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Crabs News

Tunisia fishermen turn tide to cash in on blue crab menace

Djerba - Tunisian fishermen saw the blue crab wreak such havoc on their catches when it first appeared that they nicknamed it after the terrifying jihadists of the Islamic State group.

'Mudbug' crabs on the march in central Berlin

Berlin - They have pointy eyes, prickly red claws, and they eat just about anything -- an exotic crustacean is on the loose in Berlin's central government district.

Harry Potter inspires naming of new crab species

A new species of crab has been named after characters from the Harry Potter franchise. In addition part of the name of the crustacean references a famous biologist.

Bone healing advanced through crab shell protein

An advancement in nanotechnology: scientists have succeeded in combining a sugar, extracted from crab and shrimp shells, with nanomaterials. This is the building block for bone regeneration and wound healing.

Mass horseshoe crab die-off in Japan

Hundreds of Japanese horseshoe crabs have mysteriously washed up dead on several beaches. The strange phenomenon is being investigated.

Scientists scare the heck out of raccoons to save ecosystems

Raccoons are definitely cute and clever, and in habitats where they have predators, they keep to the trees and do most of their foraging for food at night. In areas where there are no predators, their cute and clever ways can wreak havoc on ecosystems.

Five fascinating facts you might not know about sea otters

Sea otters tickle our imaginations. Their charming antics make them the clowns of the sea, and for those of us fortunate enough to live alongside them, they are enchanting. The sight of mother otters cuddling young ones make them even more endearing.

GoPro camera shows day in the life of a crab net

Bunbury - YouTube user Scott Murray recently attached a GoPro camera to a crab net to record what happens on the ocean floor. The results are surprisingly fascinating.

Study suggests that crustaceans 'feel pain'

It has been a point 'hotly' debated throughout the worlds of science and cooking: when a lobster is dropped into a steaming pan of water, does it 'feel pain'? A new research study suggests that crustaceans do sense pain.

Furry crabs may help save Great Barrier Reef from deadly disease

Townsville - Scientists are finding that a species of crab indigenous to Australia and other areas of the Pacific and Indian Oceans may actually help save the Great Barrier Reef instead of destroying it.

Marine life saved, relocated following Hurricane Sandy

Newport - New York and New Jersey were not the only areas damaged by Hurricane Sandy, in fact, Rhode Island's Save the Bay Aquarium was heavily damaged, leaving 300 animals homeless.

Video: Crab pinches soldier's nose in act of self-defense

The latest video to go viral on YouTube features a not so bright Russian soldier who learns a painful lesson after he catches a fast-moving land crab, and then holds the arthropod too close to his face.

Op-Ed: Mysterious animal deaths may not be so mysterious

Around 5000 dead blackbirds found in Arkansas. More than 100,000 dead fish wash up on shore of Arkansas river. A hundred tons of fish found dead in Brazil. Sound like a movie? Well it's not.

Fish and crab kill extends to Britain, New Zealand

Coromandel - New Zealand and Britain are the latest locations to join the list of fish and bird deaths this week as 40,000 crabs were found dead along the Kent coast and thousands of New Zealand snapper are reported to be littering the Coromandel Peninsula beaches.

Live crabs sold in Chinese vending machines

Nanjing - Commuters at underground stations in one area of China are now able to get something rather unusual from a vending machine – live crabs.

Female fiddler crab offers sex in exchange for protection

Some animals have a strange ways of dealing with - or gaining from - violence. According to an Australian study, a male fiddler crab will happily defend a female neighbour against intruders, partly because he will get sex in return.

Shorebird Decline Linked to Using Crabs as Bait

A new study claims that the decline of the red knot , a shorebird, is connected to the use of horseshoe crabs for bait .

Nova Scotia: Protest Over Crab Quota

Cape Breton fishermen have set up a floating blockade in order to protest this year's crab quota. The protest began last evening.

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WET: Dungeness crabs are prepared for sale on the sidewalk outside the Fishermen's Grotto restaurant at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.
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