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Cooking News

New warning over barbecued food

The Food Standards Agency in the U.K. has issued a warning about barbecued food and the risks of food poisoning. The Agency recommends that food should be pre-cooked in an oven first.

Video: Researchers use molten metal to grill a meal

Syracuse - Culinary researchers at Bompas & Parr performed an experiment with a makeshift grill which used a superheated stream to cook a steak with some corn. The results were mixed but it made for an impressive video.

Cooking crayfish? Do it quickly

A new report indicates that cryafish and other crustaceans feel pain and suffer with anxiety. Based on this, it is best to cook the creatures quickly to minimize suffering.

Photo Essay: Cooking icons Paula Deen and sons Bobby and Jaime Special

Savannah - Cooking, southern foods, and, more recently, healthy recipes are synonymous with the Deen Family. Brothers Bobby and Jaime were the celebrity guests at the Savannah Book Festival where they signed copies of their books, and mom was there to show support.

BNP Leader Nick Griffin MEP produces cookery video

Nick Griffin has been likened to the new Jamie Oliver in a cookery video, which looks set to go viral. In it he provides some practical tips on preparing a hearty and healthy meal at a low cost.

Dessert Edition: Spice up your Thanksgiving menu this year

Six in 10 Americans usually bring dessert to a Thanksgiving meal when dining as guests, Baskin-Robbins has found. Yummy! But when was the last time you had something new for dessert on Thanksgiving?

Scientists say spicy food lovers are also thrill seekers

University Park - Some like it hot, hot, hot. That phrase can be used to describe someone who enjoys hot weather or it can be used to describe someone who enjoys hot food.

Nigella Lawson brings The Taste to the U.K.

Chef and television presenter Nigella Lawson will bring a version of her hit U.S. cookery show, The Taste, to the U.K. This news follows on from Lawson's well publicized split from her husband Charles Saatchi.

Food Network tosses celebrity chef Paula Deen

Savannah - Reports indicate the Food Network will not renew Deen's contract that is set to expire at the end of June. This move comes on the heels of the celebrity chef admitting to using a racial slur. Deen currently hosts two shows for the network.

Squirrel flambé attempt leaves dozens homeless

A resident's attempt to make squirrel flambé left dozens of people displaced when the blowtorch the aspiring chef was using set his apartment building on fire.

Diabetes-friendly cooking demonstration by Jamie Deen at ADA EXPO Special

Chicago - Jamie Deen, who looks a lot like his mama, Paula Deen, was in Chicago at the American Diabetes Association EXPO to take part in a cooking demonstration featuring diabetes-friendly vegetarian gumbo.

'Cooking with Poo' — Would the title of the book put you off?

Bangkok - Cookery book "Cooking with Poo" has won the Diagram Prize for the oddest book title of the year. But the reference to Poo is not what you think it might be. Meet Saiyuud Diwong, a cookery teacher in Bangkok, Thailand.

Op-Ed: Eleven Madison Park- The Cookbook is easier than you think

New York - Eleven Madison Park is a top-rated New York City restaurant. It recently released its own cookbook - and the recipes aren't as difficult as you might imagine.

Discover cuisine: an exclusive food bloggers event Special

Taguig - Selected food bloggers in the Philippines attended the Discover Cuisine: An Exclusive Food Bloggers Event organized and hosted by Enderun Colleges, the country's premiere hospitality management school.

The rise of Lidia Bastianich's Italian food empire Special

Toronto - Lidia Bastianich is not just the host of a wildly popular TV show on Italian cooking but also joins a long line of celebrity chefs who have launched their own restaurants, pasta sauce and pasta. Bastianich recently spoke about her brand in Toronto.

Kenmore Live Studio Sizzles in the Windy City Special

Chicago - The Kenmore brand was established in the windy city over eight decades ago and has recently reinvented itself through a new live forum for showcasing chefs, cooking, bands, and fashions that is really cooking.

Samsung launches Hybrid Induction Range

When you hear the word hybrid these days you think of new cars. That may be changing soon with Samsung launching the first ever hybrid induction/electric range.

