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Coyote News

Watch Happy the rottweiler rescue chiweenie Trixxie from coyote

The video shows an incredible moment—a brave black rottweiler named Happy rescued a tiny chihuhua-wiener called Trixxie from a coyote that almost carried her off for dinner.

Coywolves, a hybrid breed of wolf and coyote, in Toronto

Toronto - An eery howl in the night signaling that a coyote is around is common for those who camp in the woods. It is also becoming much more common in urban centres like Chicago and Toronto where a new breed, the coywolf, is on the prowl.

Audio: Bloodcurdling shrieks from Oregon swamp — Bigfoot, coyote?

Pendleton - Residents of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Oregon have had their night sleep repeatedly interrupted by eerie screeches, shrieks. The sounds come from a marshy area. The rumor is spreading among the residents that there is a Bigfoot in the swamp.

Even a hike in January can provide a scenic view of Tennessee Special

Tennessee is ripe with beautiful lakes, streams, rivers and natural areas perfect for a weekend hike, with perhaps some of the best lying half way between Nashville and Knoxville.

Over 3000 coyotes killed in Nova Scotia

Halifax - The Nova Scotia government says 3,340 coyotes were killed by licensed trappers during the 2011-2012 season as part of its plan to reduce aggressive coyote behaviour.

Coyotes in the city Special

Toronto - Although coyotes or prairie wolves are known to live and breed in cities, they are rarely seen on the streets of Toronto. However, such encounters are possible, and I came almost nose-to-nose with one.

Coyote blamed for death of small dog in Chicago suburb

Wheaton - Authorities in the Wheaton area, a suburb of Chicago, believe that a coyote may be responsible for the death of a small dog. The incident occurred last week and has put residents on edge.

Coyote spotted running down State Street in downtown Chicago

Chicago - Downtown Chicago is not known for its wildlife. However, Monday morning witnesses observed what appears to be a coyote walking down State Street. State street is a major thoroughfare that runs straight through the downtown area.

Americans encouraged not to visit NS while coyote bounty in place

Columnists for a US news site are encouraging American tourists not to visit Nova Scotia while there is a bounty on coyotes in the province.

Nova Scotia continues aggressive coyote campaign

Halifax - The Nova Scotia government is continuing its efforts to protect residents by attempting to reduce aggressive coyote behaviour and is urging Nova Scotians to be vigilant.

Don't mess with Texas' Perry

It has long been said, "Don't mess with Texas," now the state's governor has lived up to that slogan in protecting the family dog.

A wily urban coyote evades capture by NYPD for two days

The chase was on by New York City police for a coyote that was more wily than the cartoon Wile E. Coyote…at least for two days while the animal avoided capture.

Coyote warnings posted in London, Ontario Special

London - At least one coyote has been sighted along the Thames River in north London, near the University of Western Ontario campus. Signs have been posted warning those on foot to stay off the riverside trails between dusk and dawn.

New Brunswick woman survives coyote attack

Richibucto - A Canadian woman escaped with her life Wednesday when she fought off a coyote attack in her back yard. She was treated for minor injuries.

Pathologists confirm killer coyote 'in good health'

Preliminary tests reveal the coyote destroyed after participating in the fatal attack of a hiker on the Skyline Trail in Cape Breton was a healthy adult female and not suffering from a lack of food.

Young Woman Dies After Coyote Attack

Two coyotes have attacked a young woman hiking in Cape Breton. She later died in hospital from her injuries. One animal has been killed and a search is on for the other which will be killed if found.

Coyote Visits Chicago Sandwich Shop

A sandwich shop in Chicago had an unexpected customer. A coyote.

Officials buy horns to counter coyotes

City officials have purchased 1,000 hand-held boat horns to help residents scare off coyotes. Code compliance manager Dirk Voss said this week he bought the horns early last month after residents complained that coyotes were killing their pets.

Coyote Killing Contest Prompts Howls

"The barren buttes surrounding this small ranching town will offer scant places for coyotes to hide this weekend as hunters converge for a "calling" contest to see who can shoot the most coyotes."

Coyote attacks kills family Dog

There one minute eaten the next

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Coyote Image

Coyotes are a part of the wild life. Yet when humans encounter them  humans must respect that Coyote...
Coyotes are a part of the wild life. Yet when humans encounter them, humans must respect that Coyotes are wild and must stay that way.
Courtesy of State of California Dept. of Fish & Game
Jessi Williams & Coyote
Jessi Williams & Coyote
Coyote in the snow south of Tontitown  Ark.  Feb. 9  2011.
Coyote in the snow south of Tontitown, Ark. Feb. 9, 2011.
Lou Reed Sharp
File Photo by Christopher Bruno
A coyote with mange.
A coyote with mange.
United States Department of Agriculture
A coyote (prairie wolf) on the streets of Toronto
A coyote (prairie wolf) on the streets of Toronto
California Valley Coyote (Canis latrans ochropus) in the San Gabriel Mountains  California.
California Valley Coyote (Canis latrans ochropus) in the San Gabriel Mountains, California.
People on foot are being warned to stay off the path beside the Thames River near the UWO in London ...
People on foot are being warned to stay off the path beside the Thames River near the UWO in London, Ontario, from dusk to dawn because of coyote sightings in the area.