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Covid19 News

Coronavirus and social media: How to stay positive

How people are responding to the coronavirus pandemic and what their reactions are can be tacked through social media. In fact, social media has been previously tested out as an effective way for tracking public opinion.

Alex Traisci talks WOW, juggling at home during COVID-19 pandemic Special

Las Vegas - Juggler Alex Traisci chatted about "Wow — The Vegas Spectacular" in Las Vegas, and he shared some simple juggling routine that people can do at home while in quarantine.

Essential Science: The latest coronavirus news you need to read

The coronavirus pandemic continues to be the focus of most people. We round up the latest news, including how long people potentially remain infectious for; how the virus jumped from bats to humans; and hand sanitization advice.

Chad Le Clos sends message of hope to South Africa amid pandemic

Olympic gold medalist swimmer Chad Le Clos has sent a message of hope to South Africans during the Coronavirus pandemic.

'Hack from Home' hackathon to develop solutions for COVID-19

Dataswift has launched 'Hack from Home', which is a global virtual hackathon, designed to find technology solutions to fight the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate against its economic and societal impact.

Op-Ed: COVID19 — Put away that face mask, save it for healthcare workers

St Albans - It is important to consider face masks and the issues around them during the coronavirus pandemic. Face masks do not offer total protection, and can be reservoirs for contamination. This article looks at whether you need to or don't need to wear a mask.

Without additional funding, the USPS may shut down by June

During the COVID-19 crisis, postal workers have been considered "essential workers" who must continue to do their jobs as usual while others stay home. However, lawmakers say that without additional funding, the USPS could shut down by June.

3M balks at Trump order to stop exporting N95 masks to Canada

Manufacturing giant 3M pushed backed against President Trump in a statement on Friday that suggested it would not comply with a White House order to stop exporting N95 facemasks to Canada and Latin America.

Rare brain condition observed in some COVID-19 patients

A small group of patients around the world, sickened by the COVID-19 virus, are showing an altered mental status, or encephalopathy, a catchall term for brain disease or dysfunction that can have many underlying causes.

What investors should be asking their brokers during the pandemic Special

With market volatility causing trading volumes to skyrocket, it is recommended that investors check the customer support policies of their broker dealers, according to Dan Pipitone. He provides some advice for Digital Journal readers.

Op-Ed: Georgia governor displays lack of knowledge about health issues

Brian Kemp, the Republican governor of Georgia, admitted on Wednesday that he had only just learned that asymptomatic individuals can still spread coronavirus — even though health experts had warned about the possibility as early as January.

Bill Gates says 'tougher action' needed to combat COVID-19

Billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates has ramped up his calls for tougher U.S. action to beat COVID-19 and urged a “consistent” nationwide shutdown in an op-ed published in the Washington Post.

Why the fight against coronavirus is proving so complicated

Many in society are wondering why the novel coronavirus is proving especially challenging to contain. There are several reasons for this complexity, ranging from how infectious it actually is to how it moves through a population.

Grocery and delivery workers demand more pay and protection

Grocery and delivery workers are doing some of the most potentially dangerous jobs in America during the coronavirus outbreak and they are demanding better pay and protection.

Closing of U.S. - Mexico border impacts lives on both sides

The world’s busiest land border has fallen quiet as restrictions to contain the coronavirus prevent millions of Mexicans from making daily trips north, including many who work in U.S. businesses.

Op-Ed: Social distancing and the political divide in the U.S.

There is evidence that not even a global pandemic can bridge the gaping political divisions of the Trump era. A fierce tribalism has taken hold - especially after Trump walked back his guidance on social distancing.

Essential Science: Why some medications make COVID-19 worse

A new review of certain prescribed medications indicates that some drugs may make COVID-19 symptoms worse, especially in relation to the lungs. We also look at some other findings of interest in relation to the virus.

Op-Ed: How the COVID-19 pandemic lead to a spike in creativity

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned everyone's world upside-down, yet the human need to create, to perform, or think of something in a way that has not been done before is alive and well.

Joe Diffie passed away at age 61 from complications of COVID-19

Veteran country music star Joe Diffie has passed away at the age of 61 due to complications from Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Coronavirus testing facility suffers maze ransomware attack

A UK-based medical facility that have plans to test coronavirus vaccines, Hammersmith Medicines Research, has been hit by an attack from one of the ransomware groups that recently pledged to not target medical organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fauci calls for continuing social-distancing regulations

Dr. Anthony Fauci expressed doubt on Sunday that the White House would lift its social distancing guidelines at the end of its 15-day time frame, saying “It's going to be a matter of weeks."

Deep learning provides dietary advice during COVID-19 isolation Special

The coronavirus triggered quarantine is a stressful period and the lack of physical activity, combined with more snacking, can lead to weight gain. Yann Harstein, dietitian at Foodvisor provides some tips, based on a deep learning app.

A look behind El Salvador's quick response to COVID-19 threat

Earlier this month, as Latin American leaders looked the other way when it came to COVID-19, El Salvador put itself on the right side of history, taking action before it had registered a single case.

The global medical supply chain needs to be fixed

Last year, a group of the world’s top public health security researchers warned that no country was fully prepared for a pandemic. The spread of a new coronavirus has shown that they were right.

The path towards the coronavirus vaccine

Researchers based at the University of Oxford indicate they have identified a potential vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The scientists are working towards the first clinical trials. This and four other coronavirus developments are summarized.

Op-Ed: Canada attacks U.S. plan to deploy troops along Canadian border

American government officials inside Donald Trump’s White House are actively discussing putting troops near the Canadian borders in light of U.S. border security concerns around the coronavirus pandemic, according to sources.

Op-Ed: Trump — 'LameStream Media' to blame for keeping country closed

As Americans stay indoors for another week, President Donald Trump is getting antsy - wanting life to return to normal -- not just for the nation, but for himself. Trump wants the country open for business by April 12 - come hell or high water.

Vedder Gabriel streams shows online during Coronavirus pandemic

Young rocker Vedder Gabriel is streaming shows online on his social media pages during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Op-Ed: How to manage the recovery? Lose the babble

Sydney - The misplaced theory that this epidemic will have a clear cut off point is obviously wrong. Reporting takes time. So does recovery. The fact is that the epidemic is here until it’s not.

Jackson Browne reveals that he tested positive for Coronavirus

Veteran rock singer-songwriter Jackson Browne revealed that he has tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19). Digital Journal has the story.
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Data as of March 26  2020.
Data as of March 26, 2020.
Americas Society / Council of the Americas
The governor of Georgia  Brian Kemp  apparently had no idea until today that people without symptoms...
The governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, apparently had no idea until today that people without symptoms can still spread the coronavirus.
Georgia GovernorBrian Kemp
Dairy cows (Holsteins) being cooled by sprayers during hot summer to maintain milk production.
Dairy cows (Holsteins) being cooled by sprayers during hot summer to maintain milk production.
Bob Nichols, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.
Image of Saint Corona on the altar of St. Corona am Wechsel parish church  Lower Austria.
Image of Saint Corona on the altar of St. Corona am Wechsel parish church, Lower Austria.
Wolfgang Glock (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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