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Craigslist junker selling for $700 turns out to be worth millions

You never know what you might find on the Internet today. Corvette lovers are still kicking themselves after discovering an old "junker" advertised on Craigslist five years ago for a paltry $700 was actually worth millions.

Op-Ed: Lofty investments may drive classified startups past Craigslist

Craigslist and Backpage are dominating classified sites where bargains, murders and stranger-than-fiction stories have made headlines almost daily. Could their run at the top be nearing it's end?

B.C. Better Business Bureau warns of online puppy scam

Vancouver - The BBB is warning the province's residents of a scam where fraudsters advertise puppies for sale online. And this scam is not limited to British Columbia or Canada.

Police creating 'safe exchange zones' for Craigslist meetings

One can find amazing deals on Craigslist but may also run the risk of getting caught in a scam, robbed, or maybe even killed when collecting on one's find.

FBI toughens stance on animal cruelty cases

Quincy - She was beaten so severely that her skull was fractured and several other bones were broken as well. She'd been stabbed in the eye and her tongue had been split. Her nose had been burned, and at two years old she was less than half her normal weight.

Pregnant teen and boyfriend murdered after Craigslist sex act

Wyoming - Last week, an eight-months pregnant teenager and her boyfriend were found murdered by a Craigslist user they'd arranged to meet for sex.

What you need to know about the reselling-marketplace Orchard Special

Toronto - We recently caught up with the Co-founder of smartphone app Orchard. Bruno Wong said his company "hosts an entire ecosystem of used devices" and brokers deals for smartphone users who want to sell old devices.

Man seeking horse sex on Craigslist arrested

Phoenix - A Phoenix man is now in custody after having posted an ad in Craigslist with the heading "man-seeking-horse." In an undercover sting operation, police confirmed the man's intentions.

Feds: Florida man arranged 'pedophile sex tours' in Ecuador

A Central Florida man is behind bars after federal agents arrested him on suspicion of running pedophile sex tours in Ecuador.

Craigslist: Thief advertised stolen goods, victim saw advert

Annapolis - Craigslist sure does see its fair share of controversial news. The latest being a burglar, who advertised stolen goods on Craigslist. The owner saw the ad, posed as a buyer and got the crook arrested.

Online job ad offers $40k per year to pose as 'Harvard student'

Cambridge - An alleged "Harvard student" is offering a payment of $40,000 per year to a qualified candidate willing to pose as him while attending classes at Harvard University.

Former E.R. doctor sentenced for raping, killing pregnant woman

Delaware - Delaware County prosecutors in Ohio contend a former emergency room doctor violated his oath when he murdered a woman and her unborn child.

Couple say they killed man because they wanted to do it together

A couple who were married only for a few weeks met a man from Craigslist, and killed him. They say that they wanted to kill together.

Man Goes on Craigslist and swaps NFL tickets for wedding ring

Rusty Jones went on Craigslist and found that there was a diamond engagement and wedding ring set for sale, but all the seller wanted for them was tickets to a football game.

Another Craigslist murder

Los Angeles - Buying something off Craigslist has proved deadly again. A Los Angeles man was shot dead by teens when he met them to pay for the mobile phone in south Los Angeles.

Positive pregnancy tests for sale on Craigslist

A strange and rather disturbing new trend is emerging on Craigslist. Pregnant women are selling positive pregnancy tests to whoever wants them, no questions asked, and usually at $25 a pop.

Girl sees her stolen bike on Craigslist, girl gets it back

Vancouver - It's always good to hear a story with a happy ending these days. A girl had her bicycle stolen. Then she saw it for sale on Craigslist, and what happened next is absolutely priceless.

Desperate mom arrested for putting son for adoption on Craigslist

Huffman - A desperate Texas mom offered up her three-year-old son for adoption on the classifieds website Craigslist. The woman has apparently been suffering from depression and anxiety.

Mom allegedly tried to sell son on Craigslist

A Texas woman was arrested this week on charges that she tried to sell her son on Craigslist, however she is not the only one hinting at the problem of depression in parents.

Beware of scammers running rampant on Craigslist

A site created originally for use by the general public has become the hub of scams and Internet fraud. By posting an ad or responding to one, chances are you are likely to become a target for fraud.

Three missing models in Colorado have online connection

Three women have gone missing in Colorado. All of them are young and beautiful; and all of them have an eerie connection.

Wedding dates wanted for 'dashingly tall, house trained' brothers

Albany - Two brothers from New York may have found one of the most unique ways of finding a date for a family wedding, posting an advertisement on Craigslist .

Sperm donor, ordered to pay child support, takes fight to court

Topeka - A Craigslist sperm donor who signed away his parental rights for the daughter he helped a lesbian couple to conceive, is now being ordered by Kansas to pay child support.

Craigslist now the exclusive owner of your ads

In an effort to hang onto its market share in the online classifieds game, Craigslist is now demanding to be the "exclusive licensee" of any content posted to its site. But some say Craigslist is on shaky legal ground.

Authorities warn of rental property scams listed on Craigslist

Providence - If you're searching online for a rental property, beware of what you may encounter. Identity thieves are always looking for savvy ways to trick people.

Unemployed Canadian builds amazing tree home using Craigslist

Despondent after the closure of a social media startup, unemployed Canadian Joel Allen, 26, used Craigslist to gather free materials to help build an extraordinary egg-shaped tree house on Crown property a couple of hours drive north of Vancouver.

Woman posts Craigslist ad to find stranger who got her pregnant

Last week, a Craigslist ad titled “Did we hook up at the Megadeth/Motorhead concert?” showed up in the missed connections section of the site.

Wife sells video game-obsessed husband on Craigslist

Logan - A Utah wife has made headlines after she listed her video game obsessed husband for sale on Craigslist. The woman's ad describes the man as "easy to maintain and only needs food and water every few hours."

Woman uses Craigslist to find her stolen laptop

Charleston - A Southwest Airlines passenger who had her laptop stolen after checking it with baggage claim was able to recover her computer after finding it being sold on Craigslist, the online classifieds service.

Posted Ad on Craigslist to buy Pot

Roswell - We've heard of ads posted on Craigslist for prostitution and had a Craigslist killer, but now there's an ad posted on Craigslist for someone looking to buy pot.
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Craigslist Image

An ad on Craigslist wanting a positive pregnancy test.
An ad on Craigslist wanting a positive pregnancy test.
Craigslist screengrab
Craig Newmark  US Internet entrepreneur known for founding San Francisco-based website Craigslist
Craig Newmark, US Internet entrepreneur known for founding San Francisco-based website Craigslist
Dave Sifry
Craiggers is a website that lets you search through Craigslist in a more visual  cleaner interface.
Craiggers is a website that lets you search through Craigslist in a more visual, cleaner interface.
Brook Slocum  18  and Charles Oppeneer  25  were found murdered.
Brook Slocum, 18, and Charles Oppeneer, 25, were found murdered.
A mother in Texas was arrested for allegedly  trying to find her child a new home on Craigslist
A mother in Texas was arrested for allegedly trying to find her child a new home on Craigslist
Screengrab / ABC13
Positive pregnancy tests are for sale on Craigslist for $25 each.
Positive pregnancy tests are for sale on Craigslist for $25 each.
Craigslist screengrab