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Cooling News

New solar panels can heat during the day and cool at night

Scientists are developing rooftop solar panels have a dual function. Harvesting energy from the Sun and also cooling the home below, by harvesting the coldness of space. A prototype device has been developed.

Cooling system works without electricity

Stanford University technologists have succeeded in cooling water without electricity. This is achieved by sending excess heat into space, using specialized optical surfaces.

Self-ventilating workout suit keeps athletes cool and dry

A breathable workout suit that has ventilating flaps, able to open and close in response to an athlete's body heat has been invented by Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers.

Chemically engineered sand cools electronic devices

Heat is a problem for many electronic devices. Overheating leads to breakdowns; and the loss of heat is not energy efficient. In order to cool down devices, and improve efficiency, technologists have been looking at a special type of sand.

Ant cooling mechanism avoids desert sun

Ants found in the Sahara have a novel way of keeping cool from the intensity of the sun’s rays. The small, silver-colored hairs on the ant’s body are able to reflect heat back, stopping the insect from becoming too hot.

NYC finds success in treating cardiac arrest with cooling therapy

New York - Paramedics in New York City are no longer using just CPR. They are being trained to cool the body down by about 6 degrees, so no cells will be damaged by the lack of oxygen. It seems to work and city officials are patting themselves on the back.

Al Gore to Launch The Climate Project in China

Washington - The Climate Project supports more than 3,000 diverse and dedicated volunteers worldwide who have been personally trained by former U.S. Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore to educate the public and to raise awareness about climate change.

Survival Tip: Heart Attack Patients Need To Be Cooled Special

In what could seem like a tale from of a science fiction book. the best way to protect a heart attack patient is by putting them on ice. Many hospitals have not begun to practice the procedure though.

Method to Cool Earth’s Rapid Warming is For Emergency Use Only

There was an old margarine commercial that always ended with a warning tag line: It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.

Op-Ed: Global Cooling On Its Way But Don't Criticize Al Gore

A new study suggest that global warming may be on hold for 30 years and global cooling will take its place. But wait, when that 30 years is up, there will be aggressive warming again! Don't you worry Al Gore.

Brain Injuries And Cooling The Body After A Heart Attack

Cooling saves lifes after a heart attack. Taking the body down to a hypothermic state within hours can save not only heart muscle but improve the severity of a brain injury. Within four minutes of a heart attack brain cells begin to die off.

Op-Ed: A Tale Of Two 'Times,' or The Coming Global Warming Ice Age

This past week, Time Magazine published a Green issue on 'How to Win The War On Global Warming.' Yet in past issues from 1972 and 1974 they published two articles entitled 'Another Ice Age?' Why are they so right now, when they were so wrong then?

Russian Scientists Forecast Global Cooling in 6-9 Years

Global cooling could develop on Earth in 50 years and have serious consequences before it is replaced by a period of warming in the early 22nd century, a Russian Academy of Sciences’ astronomical observatory’s report says.

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