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Cow News

Phoenix cow dies after being hit by more than 12 softballs

Phoenix - A family's pet cow has died after being pelted by more than a dozen softballs on a local ranch in Phoenix Friday morning. In related news, the FBI will begin to track cases of animal cruelty.

Graphic video: Watch anaconda puke out a cow in Brazilian jungle

If you nurse a horror of reptiles, especially overgrown ones, then you may want to skip this graphic footage of an anaconda from the jungles of Brazil, regurgitating an entire cow it swallowed.

Video: Motorcyclist plays savior to drowning calf

Brits - Motorcycle racer Johan Gray was filming his Amageza Run Qualifier race in South Africa when he saw a calf in distress in a canal running parallel to the road.

Crazed cow tramples through downtown Billings

Billings - The citizens of downtown Billings, Montana were forced to dodge a rampaging cow Thursday. The cow, that had escaped from the nearby auction yard, charged pedestrians, knocked over a cyclist and attempted to hurdle a responding police car.

Slaughterhouse shut down after video shows cows being tortured

Hanford - A California-based slaughterhouse has been temporarily shut down after a video surfaced of its cows being treated inhumanely. The video was captured by animal rights group, Compassion Over Killing.

Full recovery expected after surgery for cow with six legs

Lilli, a cow born with two extra legs, underwent successful surgery recently to remove the bonus limbs and the Swiss cow is expected to make a full recovery.

Op-Ed: Genetically modified cow milk for your babies

Scientists have produced genetically modified cows that can produce milk that is similar to human breast milk with little lactose, giving people with lactose intolerance an opportunity to digest cow's milk.

Pavlik the octopus ready to predict winners for Euro 2012

Not only is Pavlik ready, he is apparently also going to be channeled by Yvonne the cow. Get ready to run to the bookmakers!

Canadian university president gifted a cow from student

Ryerson University President Sheldon Levy will be getting a cow from a student who graduates next week, and will make the trip to Africa to retrieve the animal.

Bull and cow 'having relations' cause highway traffic jam

According to the Pennsylvania State Police, a cow and bull pair that stopped to "have relations" at the intersection of Routes 28/66 and Route 85 in Rayburn, near Kittanning, in Western Pennsylvania, caused a traffic jam on Friday morning.

Cow escapes pen, heads to McDonald's drive-thru

All she wanted was a little attention. So Darcy, a prize dairy cow, decided to hoof it to where she would find it: the local McDonalds.

Mad cow disease confirmed in Central California

It has been confirmed that a dairy cow in California is infected with mad cow disease. This is the fourth cow detected in the United States containing the disease.

Owner of dead cow asks for leniency for teens who killed his cow

Traverse City - Two teen young men were charged with attempted killing or torturing an animal and sentenced to two years probation and 180 days in jail.

Cow with rare skin condition gets a new home

Chard - Harriet wanted to make friends, but the other cows wouldn’t accept her because she was different. The Hereford heifer, who was born with a rare skin condition, was given a new opportunity to make friends when she was taken to Ferne Animal Sanctuary.

Aggressive cattle attack people in France and Austria

People are being warned to avoid cattle when walking through certain areas. A man and a woman were recently left with serious injuries after being attacked by cattle in France, and another couple faced aggressive cattle in Austria.

Cow has triplets of different breeds

A cow in the United Kingdom not only had healthy triplets, which is very rare, but she had calves which are different breeds.

73 arrested, 11 sick after California rave

San Francisco - Saturday night's rave at the Cow Palace will not soon be forgotten for dozens of young people. Eleven of them ended up in San Francisco hospitals after taking what police say was tainted drugs and dozens more ended up in jail.

Cow slaughtered to bless key soccer World Cup stadium

Soweto - The Traditional Healers’ Organisation has officially blessed the centrepiece of the World Cup by slaughtering a cow and performing a ceremony at the stadium.

A 'Holy Cow' day for rescued bovine

It was a lucky day for a cow trapped in a culvert, when it was rescued by authorities after its plight was discovered by a woman who was out for a walk.

