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Hong Kong remembers Tiananmen, fearful for its own future

Fpo - Huge crowds turned out for a mass candlelight vigil in Hong Kong on Tuesday evening marking 30 years since China's bloody Tiananmen crackdown, a gathering tinged with symbolism as the city struggles to preserve its own cherished freedoms.

Hong Kong remembers Tiananmen, fearful for its own future

Fpo - Crowds began arriving for a candlelight vigil in Hong Kong on Tuesday evening marking 30 years since China's bloody Tiananmen crackdown, a gathering tinged with symbolism as the city struggles to preserve its own cherished freedoms.

E-bike crackdown in New York City spurs delivery worker concerns

New York - Like delivery robots in San Francisco, electric bike delivery drivers in New York City are now being targeted by city officials who claim they are a menace to pedestrians and drivers. Starting in 2018, a crackdown on the zippy bikes will take place.

Beijing government cracks down on Christian churches

Wenzhou - The eastern city of Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, China is sometimes called "China's Jerusalem" because of the number of houses of worship. On Monday, hundreds of police came to the Longgang Huai En Church and used a crane to take down its cross.

Sydney police crackdown on shoplifting in lead-up to Christmas Special

Sydney - Sydney police have charged 98 people during the five-day ‘Operation Lightfingers’ Sydney shoplifting blitz at major retail centres.

Egyptian farmer named donkey after army chief, got arrested

Cairo - It seems you must be careful what you name your animals in Egypt these days, as a farmer in southern Egypt is taken into custody for giving his donkey a military chief's name, as well as a military hat.

Bahraini boy sentenced to 5 years in prison

Bahrain’s criminal court has sentenced a 15-year-old boy named Hossein al-Havaj to five years in prison, for simply igniting a trashcan on fire, reported the Mer’at al-Bahrain news agency.

NGO crackdown: Egypt denies licenses to 8 U.S.-based non-profits

Egypt has now denied licenses to eight U.S.-based non-profit groups to operate in the country. They state they are violating the country's sovereignty.

Rick Santorum promises crackdown on pornography if elected

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum says he will ban pornography if elected president. He said America is suffering a "pandemic" of pornography, and that it is "toxic to marriages," and "contributes to misogyny and violence against women."

Human rights groups uneasy about Cameron's riot crackdown

London - The sense of turbulence and unrest in England is potentially going to be met with what several rights groups percieve as heavy-handed. Prime Minister David Cameron's proposed tactics are not ringing well with everybody and groups have begun to speak out.

U.S. Watchdog Group Warns of ‘Hard’ Crackdown in China Special

Reports from China’s restive Xinjiang province are focusing on Friday prayers at mosques, a possible source of further unrest. The Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP) reports authorities plan a ”fierce crackdown.”

Dutch mayor gets death threat after closing down coffeeshop

Proving police claims that cannabis-dealing coffeeshops draw violent criminals, a mayor 's life was threatened when he ordered a coffeeshop closed down Thursday. After years of tolerating drugs-tourists, the Dutch now are cracking down hard.

Teen, 13, sells nude pics of herself on MXit

The news that a 13-year-old South African girl sold nude photographs of herself at $17 each via the instant messaging service MXit, had local police rush out an awareness campaign about its dangers. Teens are often recruited like this by sex-slavery gangs

Immigration Agents Raid Pilgrim's Pride Poultry Plants In Multiple States

As part of a six state crackdown, Immigration agents raided a Pilgrim's Pride poultry plants in Texas, Arkansas, Florida, Tennessee and West Virginia. The Arkansas action is to go after those providing fake identification for illegal immigrant workers.

China Bans Scary Movie Content

China is continuing it's crackdown of offending content that might cast anything negative on adolescents receptive mental health, by banning all things that are scary in video and audio content. All of this, of course, is an effort to impress the world.

China Targets Online Gamers and Net Cafes in Latest Crime Sweep

Do online games cause juvenile crime? China believes they do, which is why its police are cracking down on illegal websites, computer markets and Internet cafes in an effort to quash youth crime.

Web, crackdowns weakening Mafia's grip

When business is at hand, Cosa Nostra counted solely on fear, but that's going to change. In a rebellion against the Sicilian Mafia from its century-old roots, businesses have joined together to refuse demands for "protection money" called "pizzo."

Government Urge Crackdown on Blogs

South Africa - ID Leader, Patricia de Lille has called on government to crackdown and regulate blog websites and also the popular MXit text message service.

Realtime Worlds ponders Crackdown 2

"We've learnt some lessons...I'd love to see it happen" says developer.

Security Crackdown Under Way in Baghdad

Long awaited "surge" begins ... now Bush can see if his latest plan will succeed.

Iraq PM urges start to Baghdad crackdown

Maliki says the delay in starting security operation gives the insurgents more time to kill as many people as they possible can.

Crackdown on stinky motorbikes

Canada's new government acting now to clean up the air we breathe

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Sichengtang Church  one of many Christian churches in  Zhejiang Province.
Sichengtang Church, one of many Christian churches in Zhejiang Province.
Nanjing Road in Shanghai.
Nanjing Road in Shanghai.
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