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Copenhagen News

Martin Jensen to present 'Me, Myself, Online' at Telia Parken

Copenhage - On April 10, Martin Jensen will be presenting "Me, Myself, Online" at Telia Parken in Copenhagen. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Review: Soulpepper’s ‘Copenhagen’ is a challenging yet rewarding debate Special

Toronto - So why did Werner Heisenberg meet with Niels Bohr in Copenhagen in 1941 – and what were the historical consequences? What was Heisenberg’s real purpose? Why did their friendship end? And did Heisenberg have anything on his conscience?

TBB — Over 150 sustainable energy technologies under one roof

Copenhagen - Next week the world’s leading event in sustainable energy innovation, The Business Booster, will take place in Copenhagen from 17-18 October. Attendees will gain insight into more than 150 sustainable energy start-ups - under one roof.

Bikes now outnumber cars in Copenhagen

Copenhagen - The capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen, has hit a new record. For the first time ever, the city is home to more bicycles than cars.

Good COP, bad COP: Will Paris climate summit prevail?

Paris - "Copenhagen". The mere mention of the Danish capital's name can send a chill down the spine of even the toughest climate negotiator.

Swedish cartoonist draws Prophet Muhammad as a dog, wins award

Cartoonist, Lars Vilks, drew Prophet Muhammad as a dog in 2007, causing Denmark to become the terrorists' map of "preferred targets." Becoming fearful for his life, he lives under heavy guard in Sweden. For this, he has won a prize for courage.

Green infrastructure saving major cities water, money and time Commissioned

As governments across the globe struggle to react to the growing multitude of threats posed by climate change, smart cities are taking the lead and acting on their own to stave off potential disaster.

Attacks in Denmark may have been inspired by magazine massacre

Copenhagen - The gunman believed to have shot and killed two people in Denmark on Sunday appears to have been inspired by last month’s attack on the offices of a satirical French magazine and a grocery store in which 17 were slain.

New study: One in every six Danes has stolen a bicycle

Copenhagen - Bicycles are a popular mode of transport in Denmark, but it seems there is a problem. According to a new study, 17 percent of Danes have, at some stage, stolen another person's bicycle and it's costing Danish insurance companies a fortune.

Indictment in The Pirate Bay co-founder case made public

Copenhagen - Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, hacker and co-founder of The Pirate Bay, has been behind bars in Denmark since November last year. Up until now, his court appearances have been behind closed doors, but a freedom of information request has changed things.

Eurovision 2014 prepares for second semi-final

Thursday sees the second semi-final for the ever-popular global music competition, the Eurovision Song Contest, which has been running for almost 60 years.

Parties across the globe herald Eurovision 2014

With just one week to go till the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, parties have been announced across the globe.

Eurovision rule change aims to guarantee transparency

In an effort to increase openness and impartiality, the rules for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest are to be changed.

New spiny rat discovered in 'birthplace of evolution'

The Spiny Mekot rat was discovered in the mountain forests of Halmahera in the Maluku archipelago. Some of its defining futures include bristly hair and a white tail tip.

Six cities in the running to host Eurovision 2014

Six cities have emerged as possible venues for the 2014 staging of the Eurovision Song Contest, after Denmark's victory last month.

Video: Hundreds gather in Denmark for Obama-Biden rally

Copenhagen - In regards to the 2012 US Presidential Election, the whole world is watching. The people of Denmark are no exception as hundreds gathered in Copenhagen for their own Obama-Biden rally.

Danish queen celebrates 40 years on the throne

The Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II, will be celebrating forty years on the Danish throne on Saturday Jan 14. The celebration festivities will last three days, starting Friday.

Students invent a spiked drink test to help prevent drug rape

Four Danish students from Svendborg Gymnasium on Funen have invented a glucose test that indicates whether a drink has been spiked with drugs. It changes colour based on the presence of unknown chemicals.

Forgetful bank robber busted because of the urine he left behind

Copenhagen - More like a joke than reality, two Swedish bank robbers have left DNA evidence at the scene of their crime in the form of nicely collected urine samples.

Anti-bullying Meeting: No Fathers Allowed

A Copenhagen public school wants to hold a parental meeting to tackle the problem of bullying. The catch: it’s strictly mothers-only, and that has many in the community outraged. The reason: officials want Muslim mothers to attend.

If politicians can't tackle Global Warming then the voters must

The Copenhagen Climate Talks showed that most politicians are unwilling to tackle Global Warming by implementing policies that will cut carbon emissions and reduce their carbon footprint.

Czech President: Global Warming is New Religion

Czech President Vaclav Klaus said in interview for American television outlet Fox News that global warming is not science but a new religion which absorbs huge resources.

New climate deal grudgingly accepted by most of world leaders

President Barack Obama's last ditch attempt to cobble together some sort of action on climate change amongst world leaders attending negotiations in Copehhagen fell flat for most nations.

G77 Rep.: Copenhagen deal worst in history, Obama like Bush

Just hours after leaders from around the world reached an agreement at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference on Friday, a G77 representative called it "the worst deal in history."

4 of world's biggest producers of greenhouse gases ink deal

The main players in the world's bid to curb greenhouse gas emissions have finally come to an agreement that, while not enough to stop future temperature rises is a "historic step forward."

Climate Change Deal Reached with China and Other Countries

A climate change deal has been reached in Copenhagen Friday after US President Barack Obama met with leaders of China, India, Brazil and South Africa in a last ditch attempt to hammer out a climate change deal that will address global warning

James Inhofe: Copenhagen conference has failed

Republican Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe said on Thursday that there will be no agreement at the Copenhagen conference and that it "has failed."

Clinton backs $100 billion fund as Copenhagen talks near deadline

Consensus at the UN's Copenhagen climate summit appeared to be incomplete as the December 18 deadline for a global agreement looms - but Clinton's backing of a $100 billion fund may move things along.

Countries pledge billions to save rainforests

The United States, Australia, France, Japan, Norway and Britain pledge 3.5 billion to a program meant to stop deforestation of rainforests.

Op-Ed: Copenhagen- Too hard, and the media runs away again

Too scared to read the news, or can’t find a vertebrate news source? There it was, all over the headlines. Then it wasn’t. Copenhagen, after the utter failure to even address basic issues, fell off the front pages like a dying cockroach off a fridge.
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The visually striking set of Soulpepper s  Copenhagen . From left: Diego Matamoros  Kawa Ada and Kyr...
The visually striking set of Soulpepper's "Copenhagen". From left: Diego Matamoros, Kawa Ada and Kyra Harper.
Cylla von Tiedemann
Christiansborg Palace - The Danish Parliament.
Christiansborg Palace - The Danish Parliament.
Aurochs bull at the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen from 7400 BC.
Aurochs bull at the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen from 7400 BC.
Cycling in Denmark.
The city of Copenhagen
Photo by Amsterdamize
Birds view image of Tivoli Gardens.
Birds view image of Tivoli Gardens.
Canadian Embassy: Kristen Bernikows Gade 1  København  Denmark
Canadian Embassy: Kristen Bernikows Gade 1, København, Denmark
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Copenhagen  Denmark is expected to officially divest from fossil fuels on Tuesday.
Copenhagen, Denmark is expected to officially divest from fossil fuels on Tuesday.
The all-electric BMW i3 on the streets of Copenhagen.
The all-electric BMW i3 on the streets of Copenhagen.
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Images of Copenhagen
Images of Copenhagen
Images of Copenhagen

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