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Samsung starts mass-production of new 10nm smartphone processors

Samsung's announced that mass production of 10nm chips based on its second-generation FinFET technology has begun. The processors should start showing up in smartphones next year and will offer considerable performance and battery life improvements.

Google Sheets used to create a virtual machine that computes data

A developer has demonstrated how he used a Google Sheets spreadsheet to emulate the operation of a computer processor. The spreadsheet, written using scripts, features four registers, a memory area and the ability to calculate Fibonacci numbers.

AMD unveils new set of Ryzen processors for mainstream users

AMD has officially announced its new range of Ryzen 5 CPUs. The gaming-oriented chips are designed to undercut Intel's rival offerings by offering comparable performance at a much lower price, bringing competition back to PC components.

Report: Future Intel processors could feature AMD graphics

Intel has struck an unusual deal with rival AMD, according to reports circulating online. The company may be planning to integrate AMD's superior graphics technology into its own processors. If true, the arrangement could prove to be mutually beneficial.

'Megaprocessor' lets you watch a processor compute in real time

A unique processor has been put on public display. Created from a desire to learn how transistors work, the "megaprocessor" has been hand-built to help people visualise a computer's operation. It allows viewers to watch a machine compute in real time.

Intel plans to make AI '100x faster' with new computing chips

Intel has unveiled a new series of chips that it says could improve one metric of artificial intelligence performance by up to 100 times today's benchmarks. The next-generation processor range is aimed firmly at deep learning and neural networks.

Attackers turn off critical security system in Intel processors

A flaw in Intel's processors could allow attackers to bypass security mechanisms and inject malware into code, security researchers have warned. The technique works on almost every operating system and enables more effective software exploits.

Intel hints it's quietly planning a return to mobile processors

Earlier this year, Intel suddenly bowed out of the mobile processor market. It ceased development of its Atom chips for smartphones and tablets, ceding defeat to the likes of Qualcomm and MediaTek. It has now hinted it could return in the future.

Qualcomm unveils new processor to power summer's top phones

Qualcomm has unveiled an upgraded version of its popular Snapdragon 820 flagship mobile processor. The new chip will find a home in smartphones set to be launched over the next six months, iterating over the original and boosting performance.

New processing chip makes computations up to 18x faster

MIT has unveiled a new processing chip design that could allow future devices to operate as much as 18 times faster as today's PCs. The chip relies heavily on multi-core technology and parallel processing to dramatically speed up programs.

Intel's new 10-core processor costs more than your whole PC

Intel has unveiled the most powerful desktop processor ever created, a 10-core enthusiast chip retailing for $1,700. The new Broadwell-E-based CPU is the first deca-core processor aimed at consumer machines instead of servers and datacentres.

Moore's Law ending as Intel abandons 'tick tock' CPU cycle

Intel is changing the way it releases new processors, an alteration that could end Moore's Law. It will extend the lifetime of each process it releases instead of following its traditional "tick tock" cycle. Three phases will now be involved.

Intel may be working on a 5.1GHz CPU for customers including NSA

A rumour regarding Intel's upcoming range of next-generation processors claims the company may be building one very special chip for its Xeon family. It is said to have a clock speed of 5.1GHz and will be sold to limited customers, including the NSA.

Microsoft: Windows 7, 8.1 won't support Intel's new processors

Microsoft has found yet another way to get the world using Windows 10, this time by making preventing users from running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on newer computers. It announced the old operating systems won't be supported by new processors.

Samsung to exclusively build the chip inside 2016's top phones

Samsung has reportedly scored an exclusive contract to manufacture Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 flagship mobile processor in a deal worth over $1 billion. Samsung already builds its own Exynos-branded processors as well as the chips in Apple's iPhone.

Intel confirms its newest processors may freeze under heavy load

Intel has confirmed a bug in its Skylake family of processors can cause freezes and complete system lock-ups when the chip is placed under heavy load. The issue was discovered while calculating very large Mersenne prime numbers.

Intel's newest computer is the same size as a stick of gum

Intel has unveiled the next-generation version of its Compute Stick dongle-based computer. Resembling a large USB stick and small enough to fit into the palm of the hand, it lets you take a Windows 10 PC with you anywhere that has an HDMI display.

PS4 processor changes let future games get a performance boost

Sony has quietly rolled out an update to its PlayStation 4 software development kit that will give game creators access to more of the processor's power, should it be required. It opens the door to more graphically intense games next year.

Google Chrome is going on a diet today

Google has updated its Chrome web browser with several new features designed to make the browsing experience feel much faster, especially on low-end devices. There are also some major improvements to battery life, another traditional issue in Chrome.

Intel's new processors offer 20% more power, 30% more battery

Next month, Intel will be unveiling a new range of processors for desktops and mobile devices. A leak has revealed we can expect 10-20 percent improvements in performance while saving 30 percent battery, creating an all-new generation of powerful devices.

Researchers create a working wooden processor for future PCs

U.S. and Chinese researchers have successfully created a processor made nearly entirely of a material derived from wood. Biodegradable, cheap and fully functional, our phones and computers of the future may be powered by the most basic of materials.

Latest uTorrent uses your CPU to mine bitcoins

One of the world's most popular torrent downloaders, uTorrent, has been revealed as attempting to install a resource-hogging Bitcoin miner along with itself, slowing your PC to a crawl as it runs in the background.

Raspberry Pi 2 unveiled; updated minicomputer now runs Windows 10

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched an updated version of its acclaimed credit-card sized computer featuring upgraded hardware and much more power than its predecessor, giving it the ability to run a version of Windows 10 later this year.

Apple's 2014 MacBook Pro line gets specifications updates

Leaked images supposedly coming out of an Apple store in China shows updates for specifications and prices for the 13-inch and 15-inch models of Apple's MacBook Pro lineup.

Intel demonstrates red-wine-powered processor at IDF

In recent years, Intel has made many leaps forward in the area of efficient computing. Working on several different angles from the fourth generation Haswell processors to a more mobile Intel Atom processor, Intel has amazed us again.

New service lets PC users sell spare CPU cycles

An Italian programmer has launched a service that may eventually pay PC users who rent out thier systems to supercomputer-like distributed computing projects

AMD Launches "Stream Processor" Accelerator Board

AMD today introduced what it calls the world's first dedicated stream processor.

Fast And Thrifty, IBM Says It Has Computer Chips Of The Future

BOEBLINGEN, GERMANY (dpa) - Chips are the heart of every computer and for that reason companies that lead the way in chip development place themselves at the heart of the information revolution. IBM, with its latest chip developments, is out in front. ...

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Cpu Image

Intel Core i7-6950X Extreme Edition
Intel Core i7-6950X Extreme Edition
The Megaprocessor  a hand-soldered computer to help people visualise how processors operate
The Megaprocessor, a hand-soldered computer to help people visualise how processors operate
MIT s Swarm processor  capable of making parallelised applications up to 18x faster
MIT's Swarm processor, capable of making parallelised applications up to 18x faster
Christine Daniloff/MIT
Intel s old  tick tock  (left) and new  PAO  (right) CPU release cycles
Intel's old "tick tock" (left) and new "PAO" (right) CPU release cycles
Intel Core i7-6950X Extreme Edition
Intel Core i7-6950X Extreme Edition
A handful of transistors. Modern computer processors contain hundreds of thousands of these in the s...
A handful of transistors. Modern computer processors contain hundreds of thousands of these in the same area.
The Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 [screenshot of introductory video]
The Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 [screenshot of introductory video]
KiloCore  the 1 000-core processor
KiloCore, the 1,000-core processor
University of California

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