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Tesla's incomplete autopilot would not have passed in Germany

Berlin - Germany’s Federal Office for Motor Vehicles (KBA) would not have approved the autopilot system installed on Tesla cars if it was still in a beta-phase version, the agency told German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

Honda joins list of automaker recalls with Takata airbags

A third automaker has issued a recall of a line of vehicles equipped with a specific manufacturer's components following an internal review of the cars' airbags.

Uber driver gets caught with weed after crashing into cop car

Late last week, an Uber driver crashed into a police car, and then the driver got caught with weed in the glove compartment.

Bear crashes boy's birthday party, eats cupcakes

People sometimes get uninvited guests at a party, but this is ridiculous! In Alaska, a hungry bear crashed a boy's birthday party and went straight for the cupcakes.

Truck tailgates car, flips the driver off, and then crashes

Tampa - A driver flipped off a woman driving a vehicle he was tailgating, and he ended up crashing his truck after he cut her off. The incident was caught on video.

Video: Helicopter crashes near Copacabana beach

Copacabana - A video shows a fire department rescue helicopter crashing into water at the Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro. Although, we see the helicopter sinking into the water, the crew members escaped with only minor injuries after firefighters came to the rescue.

North Korea's much hyped long-range rocket crashes into sea

Pyongyang - North Korea, defying the international community, launched a long-range rocket on Friday, but it crashed and fell into the sea before it escaped Earth's atmosphere.

Video: Car plows into packed restaurant in Perth, Australia

Perth - Diners inside a Japanese restaurant in Australia miraculously escaped death after a driver crashed his car through the building.

Internet information site Wikipedia crashes, data centre to blame

Following news today that YouTube and iTunes have been easily accessed by hackers, Internet information giant Wikipedia is now experiencing a lengthy down time period and for over an hour gave their users no explanation as to why.

British fighter jet crashes at Kandahar base

A British fighter jet crashed inside NATO's largest base in southern Afghanistan. This was the second major crash there in two days.

Geese Pose Big Risk at Northeast US Airports

Was it big birds that got into both engines of the US Airways jet that landed in the Hudson River Thursday? Officials say it's more than likely.

Medical Helicopter Crashes At Alarming Rate Following Sunday's Crash In Arizona

The number of medical air transport crashes are at an alarming level as last Sunday's crash in Arizona added to the tally another six fatalities and brings the number of serious medical aircraft accidents this year to ten and the death toll to sixteen.

Plane Crashes into California Homes

Five people were injured on Saturday afternoon when a twin-engine Cessna 310 crashed into two homes in Compton, California.

Hong Kong traffic policemen accused of staging 19 bogus crashes

Hong Kong - Two Hong Kong policemen were on trial Tuesday accused of staging 19 bogus crashes and conning drivers out of thousands of US dollars in false compensation claims.

Deer Crashes Through Store Front In Broad Daylight

Last Friday afternoon a new ACE Hardware store in downtown Farmington, Michigan got a surprise customer no one would have ever suspected would show up, or even would be interested in shopping downtown.

Metal chunk crashes through N.J. roof

It crashed through a rook in New Jersey and had Nasa and the Federal Aviation Administration stumped. Here's a gem from the Nasa official at JPL, "It didn't look "very space-y"

Man crashes after prosthetic leg jams

A man ran his truck through the wall of a liquor store after his prosthetic leg became jammed between the accelerator and brake pedal.

Kenya Airways Plane Crashes With 115 People Aboard

A Kenya Airways plane with 115 people on board crashed in southern Cameroon on Saturday which is near the town of Niete, north of the border with Equatorial Guinea.

British army helicopter crashes

crash has occured in Northern Ireland border base, and several soldiers and police were injured but not so critical.

Hybrid car crashes into a mini-mart

A hybrid car going somewhere between 30-60 mph crashed into the side of a mini-mart store and gas station Tuesday afternoon in Tacoma.

UPDATE: Pilot Crashes into Ex-in-law's House

Pilot said to his ex-wife about their 8 year old daughter before crashing and dying, "I've got her, and you're not going to get her"

$2.3 million rare Bugatti crashes

Imagine crashing your $2.3 million car! The crash happened in Surrey, England.

Pilot crashes into in-laws' house

A pilot and his 8-year-old daughter were killed Monday when their small plane crashed into an in-law's house near a southern Indiana airport.

11 hurt after woman, 80, on way to renew license crashes into Deerfield DMV

Woman crashes car into DMV, shortens line by 11 people.

Corporate Jet Crashes at Moscow Airport

Weather is being blamed for jet crash

Ice Chunk Crashes Through Home

A Philadelphia family narrowly avoided injury after a chunk of ice came crashing through their home Wednesday evening.

Obedient German motorist crashes on Satellite command

An Obedient German listens to the orders of the Satellite Navigation system, takes a wrong turn and gets stuck in rail track.

National Guard helicopter carrying Guard members and border agents crashes in Calf.; 9 injured

A California National Guard helicopter ferrying Border Patrol agents crashes

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