Japanese Robots Cook Ramen Noodles

In a land where robots reign, it seems no surprise that Japanese cybernauts have invaded yet another heretofore unexplored region of human endeavor. Read on and try some noodles, but no talking to the chef.

Finding good New York bagels in Lyon, France Special

No this is not a spoof article. Lyon has its own bagel cafe, using all-American products and ideas to give local people and visitors a great choice of bagels. It’s all authentic, right down to the bagels themselves, which come from New York.

Cooking Captures Heart of Hart High School Student

It would be great if everyone were lucky enough to know from an early age what they want to be when they grow up, and while some of us still haven’t decided, Ava Bardsley has known since she was for four-years-old.

Inside French-Style Sunday Lunch

You must all be tired after a hard week’s writing and working, so let me do the cooking. All you have to do is slip off your shoes, kick back, and let me pour you a glass of Bordeaux 1996. Make yourselves at home. Music? Steely Dan? Fine.

Woman, 93, gives tips with 'Great Depression Cooking' videos

At 93, Clara Cannucciari lived through the Great Depression and knows what it's like to live through tough economic times. To share that experience, she now offers cooking tips to those who can't shell out on a big shopping list.

Record $330,000 Price Realized for Giant White Truffle

A giant white truffle dug up in Tuscany, Italy and weighing 1.497 kilograms was sold at auction today, setting a new world record truffle price when billionaire businessman and Macau casino owner Stanley Ho paid $330,000 for the mushroom.

Let's go Adobo!

Growing up on Naval Bases around the world I came into close contact with Philippine culture at an early age. Filipino men would earn their US citizenship by working for the US Navy and a familiar smell to “Navy Brats” of my generation was Adobo.

101 quick recipes- summer food ideas from NYT

Some practical soul at NYT understands cooking in the hot weather. The Minimalist column has 101 single paragraphs all easy cook meals. I cook, usually with only two or three thousand fatalities, mostly downwind, but this really looks good.

op-ed: Who Needs Some Help?

Posthappy was kind enough to point out that there's a new topic here at DJ!The Food channel is a great addition. I know that we're all busy people running around with our heads cut off at times. Anyone need help with meal ideas?

That Stupid Bird Stole My Pepsi

The stupid chicken in my fridge tried to drink a can of Pepsi! I had to get him back for that one, so I plopped him down on the half full can. (He was drinking it fast! Not bad for a headless critter.) To make sure he didn't run away I turned on the oven.

Lesson Learned: Don't Grill and Drive

German man grills up sausages while driving and chaos ensues.

Home Cooked Meals For Pets

Recent pet food scares cause pet owners to take drastic measures... preparing home cooked meals for their dogs and cats!

Learn To Make Your Woofer A Veggie

An all round nice doggie should be a vegetarian, right? But it doesn't stop there
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Cooking Image

A mix-mash up of ingredients for Middle Eastern ground chicken
A mix-mash up of ingredients for Middle Eastern ground chicken
Sesame oil sauce.
Sesame oil sauce.
Greek Garbanzo Bean & Cucumber Salad
Greek Garbanzo Bean & Cucumber Salad
BNP Chairman Nick Griffin stirs his stew.
BNP Chairman Nick Griffin stirs his stew.
YouTube-BNP TV
My oh so cute mini casserole dishes. :)
My oh so cute mini casserole dishes. :)
Cooking chicken thighs
Cooking chicken thighs
Flank Steak Pinwheels
Flank Steak Pinwheels
Spreading a layer of salsa on pizza dough
Spreading a layer of salsa on pizza dough
Rolling burritos...poorly.
Rolling burritos...poorly.
mini potatoes all dolled up.
mini potatoes all dolled up.
Middle Eastern Rice with Black Beans and Chickpeas
Middle Eastern Rice with Black Beans and Chickpeas
Flank Steak Pinwheels
Flank Steak Pinwheels
Mini ground chicken meatloaves.
Mini ground chicken meatloaves.
Basmati rice cooking!
Basmati rice cooking!
Aloo Phujia
Aloo Phujia
Flank Steak Pinwheels
Flank Steak Pinwheels
Filling chicken with blue cheese love.
Filling chicken with blue cheese love.
Taco Pizza!
Taco Pizza!
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