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Strangers accused of dry humping in broad daylight at mall

Chula Vista - Two people who have never met each other, up until Valentine's Day, are being accused of dry humping with one another at a mall full of shoppers.

In a first, Tiffany and Co. features a real same sex couple in ad

The jewelry company, Tiffany & Co. has a new advertising campaign, and in a first, it features a real-life same sex couple.

Couple caught having sex in the doorway of a church

Derby - A couple in the UK were caught having sex in the doorway of a church. The incident occurred at the St Mary's church in Derby.

A+ student attempts robbery of couple after going 'off the rails'

Leicester Crown Court heard yesterday how an English college student achieving A+ grades for her work attempted the robbery of a couple in the street after going "off the rails" when falling into bad company.

Pair high on meth took and posted selfie with their dead friend

Chelsie Berry and Jared Prier, of southern Missouri, are being accused of taking a selfie with their friend's corpse, and then posting it on Facebook.

Poltergeist in couple's home turned out to be woman on meth

Seattle - A University District couple called police on Wednesday, after they returned to their home to discover what looked like "paranormal activity."

Woman calls 911 as cat turns on couple, trapping in bathroom

A woman from DeLand, Florida, called 911 on Saturday evening after her cat "freaked out" and began attacking her and her husband.

Jake Owen serenades a lucky couple at his Kentucky show

Bowling Green - Just when you thought that you could not possibly admire country singer Jake Owen any more, he proves his fans wrong again.

Couple in Virginia wins the lottery 3 times in 1 month

Calvin and Zatera Spencer of Virginia are now millionaires after they played, and won, the lottery three times in just one month.

A missing plane and emotional reunion, played live on Twitter

Hours before Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was scheduled to depart on Saturday, a U.S. woman tweeted to her co-worker who was on a business trip that she was feeling ill and overworked.

Child films security guards assaulting parents in Spain (video)

Torrevieja - A French family were on a Christmas holiday in Torrevieja in the Valencian Community of Spain when they visited a supermarket. When passing the shop's till, an alarm went off in the security barrier and they were badly assaulted by security guards.

Couple tips their waitress with crystal meth

An Oregon couple, reportedly with little cash, gave their waitress a tip that consisted of crystal meth. The couple tried to pay with a gift card, but when they reportedly had little money, they gave their server an envelope with the drugs.

Couple say they killed man because they wanted to do it together

A couple who were married only for a few weeks met a man from Craigslist, and killed him. They say that they wanted to kill together.

Couple allegedly forced child to wear electric dog collar

Danbury - A couple in Connecticut allegedly punished a nine-year-old girl who was in their care. The punishment consisted of her wearing an electric shock collar designed to punish dogs.

Gay couple get booted from a Chicago cab after sharing a kiss

On Monday a gay couple filed a human rights complaint against a Chicago-area taxi company because after they shared a kiss in a cab the driver told them to exit the vehicle.

Youths allegedly beat couple in racial attack

Brooklyn - Police say that last Monday a group of 10 young black individuals beat a white couple in Brooklyn in what seems to be a racial assault.

Georgia couple donates wedding dinner to homeless

Atlanta - The food from a wedding dinner was donated to the homeless in Atlanta, Georgia, after a couple's wedding was cancelled. Willie and Carol Fowler had planned a lavish reception planned for Tamara, their daughter, before the cancellation.

Couple arrested for trying to smuggle marijuana & hashish into UK

Spain's National Police have arrested a British couple, resident in Coín in southern Spain, for allegedly trying to smuggle drugs into the UK in a removals van. Various electrical appliances and sofa cushions were stuffed with marijuana and hashish.

Colombian kidnapping ordeal ends happily in marriage proposal

In the proverbial happy ending, two Spaniards who were taken hostage by a guerrilla group in Colombia on May 17th have finally been freed and are planning a wedding.

Duo Concertante — Sweet music, bright sounds Special

Toronto - Duo Concertante are real-life couple Nancy Dahn and Tim Steeves. Hot off their Carnegie Hall debut in February, their new album (out on Marquis Classics) covers Beethoven's sonatas for violin and piano. As they explain, playing together isn't always easy.

Video: Google Maps catches couple in compromising position

Keith - Looks like this couple were aiming for a little Internet fame as they spotted the Google Street View vehicle coming along the road. They hopped out of their car, adopted "the pose" and appear to be having sex.

Mr. SA and Miss SA a couple, first date disaster

Mister and Miss South Africa 2011 have become one of the world's most beautiful, sexiest couples, and are so head over heels for each other that Miss South Africa's otherwise great cooking skills failed on the first date!

Study says happily married couples healthier than single people

According to a new study, couples who are happily married are more healthy than people who are singles. The study reveals aging adults with declining health can benefit from improving their marriages.

Cannabis-growing couple gave profits to Kenyan village

Little Sutton - A couple who ran a cannabis factory and gave away a lot of their fortune to poor African families and charities, have been jailed.

Couple draws gun after being caught having oral sex while driving

A couple from Florida pulled out a gun on another couple who witnessed them doing oral sex while driving 70 miles per hour down the highway.

Couple on holiday find 16-foot python under hood of car

A couple on holiday in South Africa received a shock when they discovered a massive python hiding underneath their car's hood.

Halo couple meet for the very first time in person

Two people who met through the interactive video game Halo has finally met in person after they have been talking for five years.

Airport scanners catch couple smuggling baby in hand luggage

An Egyptian husband and wife were caught trying to smuggle their baby into the United Arab Emirates in their hand luggage. Airport security detected the five-month-old baby with their X-ray scanners.

Video: Man puts son in washing machine, panics as prank backfires

A man shoved his son into a washing machine as a joking response to a sign that said "Junior wash $2.95." But the washing machine didn't know it was just a prank. Panic followed as the auto-lock mechanism initiated and a washing cycle began.

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger reportedly back together

Just days after F1 star Lewis Hamilton revealed that he was still in love with former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, it has been reported that the couple are back together.
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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie greeting fans during the Cannes Film Festival
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie greeting fans during the Cannes Film Festival
Ammar Abd Rabbo
File photo: A couple lost in each other s company Monbijou Park  Berlin-Mitte.
File photo: A couple lost in each other's company Monbijou Park, Berlin-Mitte.
A photo of a couple using a laptop together.
A photo of a couple using a laptop together.
Couple viewing flood damage in England
Couple viewing flood damage in England
Love Over Fifty
A retired loving couple
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Spring is a time for romance  and this young couple cuddle by the Songhua river
Spring is a time for romance, and this young couple cuddle by the Songhua river
Bruce Willis and Mary Louise Parker in  Red
Bruce Willis and Mary Louise Parker in 'Red'
A couple take a carriage ride in downtown Eureka Springs  Ark.
A couple take a carriage ride in downtown Eureka Springs, Ark.
This very strong couple made sure the dancing wasn t far away!
This very strong couple made sure the dancing wasn't far away!
A couple at the Maritime Hotel in NY
A couple at the Maritime Hotel in NY
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A couple kissing in Texas
A couple kissing in Texas
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A couple holding hands after a wedding in Pakistan
A couple holding hands after a wedding in Pakistan
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Country singer Jake Owen serenades couple at Kentucky concert
Country singer Jake Owen serenades couple at Kentucky concert
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Shaking hands with someone
Shaking hands with someone
A couple in bed
A couple in bed
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A couple vacationing in the Mayan Riveria
A couple vacationing in the Mayan Riveria
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Just married!
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