Queen for the year decided by a show of horns in annual cow fight

In a strange ritual that dates back hundreds of years and draws attention from locals, a fight to be queen is currently underway. The competitors? Cows.

Kept In A Cow Shed While On Your Period - Is This Really The 21st Century?

In some areas of Nepal, women are kept in cow sheds for four days while menstruating, sometimes even being subjected to verbal abuse and starvation, yet today, Women's rights activists have celebrated as a Supreme Court order will end such discrimination

Breakthrough: Now a transgender cow to battle cancer in humans

Researchers in China have bred a genetically altered transgender cow to produce cancer fighting proteins for humans which would in turn help the country to mass produce the therapeutic proteins cheaply.

Cow Falls Off Cliff, Nearly Kills Couple

Imagine driving along the road on your first wedding anniversary when a heavy object falls, from apparently now here, and strikes your van. It is not until you get out of the van that you realize that a cow has fallen and injured itself.

Cow in custody in Cambodia after traffic accidents

A cow is in a Cambodian prison for causing traffic accidents that killed at least six people this year. It caused two accidents, one a motorcycle ran into it killing the driver and another a truck tried to avoid hitting the cow ended up killing 5 people.

Moose thinks he is a cow

After noticing broken fences and cattle roaming around in the wrong pasture, Beverly and Ernie Fischer knew something was wrong. They noticed the damage during the fall roundup. They got more than they expected when they gathered their herd on Wednesday.

Indian Teachers "Purify" Students With Cow Urine

An upper-caste headteacher orders another teacher to sprinkle cow urine on lower-caste students so that they could be purified and drive away evil.

Drink Milk to Control Your Diabetes?

Scientists in Argentina said they have cloned four cows that are capable of producing human insulin in their milk. If so, the cost of treating diabetes may have gotten a lot less expensive.

Cow Eats Chicken

I guess this cow is taking the Chick-Fil-A ads seriously.

Another Zoophiles Exclusive! "How Am I Going To Explain This To The Boss?"

OK - It's just another quiet afternoon at the office supply store. The young sales clerk is leisurely arranging the shelves, lining up the erasers, restocking the paperclips. Suddenly, out of no where, in bursts a cow, yes I said a cow, & it's not alone!

Cow Leads Police On Chase

Cow leads police on chase.- It must have been a slow day at that office.
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Cow Image

A cow grazing in wild countryside
A cow grazing in wild countryside
Texas longhorn cow.
Texas longhorn cow.
Ed Schipul
A cow enjoyed a little sun on the pink rocks
A cow enjoyed a little sun on the pink rocks
We won t be getting rid of our dairy herds yet. Cow s milk is still the best.
We won't be getting rid of our dairy herds yet. Cow's milk is still the best.
Keith Weller / USDA
Justin Baeder
Holstein-Friesian milk cow
Holstein-Friesian milk cow
Keith Weller / USDA
This is a small example of the diseased and abused state of the cows involved.
This is a small example of the diseased and abused state of the cows involved.
File photo: A calf is pulled after being roped at a rodeo in 2005.
File photo: A calf is pulled after being roped at a rodeo in 2005.
Lili  a cow with six legs  before surgery
Lili, a cow with six legs, before surgery
Courtesy EPA
A cow grazing in wild countryside
A cow grazing in wild countryside
A Jersey cow relaxing.
A Jersey cow relaxing.
Darcy the cow at the local McDonald s drive-thru.
Darcy the cow at the local McDonald's drive-thru.
Scott DeAngelo
Scott DeAngelo
A cow at Willows Farm
A cow at Willows Farm
Getting cleaned up before entering the show ring.
Getting cleaned up before entering the show ring.
Horned cow  possibly a Hereford  on the Otago Peninsula beside Papanui Inlet  New Zealand.
Horned cow, possibly a Hereford, on the Otago Peninsula beside Papanui Inlet, New Zealand.

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