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Corpse News

Pair high on meth took and posted selfie with their dead friend

Chelsie Berry and Jared Prier, of southern Missouri, are being accused of taking a selfie with their friend's corpse, and then posting it on Facebook.

Man admits to having sex with corpses while working in morgue

A man from Hamilton Co. , Ohio, who used to work in a morgue admitted that he had sex with female corpses, and he did it while he was at work.

Dead body falls out of van onto busy roadway in Pennsylvania

A body fall right out of a coroner's van, and into the middle of traffic near Feasterville, Pennsylvania. A passerby called the incident the "the most bizarre thing."

Airline finds corpse in wheel well

Washington - On Saturday, a man's body was found in the wheel well of a South African Airways aeroplane after it landed at Dulles International Airport in Washington, United States.

French woman discovered living with corpse of dead mother

In what seems to be becoming a trend these days, a reclusive woman in Mael-Carhaix, Brittany in France has been discovered to be living with her badly decomposed mother, thought to have died quite a few years ago.

Deceased South African actor found hanging from a tree

Pretoria North - Fifty-nine-year-old South African actor Nico Liebenberg was found dead Sunday, hanging from a tree close to his home in Pretoria North.

Kenyan 'corpse' wakes up in the morgue

Nairobi - Morgue workers in Kenya were shocked and horrified when a 'corpse' "stirred" and started breathing a day after being declared dead.

Italian man hides father's body in the wall to collect pension

Subiaco - A gruesome discovery was made recently in an isolated house in Subiaco, Italy. A man's elderly father had died in August 2011 and he hid the body in a sealed room in his house in order to continue collecting his father's pension.

Woman sleeps with dead husband's corpse for over a year

Brussels - Authorities in Belgium made a disturbing discovery when they came across an elderly widow who had been sleeping beside her dead husband's mummified body since November of last year.

How bacteria change as a corpse decays

The composition of bacteria changes as body decays. Some researchers have started to call this altering community the "necrobiome." By studying this community researchers are beginning to piece together the "ecology of death."

Can bacteria help solve murders?

The type of bacteria involved in human decomposition can change over time. Understanding this could help scientists understand the time of death of a corpse.

'The Holy Woman': Pensioner's 'mummified' remains found in closet

Borgo San Dalmazzo - The corpse of a 68-year-old tarot-reading woman has been found in the bedroom closet of a villa. The body was wrapped in bed sheets and was sitting upright in a chair, with her left hand resting on her knee and her right hand raised in blessing.

'The Driving Dead': Cadavers used as crash test dummies in Spain

Engineers at a research center in northern Spain have admitted that they are one of six centers in the world to use human cadavers in car crash test simulations. Reportedly it is cheaper than using the expensive crash test dummies.

Spanish woman kept her father's corpse at home for over a year

Manresa - A 37-year-old woman recently passed away in Manresa, Spain. After being called to the scene due to the smell, police discovered her body, but also the decomposed corpse of her father, who had probably died a year or more ago.

Police confirm identity of scuba-diving skeleton off Calpe, Spain

Tangier - Police have now officially confirmed the identity of the skeleton, wearing a neoprene scuba diving suit, found off the coast of Calpe in the Mediterranean sea in July 2013.

Strange sea creature surprised bathers in Villaricos, Spain

Something strange washed ashore on the beach in Villaricos in Spain. It had a body of more than four meters in length, looked pretty much like nothing on Earth, and caused more than a little consternation.

Gruesome discovery made aboard grounded Korean boat

Nigata - Fishermen along the coast of Japan's Sado Island made a gruesome discovery on Wednesday, finding a wooden boat containing the decomposing bodies of at least five men washed ashore.

Mother received wrong body of her daughter after being murdered

Memphis - Her daughter was murdered in New York City, the funeral home sent her the wrong body. Now all this Memphis mom wants to do is bring her baby home, but can't afford it.

'Dead' woman wakes up on bathroom floor

Severn - A man who went to collect a body which was being donated to science got a shock when the “dead” woman he was preparing to move took a breath and moved her arm.

Man charged in theft of jewelry from woman's corpse

The discovery of jewelry missing from the body of a woman who was transported to the coroner’s office in Columbus, Ohio, added to the grief of her family.

Woman's Corpse Found in Home After 8 Months

Police are investigating why a woman's body lay in a house for 8 months while caretakers came daily to tend to the house.

13-year-old arrested for killing infant, having sex with corpse

In China, a 13-year-old boy has been taken into custody for allegedly killing a three-year-old infant and then having sex with the corpse. The postmortem report also confirmed that she was first killed and then raped, police sources said.

Funeral held for a 700-year-old corpse

Over 200 people attended a funeral today in north Kent for a teenage girl who is unnamed. The body was found with its head removed some 700 years ago.

Baby's corpse dumped in hospital trash

A still-born baby’s corpse was thrown out along with other trash at a New Jersey City hospital. Police are searching for the body in garbage dump areas in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Sex With Corpse Earns Lab Technician Prison Time

Tuesday, a man who was caught having sex with a corpse was sentenced to seven years in prison. However, Anthony Merino may get out earlier and receive 'time already served' as his punishment.

Man admits having sex with the corpse

A man accused of murdering a model admits in court he had sex with a corpse. He said he was high on drugs and drinking, and didn’t realize she was lying dead in a pool of blood.

Man Found Living With A Corpse On His Sofa For Over Five Years

Police have found the body of a man in a flat where a tenant has been living. It is thought that the tenant was aware of the body which has been suggested it was there for at least five years. The living tenant had a history of mental health problems

Corpse crashes birthday party

A 3-year-old girl and her friends got a birthday party memory that will last a lifetime. While cruising on the Hudson River, the kids got to see more than the Statue of Liberty.

Corpse on the Couch

Can you imagine buying a home, and then walking through your new acquisition only to find a corpse on the couch? This is exactly what happened to Jori Giro in Madrid, Spain.

Corpse stuffed under wooden walkway

A body was found under a boardwalk in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia by a man collecting cans.
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Corpse Image

Mummified remains found inside Dayton abandoned home
Mummified remains found inside Dayton abandoned home
Screengrab via News-2
The body of Ronnie Smith is pictured in the morgue at Benghazi Medical Center in Benghazi
The body of Ronnie Smith is pictured in the morgue at Benghazi Medical Center in Benghazi
With permission by Reuters//Esam Omran Al-Fetori
A strange dead creature washed ashore on Villaricos Beach in Almeria  Spain.
A strange dead creature washed ashore on Villaricos Beach in Almeria, Spain.

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