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Counterfeit News

Packaging innovations designed to reduce counterfeiting

The world's supply chains are mostly secure, but counterfeiting still represents a multi-billion industry for criminals. As part of the battle against counterfeit goods, new innovations are emerging.

Tackling counterfeit goods through blockchain: Q&A Special

Counterfeit goods, especially for luxury brands, are unknowingly purchased by consumers in high volumes. In terms of a solution, a new company, Bonafi, has created a way to protect consumers by using blockchain.

Fake medicines flourish in Africa despite killing thousands

Abidjan - There's nothing covert about Roxy -- a huge market in Abidjan selling counterfeit medicine, the scourge of Africa and the cause of around 100,000 deaths annually on the world's poorest continent.

Police seize 28 million euros in fake banknotes in Italy

Rome - Italian police announced Monday the arrest of 13 suspected counterfeiters and the seizure of more than 900,000 high-quality fake banknotes with a value of more than 28 million euros.

Machine learning spots counterfeit products

New York City - Many businesses are concerned about their products being copied and distributed as counterfeit goods. Advances in machine learning provides a means to spot fake goods.

Toxic stew: Police seize millions of euros in fake food, drink

Den Haag - Forget fake news. European police have joined forces to seize almost 10,000 tonnes of fake and harmful food and drink, from caviar to cashews, booze to bubbly water and even unassuming stock cubes.

Spain dismantles one of EU's main hubs for fake goods

La Jonquera - Authorities in Spain dismantled one of the European Union's main hubs for counterfeit goods, arresting 71 people and seizing close to 270,000 fake watches, jewellery and other goods, police and Europol said on Friday.

Amazon preparing to banish fake products during 2017

Amazon has announced a new initiative to eradicate fake products and counterfeit sellers from its site. The retailer will introduce new policies that will make it harder for traders to sell fake goods on the site. It is also revising its reviews system.

From painted olives to spiked sugar: Global swoop on illicit food

Den Haag - A global police crackdown has seized over 10,000 tonnes of illicit or dangerous food and drink including monkey meat, dead insects and fake sugar spiked with fertiliser, the European police agency said Wednesday.

Counterfeit semiconductor trafficker sentenced

Peter Picone, a confessed counterfeit semiconductor trafficker, has been sentenced by a U.S. court for sending counterfeit semiconductors to the U.S. Naval Submarine Base in Connecticut.

Smartphone used to spot fake medicines

Developers from Egypt have devised a smartphone app that is able to distinguish between genuine drug treatment and counterfeits.

Counterfeit semiconductors case draws to a close

Peter Picone, who admitted sending counterfeit semiconductors to the U.S. Naval Submarine Base in Connecticut, pleaded guilty and acknowledged the parts could have put people's lives in danger.

Pentagon announce policy to combat counterfeit semiconductors

Washington - A newly finalized U.S. Department of Defense rule that reduces the risk of counterfeit semiconductor products being used by the U.S. military has been issued. The measures aim to control the procurement of semiconductors and other electronic parts.

Guilty pleas in first U.S. counterfeit apps case

The leader of a group that trafficked in pirated Android mobile device applications has pleaded guilty over his role in the scheme, the first prosecution of a counterfeit apps case by the U.S.

$21.6 million in counterfeit NFL goods seized ahead of Super Bowl

Phony NFL merchandise and tickets worth $21.6 million have been seized and 50 people arrested in a crackdown on counterfeiting ahead of this weekend's Super Bowl, U.S.

FDA searches for counterfeit malaria drugs

The US Food and Drug Administration has launched a new program aimed at detecting counterfeit and ineffective malaria drug treatments around the world.

Pharma companies funding Interpol to crack down on fake drugs

More than two dozen of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies have agreed to provide funding and support to Interpol to prevent the sale and distribution of counterfeit prescription drugs.

Counterfeit cancer drug found in the U.S.

U.S. authorities have issued a warning about a counterfeit version of a cancer treatment drug called Avastin that has been found in the U.S. The fake version of the drug is connected to a company called Medical Device King.

Chinese authorities arrest 2,000 for making counterfeit drugs

Chinese authorities have arrested nearly 2,000 people in relation to the manufacture and distribution of counterfeit drugs.

Canadian Mounties break up erectile dysfunction drug ring

Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Montreal seized thousands of counterfeit pills intended for the erectile dysfunction market. The illegal sale of prescription and counterfeit drugs online and on the street are on the rise in Canada and elsewhere.

Insider dishes the dirt on China's manufacturing schemes Special

Paul Midler is blowing the whistle on China's production industry. His new book Poorly Made in China reveals how factory owners leverage their power over importers and why "quality fade" continues to be a major problem.

Spanish Police uncover 'ham-loving' counterfeit criminals

Police in Spain have smashed an illegal set-up which is thought to have netted over 6 million Euros in unlawfully tendered fake notes of 20 and 50 euro denominations. The network brought in 50,000 Euros in counterfeit notes into the Spain every month.

Op-Ed: Don't Cash That Check

You've heard the old saying, if it's too good to be true it probably isn't. How about a company sending you a check for over $3,000 to evaluate a Wal-mart store and their employees.

China Rolls Out Rolls-Royce Clone

For years, Shenzhen, China’s manufacturing hub, has been cranking out a slew of counterfeit merchandise—everything from fake designer handbags, expensive watches, cheap DVDs, cell phones and even, sham art masterpieces.

Jailed Counterfeiters Made US$2B Selling Fake Microsoft Goods

The Chinese government has busted a major syndicate engaged in counterfeiting Microsoft products that resulted in the jailing of top syndicate members.

Couple Claims Wachovia Bank Gave Them Counterfeit Bills

A Florida couple has contacted the U.S. Secret Service after they received ten $100 counterfeit bills from a Wachovia Bank in Central Florida.

Counterfeit Toothpaste Dangerous

Counterfeit Colgate toothpaste has been circulating in the US and Canada which poses dangerous health issues. Now Colgate and health agencies are looking to get them off the shelves and make sure people buy the product they are looking for.

Counterfeit Drugs and Other Goods Hard to Swallow, So Big Business Responds With Hi-Tech Ideas

From fake drugs to phoney purses, counterfeit products are spreading across the world. But wily businesses are fighting back with science and technology promising to protect their goods from criminal fakery.

Ebay Pirate Gets 27 Months for Selling $700,000 in Counterfeit Software

Indiana man makes over $4000 on over 32 eBay auction listings, fake labels and all, for software worth much more.

New York Police seize counterfeit sneakers

NY Police seize $36,000 in counterfeit Air Jordans. Still no cure for turrurists
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Counterfeit Image

The seizures of knock-off goods included fake Viagra and other prescription drugs
The seizures of knock-off goods included fake Viagra and other prescription drugs
Screen capture / CBC TV
Counterfeit “Xanax” on red background. Real Xanax on grey background.
Counterfeit “Xanax” on red background. Real Xanax on grey background.
San Francisco Department of Health