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New state bill would give cops the freedom to shoot drones down

A new bill introduced in Utah would allow law enforcement to shoot down drones in some situations and would also place limits on drone activity.

FacePalm Friday: Drunk man dials police to help him start his car

Richmond Hill - Early Tuesday a man called police to help him start his car, but he ended up being arrested for drunk driving in King Township.

Elderly women's mahjong games shut down by police

Altamonte Springs - Someone snitched on four elderly women who were wagering money during daily mahjong games at their retirement community in Florida.

Car thief gets stuck in the trunk, calls police for help

Missoula - A would-be car thief in Missoula, Montana, ended up calling the police after he got himself locked up in the trunk of a car.

NYPD cops receive $151,000 in forced rehab placement

A federal jury has awarded two New York City police officers a combined $151,000 in a long-running suit that alleged NYPD substance abuse counselors forced them into alcohol rehab.

Chinese police at lunch allegedly eat endangered giant salamander

Shenzhen - A banquet for Chinese officials turned violent last week when journalists photographed them eating a critically endangered giant salamander, media reports say. The diners included senior police officials who appeared to flout Beijing's austerity campaign.

This guy fights cops and runs away after being tased three times

Phoenix - A man was tasered not once, not twice, but three times, and he still continued to fight with police. The incident was captured on video.

Penis tattoo leads cops to rape suspect

Panama - A 27-year-old man with a tattooed penis is being charged with statutory rape after he allegedly had sex with an under-age girl.

Man pays fine with casino winnings, just as cops arrive

Bochum - A man in Germany was able to avoid being arrested by paying a fine with his slot machine winnings, just as cops were going to arrest him.

'Cops' crew member killed while filming armed robbery

Omaha - A crew member with the widely popular television show Cops was shot and killed while filming officers responding to an armed robbery call.

Op-Ed: Obama moves to stop militarization of cops and deputies

With it no longer possible to ignore the income disparities in the United States, President Barack Obama is taking action to make sure the rich are not using cops to keep the middle class and mainstream down.

Op-Ed: Suicide by cop has increased as officers turn to short hair

Ferguson - Some would argue it started with people like Socrates, asking the state to kill them. Some believe the desire for vengeance after Sept. 11 made it inevitable cops would not have to be asked to kill.

Op-Ed: Missouri national guard sent into St. Louis area

Ferguson - The Missouri national guard was sent into the St. Louis area after reports that a private autopsy revealed a white cop shot a black teen six times. The New York Times got a report of the autopsy.

Cops say man had sex with ATM and then a picnic table

A Tennessee man was arrested on Friday night after he decided to try to make a deposit at a ATM, as well as for having sex with a picnic table.

Cops accuse man of stealing ID to get illegal prescription drugs

Brooklyn - New York Cops are looking for a man they say stole a 55-year-old woman's identity to obtain prescription drugs illegally.

'Cops' will be documenting the San Jose Police Department

San Jose - The film crew of the reality show 'Cops' will be documenting and following the actions of the San Jose Police Department.

Op-Ed: Cops from LA to New York City under attack for corruption

Los Angeles - The sheriff of Los Angeles, many of whose deputies face federal corruption charges, retired Tuesday. In New York City light was thrown on a scheme by the boys in blue to rip off the public with false PTSD claims.

L.A. County deputies arrested for prisoner abuse

Eighteen L.A. sheriffs deputies face charges of prisoner abuse, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice in an ongoing FBI jail abuse investigation.

Seattle police install NSA-worthy spying apparatus

Despite the recent Snowden revelations and the massive response thereof, the Seattle Police Department, in accordance with and funded by the Department of Homeland Security, has seen fit to pepper the city with devices capable of NSA-level spying.

Police allegedly warned to 'be aware' of Cop Block group

New Orleans - A leaked email apparently shows a police union demonizing a popular police accountability group, forewarning officers of the diverse "tactics" used by members of the group.

Review: Cop thriller Cold Eyes keeps the tension tight and fast-paced Special

Toronto - How do you make a standard cops-and-robbers film a riveting suspenseful 120 minutes of intrigue and action? Just ask the filmmakers behind Cold Eyes, a Korean film screening at the Toronto International Film Festival.

NYPD cop and US Customs officer charged in weapons smuggling ring

Federal authorities claim that three brothers, two of which are active law enforcement, conspired to ship weapons to the Philippines without proper licenses.

Cops in China replace guard dogs with geese

Xinjiang - Police in rural parts of China's Xingjiang Province have replaced the use of guard dogs. Instead, they are using flocks of geese to warn them if there is an intruder.

Robber calls cops after finding dead body in house he was robbing

A burglar in New Zealand broke into a home, but he ended up finding something that he did not intend to find, a body of a man hanging in the dark.

Review: The Freedom Writers Diary by The Freedom Writers

Los Angeles - Diving into a heartfelt book is something that's a novelty today but diving into a book that teaches us something is a rare treat. The Freedom Writers leave something unique between the pages.

Cops want to legalize pot

The number of people who want to legalize marijuana and other drugs is constantly growing and is now reaching cops and other public officials.

Cops shoot dogs in front of Philadelphia high school

Philadelphia - When a stray dog got into a pickup truck at a red light outside the high school in Chester, Pa, a fight ensued. Police officers responding to a call about the dog fight opened fire and shot the dogs five times with a pistol and once with a shotgun.

Federal Court Ruling: Not illegal to flip off the 'Po-Po'

The United States Court of Appeals, in a 14-page opinion, has given the ruling that it is not illegal for you to shoot members of law enforcement the "bird."

Video: NYPD Officer DePrimo speaks out on homeless man picture

NYPD Officer Larry DePrimo was interviewed Friday on CNN. DePrimo explained he had to help the man. He would also be introduced to Jennifer Foster, the person who took the photo.

Video: Angry dairy farmers spray milk on EU headquarters

Brussels - On Monday, furious dairy farmers sprayed milk on the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels, along with a whole crowd of riot police, over high quotas and low prices.
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British police officers stand between Cardiff City and Swansea City fans during their English Premie...
British police officers stand between Cardiff City and Swansea City fans during their English Premier League soccer match at the Cardiff City Stadium
With permission by Reuters
Oakland Police during a standoff with Occupy Oakland protesters
Oakland Police during a standoff with Occupy Oakland protesters
Cops in riot gear preparing to take action if needed.
Cops in riot gear preparing to take action if needed.
Cops showed the good natured  sense of humor when they staked out rooftops of Illinois Dunkin  Donut...
Cops showed the good natured, sense of humor when they staked out rooftops of Illinois Dunkin' Donuts to raise money for the Special Olympics.
courtesy Special Olympics Illinois
NYPD cops on a movie shoot in downntown Toronto streets
NYPD cops on a movie shoot in downntown Toronto streets
Mesa County Sheriff's Office
Police officers on horseback stand in front of the group of counter-protesters to prevent them from ...
Police officers on horseback stand in front of the group of counter-protesters to prevent them from running across the street to attack the NSM.
A Manchester Police car
A Manchester Police car
Ingy the Wingy
NYPD cops on a movie set in downtown Toronto
NYPD cops on a movie set in downtown Toronto
Cops on the scene at 6am Wednesday
Cops on the scene at 6am Wednesday
South African police driving in their cars
South African police driving in their cars
Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair
Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair

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