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Cosmos News

New research: Pluto should be reclassified as a planet

A new review by astronomers calls for Pluto to be re-classified as a planet, stating that the reasons given for downgrading the celestial body were invalid. If successful, Pluto would be reinstated as the ninth planet in the solar system.

TV show Cosmos upsets Okies

Irate citizens of Saddlebridge Township, Okla., most of them in dire need of finishing high school, protested the airing of Neil DeGrasse Tyson's series Cosmos, citing blasphemy.

Gemini Planet Imager starts to search the cosmos

Gemini, the world's most advanced instrument for directly imaging and analyzing planets orbiting around other stars, is pointing skyward and collecting light from distant worlds.

New method for dating stars

A new, more advanced technique for measuring the ages of large numbers of stars like the sun has been proposed by astrophysicists.

NASA joins ESA's Euclid mission to explore Universe's dark forces

NASA and the European Space Agency this week announced that NASA would be participating in the ESA’s Euclid mission scheduled for launch in 2020. Euclid is a space telescope whose purpose is to investigate cosmic dark matter and dark energy.

A newfound world, possible to sustain life

In the region of Dorado constellation, 50 light years from Earth, researchers found Gliese 163c, orbiting the star Gliese 163, with potential structures and compositions scientists believe could possibly sustain life.

Scientists: Bolshoi universe simulation most accurate to date

The Bolshoi cosmological simulations team has released advanced calculations and thrilling images from this grand-scale 3-D model and movie of the universe of matter and energy, the most detailed and accurate so far, the researchers have claimed.

Planck telescope releases first full-sky image of universe

Europe's super telescope known as Planck recently captured the first full-sky image of the universe. The image has been called "an extraordinary treasure chest of new data for astronomers."

Has the human brain reached its limit of understanding?

Britain’s Astronomer Royal, Lord Rees, has said the human brain may have reached its capacity for understanding, and there are some major problems we may never be able to resolve.

NASA's WISE Mission Releases Stunning Cosmic Images

NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) captured magnificent cosmic activities such as the wispy comet, a bursting star-forming cloud, Andromeda galaxy and a faraway cluster of hundreds of galaxies.

Herschel Probe sends first mission images successfully

The European Deep Space Probe Herschel has sent back its first observations using all its instruments. The spectacular data received includes information on galaxies, star-forming regions and dying stars. Water and carbon were also found.

Europe’s Herschel Deep Space mission sends back first pictures

The first pictures sent back to earth by the Herschel mission were taken by the probe that it pushed into deep space beginning May 16. They are of stunning quality and this is only the beginning of this revolutionary research.

The Illusion of a Ghostly Hand in Space

A cloudy sky, images from outer space, the formations of the constellations all make for wonderful Rorschach inkblot imaginings.

NASA: Space station to grow faster

NASA says the International Space Station will grow faster in size, power and mass this year, expanding capabilities and setting records.

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Cosmos Image

Neil Degrasse Tyson in a scene from the Fox documentary series Cosmos. (Image creatie commons  for e...
Neil Degrasse Tyson in a scene from the Fox documentary series Cosmos. (Image creatie commons ,for editorial use only.)
Fox Network
This composite image contains X-ray data from NASA s Chandra X-ray Observatory and the ROSAT telesco...
This composite image contains X-ray data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and the ROSAT telescope.

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