right. His latest album offers a wide range of sounds, and references deeply personal experiences.

Review: Light and shadows: Living under Adobe’s Creative Cloud

It was bound to happen: By pitching its products to professionals, it appears Adobe is abandoning individual users. But the individuals must realize that their choices have changed dramatically too

Frenchman offers himself on 'Amazon' with a creative CV

Paris - These days it can be hard to find a job, so a Parisian decided to come up with a brand new idea for offering his services. A mock web page offering himself for bids, which is now going viral online.

New Beatles bio offers a graphic look at the Fab Four Special

A new, comic-book style book offers a new, creative take on the history of The Beatles. Combining history with comics, creator Herve Bourhis has fashioned a fascinatingly visual take on the story of the Fab Four.

New York Businesses Get Creative Special

New York - For years, many have made a distinction between business types (also sometimes known as 'the suits'), and 'the creatives', but that classification is becoming increasingly outdated as the line today between 'business' and 'creative' blurs.

Bizarre ways to dispose of a dead body Special

The economy is taking a toll on the dead as bodies stack up in morgues across the country. Many are going unclaimed by families who can't afford to bury or cremate their loved ones. One way we look back at a culture is how they dispose of their dead.

Apple Gets Creative With Mac Ads

Several readers have seen a funny ad from Apple with its Mac vs. PC characters and mocks Microsoft's Windows Vista. These ads have shown up on a number of sites such as, and

If Your Desk is Messy, You Might Be a Genius

If you understand the term "controlled chaos," it may mean you're smarter than the rest of us.

Chin Up Chin Up " This Harness Can't Ride Anything"

A cool animated music video. This absalutely amazing.

Do you Blog because of your Birthday?

What will this Study Reveal?

How To Use iTunes With Any MP3 Players

An easy way to get your non-iPod Mp3 player working with iTunes.

Why Public Schools are Failures to the Best Students

Growing up through the public school system, I can attest that our school system does not bring out the full potential of students. Not even from the best students either. Sure, the public school system has a plethora of success stories, however I stro...

Engineering and Creativity.....Music to the ears.

Amazing Musical Machine built by University of Iowa Engineering and Music Students.

PlayStation 3 sells out at launch

Electronics stores in Japan have sold out of PlayStation 3 consoles after thousands of gamers queued for hours in the cold to buy them.

Creative, Losing Share to IPods, Has $21 Million Loss

Creative Technology Ltd. reported its third straight quarterly loss after its music players were outsold by Apple Computer Inc.'s iPods 23 to one in the U.S.

Who killed Zen's radio recording?

Zen MicroPhoto and Zen Vision players stopped recording FM radio shows following a recent firmware update.

Apple Gets Lucky, Settling iPod Patent Dispute with Creative for $100 Million

Digital Journal — Most hardcore Apple fans will tell you one of the greatest things about the iPod is its navigation and interface. According to the latest news, you can thank Creative for that. Apple Computer has agreed to pay $100 million (US) to ..

Make Something: A Provocation To Create

NEW YORK - In an effort to encourage the people of New York to Make Something, a small army of students from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) took to the subway trains on March 28, sketch pads and charcoal in hand, sketching random passengers. Each ...

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Adobe s Creative Cloud totem
Adobe's Creative Cloud totem
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Billy Joel s lighting and creative director Steve Cohen
Billy Joel's lighting and creative director Steve Cohen
Curtis Cox
Military camouflage for tanks becomes useful on a porch.
Military camouflage for tanks becomes useful on a porch.

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