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EU proposes new rules that could put an end to the cookie banner

The European Commission has drafted plans to overhaul the way in which websites warn users about their use of cookies. Under current regulation, sites must display warnings if cookies are placed on the user's computer, even though they're usually ignored.

How ads will be following you around the Web, thanks to Facebook

Starting today, Facebook is rolling out a new ad technology designed to show you ads outside of Facebook, based on what the social network knows about you.

Op-Ed: Marketing eyeballs with RTB

Brandon - Many sites on the internet including news networks such as Digital Journal are partially if not wholly funded by advertising. Advertising on the internet has become a very complicated business and includes many complex operations.

Real-life Cookie Monster almost asphyxiates roommate

Decatur - In a story so bizarre it's hard to believe, a 23-year-old Illinois man — Allen Hall — has been charged with attempted murder as well as assault and battery after attacking his female roommate.

Cronut creator debuts Cookie-Milk Shots

The inventor of the hugely successful and popular Cronut® has debuted a new invention: 'Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots'.

Study suggests Oreos are as addicting as crack cocaine

“Bet you can’t eat just one!” Remember the advertising slogan that became the hit marketing claim of Lays potato chips. But the salty snacks are not the only edibles that are found to be addicting.

European data protection agencies take aim at Google over privacy

Internet giant Google has once again come to the attention of data protection authorities across Europe as six European countries launched concerted action against Google yesterday claiming that Google had done nothing to meet privacy concerns.

Oreo's new holiday treat — Gingerbread Oreo

Without any fan-fair or major announcement, Nabisco has introduced a new limited edition Oreo cookie just in time for the holidays.

Candy corn Oreos debut at Target stores for Halloween season Special

A popular tidbit making the social media rounds was a rumor that candy-corn flavored Oreos would hit the market next week for the Halloween season.

Op-Ed: YouTube knows your name

YouTube has started prompting users who want to post a comment to use their real name. If a user has a gmail account connected to Google+, YouTube lets you choose to use your real name when you post. But you can also still use your YouTube name.

Facebook to be sued for $15 billion in class-action privacy suit

Facebook had better do well on the stock exchange. It may need the money to pay off a class action suit on behalf of users who were tracked on the Internet by Facebook after logging out.

Fla. woman charged with assault after roommate nabbed Thin Mints

Police arrested a Florida woman after she allegedly chased her roommate with a pair of scissors, struck her with a board, bit her, and hit her with a sign. The dispute was over Girl Scout cookies.

Woman charged with attacking roommate over Girl Scout cookies

Naples - A 31-year-old Florida woman is accused of attacking her sleeping roommate because she believed the woman had eaten her Girl Scout cookies.

The 94-year tradition continues: Girl Scout cookies are on sale Special

Bentonville - Since 1917, the Girl Scouts have been selling cookies to finance troop activities and the cookies are on sale now in neighborhoods and in front of businesses across America.

FBI interrogator says cookies more effective than torture

A former FBI interrogator told a Canadian radio show that cookies are more effective than torture in getting information from terrorists. Torture sessions only take longer and it get more useless information.

GSA is Using Smaller Cookie Cutters to Make Ends Meet

Things aren’t so sweet for the Girl Scouts of America. Customers who look forward to the organization’s yearly sale of cookies are scratching for dough just as the scouts are.

Bakery Owner Mocks Obama with 'Drunken Negro Head' Cookies

The Lafayette French Pastry bakery in Greenwich Village, New York introduced “Drunken Negro Head” cookies for Inauguration Day. The owner wonders what is wrong with his idea of baking cookies with oversized noses and lips.

Evening Rise Bread Co. Recalls Peanut Butter Cookies and Bars

Evening Rise Bread Co. of McCall, Idaho is recalling Peanut Butter Cookies and Peanut Butter Bars, because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

Seattle's Favorite Gourmet Cookies & Dessert Co Issues Nationwide Allergy Alert

Seattle's Favorite Gourmet Cookies & Dessert Co. of Tukwila, WA is recalling Orange Cranberry and Banana Nut Muffin Tops because they contain undeclared milk.

