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Op-Ed: Finding life on other worlds just got a bit easier

Ithaca - A new method for detecting bioluminescence from exoplanets may be the way of the future for finding life on these planets and may have applications on Earth.

The surprising danger of becoming an expert in your field

Here's a trick you can try at the next party you attend: Come up with a completely bogus money term and then ask your financial expert friend to explain it to you.

Cornell University: In case of zombie attack — head for the hills

Ithaca - Drawing on Max Brooks’ World War Z, an apocalyptic horror romp in a world struggling to combat a zombie plague, Cornell University researchers examining disease modeling sought out the best refuge to preserve their brains from the undead.

Cornell: Chicken on the bone makes kids aggressive

Ithaca - Researchers at Cornell University have something new for parents to obsess over. Serving chicken on the bone makes children disobey adults and twice as rowdy as other kids.

Research says peppermint could help athletes perform better

A new study found peppermint oil can improve your running performance, respiratory function, blood pressure, and heart rate.

Does having sex too early in a relationship cause it to fail? Special

New York - Is it advisable to enter into sexual intimacy hastily if you want a long-lasting, quality relationship? Does living together lead to successful marriages?

Study: Pupil dilation reveals sexual orientation

Ithaca - A new study by Cornell University researchers has found that sexual orientation can be discerned by observing an individual's pupil dilation.

Cornell University Researchers On Path to Creating Aluminum Tolerant Food Crop

A research team at Cornell University has cloned an aluminum tolerant plant gene. This may be the first step towards increasing food security in many of the world's developing countries.

Judge That Sentenced Saddam Hussein to Death Will Teach at Cornell

The Judge that ordered Saddam Hussein to be hanged, is set to come to Cornell University to teach. He will be the first "Clarke Middle East Fellow" to teach at Cornell Law School. However, despite the anticipation, safety issues abound.

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Cornell University s Cislunar Explorers want to be the first team to launch a CubeSat into orbit aro...
Cornell University's Cislunar Explorers want to be the first team to launch a CubeSat into orbit around the moon.

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