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Viacom OK to proceed with $1 billion lawsuit against YouTube

An appeal court has overturned a previous ruling that now allows Viacom Inc. to proceed in a lawsuit against YouTube. The lawsuit alleges YouTube allowed copyrighted videos on its website without permission.

Op-Ed: SOPA 'not proceeding' but sites still going dark

Sydney - SOPA is on hold, but Wikipedia’s “strike” threat for tomorrow and similar action by Reddit and Boing Boing are still going ahead. The White House has expressed less than fizzy enthusiasm for anti piracy proposals and is asking for help from users.

Op-Ed: Why Canadians should participate in the SOPA/PIPA protest

Ottawa - Some of the Internet's leading websites, including Wikipedia, Reddit, Mozilla, WordPress, and BoingBoing, will go dark tomorrow to protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA). Here's why Canadians should care.

Op-Ed: Wikipedia to go on strike in protest of SOPA

Sydney - The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) which has already got flak from Google, Twitter, Wikipedia, Yahoo! and others is getting a lot hotter. Wikipedia is going to be offline on Wednesday in protest.

Op-Ed: Canada's long-awaited copyright reform plan flawed but flexible

In its new copyright bill, Bill C-32, the Canadian federal government has given in to American pressure and brought back rules that mirror those found in the United States.

Google Faces Criticism Over Book-Copyrights Deal

Internet giant Google now faces immense objections from publishers and writers with its proposed compromise to acquire book copyrights in an American court settlement.

US, Europe, Japan, pursuing new anti-pirating deal

The United States, European Union and Japan are pursuing a 34-country agreement targeting worldwide piracy of copyrighted goods and counterfeiting, a top US official and the ambassadors from some of the countries said Tuesday.

YouTube Sets September Target to Block Copyrighted Video Uploads

YouTube has become synonymous with copyright infringement, but that might not be for much longer. The site has set a September goal to launch software intended to get rid of pirated videos.

Best Site for Free TV Shows and Movies Uses Legal Loophole for Copyrighted Video

Forget YouTube. Forget network webisodes. To find streaming video of almost any new and old TV show or movie, you only need to visit the underground site, TV Links. If any site can make a TV exec wet his pants and scream about copyrights, this is it.

The Future of Music

With the onslaught of downloadable music, and the apparent ignorance of music labels, is the music industry doomed?

Wikipedia Mulls Copyright Purchase Plan

Open-source encyclopedia's founder asks users: What do you want for free?

Universal Music Sues Video Sites

Someone wake me when the "Sky is Really Falling", I cried "Wolf" but they failed to listen...

Copyright and the Mouse: How Disney's Mickey Mouse Changed the World

Digital Journal — It all started with the Mouse. A few years ago, the Walt Disney Company noticed that its star, Mickey Mouse, was aging. At the turn of the century, he would be almost 75 — venerable for a mouse, and more so for one in the entertain.

Super Spy Computers Hunt For Illegal Images On The Internet

If you're using an image on your Web site that legally belongs to someone else, watch out. You could be the target of three young entrepreneurs from Kassel, Germany. They're equipped with a huge computer network and a passion for enforcing copyr...

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