Nationwide Recall of Koala's March Crème filled Cookies

Lotte USA, Inc., Battle Creek, MI initiated a recall of all Koalas' March Cookies on September 29, 2008 because they were produced in China and they may be contaminated with melamine.

Lotte brand Koala’s March Filled Cookies May Contain Melamine

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is warning people not to consume some Lotte brand Koala’s March filled cookies.

The Sweet Debate: California Baker Cashes In On Obama And McCain Cookies

No stone left unturned in the race to cash in on the presidential nominees and their sidekicks as bakery for the Hollywood stars offers baked goods in support of your favourite candidate. Get a dozen treats for under $50 US with international shipment.

Allergy Alert: Undeclared Milk in Some No Name Cookie Products

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Loblaw Companies Limited are warning people with allergies to milk proteins not to consume various No Name Cookie Dough products .

It's Time For The First Lady Bake Off

Family circle knows what makes America tick. It's the cookie and who makes the yummiest one rules the roost. For the past four elections Family Circle has held a cookie cook off between the ladies who will rule the White House.

What Can You Do To Stop Advertisers From Accumulating Your Private Data?

The controversy over Facebooks' Beacon app underlined once again the dangers; seemingly safe sites don't blink an eyelid at invading your privacy. At the heart of the problem: targeted advertising. Effective cooky erasors are what's needed.

'F Cup Cookies' Promise Fat In Their Cookies Will Grow Your Breasts

New Japanese cookies target women who would like to improve their bust size. They claim that the fat in their cookies will go straight to your breasts and not to the rest of your body. A scientific break-through? Or a new low in consumer marketing.

F Cup Cookies Promise That Their Fat Will Go Straight to Your Boobs

Do you want bigger boobs, but don't want the hassle of breast surgery? Just pig out on some F Cup cookies from Japan and your man is sure to stop dead in his tracks. That's right, cookies that make your boobs grow.

Police probe suspected tampering of Kraft cookies

Christie Chewy Chunks Ahoy! cookies may have been tampered with. Police are investigating after small, sharp metal objects were found in the packages.

Cookies Made By Girl Scouts Go Trans Fat Free

The cookies sold by Girl Scouts’ 90th year batch would be healthy as they are virtually free of artery-clogging trans fats as they not only found alternative that taste as good as trans fats but the substitutes that do not compromise on shelf life.

Argentine smuggles Cocaine in Chocolate Cookies

An Argentinian woman tries to smuggle cocaine in Chocolate covered alfajores, a famous sweet in South America.
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A customer purchases his favorite Girl Scout cookies.  Bentonville  Ark.  Feb. 20  2011
A customer purchases his favorite Girl Scout cookies. Bentonville, Ark. Feb. 20, 2011
File photo: Oatmeal Cookie Dough Balls.
File photo: Oatmeal Cookie Dough Balls.
Boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  Bentonville  Ark.  Feb. 20  2011
Boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Bentonville, Ark. Feb. 20, 2011
Finished cookies cooling on aluminum pan.
Finished cookies cooling on aluminum pan.
sugar  milk  cocoa and butter boiling
sugar, milk, cocoa and butter boiling
Parents  Troop Leaders  and Scouts at Girl Scout Troop 5042 s cookie booth at Walmart Neighborhood M...
Parents, Troop Leaders, and Scouts at Girl Scout Troop 5042's cookie booth at Walmart Neighborhood Market. Bentonville, Ark. Feb. 20, 2011
Photo Courtesy Stephanie Kilgast
Thin Mint cookies
Thin Mint cookies
Freedom House found declines in online freedom of expression in 32 of the 65 countries assessed sinc...
Freedom House found declines in online freedom of expression in 32 of the 65 countries assessed since June 2014, with "notable declines" in Libya, France and Ukraine
Lionel Bonaventure, AFP/File
Chocolate No Bake Cookies
Chocolate No Bake Cookies
Even rats prefer the creamy center!
Even rats prefer the creamy center!
Rob Boudon
Sugar  milk  cocoa and butter mixture
Sugar, milk, cocoa and butter mixture

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