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Conviction News

Data recovery leads to murder conviction

A data recovery company played a key part in helping bring a murder suspect to justice in a Texas case. Here forensic evidence proved the killer lured the teenage victim to her death with deceiving text and social media messages.

Florida Congressman resigns over cocaine possession charge

Representative Trey Radel, Republican of Florida, will resign from Congress this evening, after pleading guilty to cocaine possession. A letter he sent to House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner on Monday states he will resign from Congress.

Court bans Silvio Berlusconi from politics for two years

Milan - An Italian court has barred former Prime Minister and current senator Silvio Berlusconi from politics for two years, as a result of his conviction for tax fraud.

Casey Anthony judge states there was enough evidence to convict

Orlando - Judge Belvin Perry told NBC's "Today" show that he believed there was enough evidence to convict Casey Anthony, the Florida mother found not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

Italian court convicts scientists over earthquake warning

An Italian court convicted seven scientists of manslaughter for failing to give sufficient warning of a fatal earthquake that hit in 2009, killing more than 300 people.

Convicted killer gets new trial after transcripts erased

Miami - An appeals court in Florida tossed out a conviction and life sentence for a previously convicted man. Randy Chaviano had been convicted of murder in July 2009 after a jury found him guilty of killing another man.

Knox Compared to Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit or she-devil? Has the court already deemed her as she-devil or is she the loving young woman that her lawyer Giulian Bongiorno portrays?

New Orleans police convicted in Danziger Bridge shooting

New Orleans - Five men who were police officers during Hurricane Katrina have been convicted of deprivation of rights and other civil rights violations associated to the deadly shootings on Danziger Bridge in New Orleans.

Minnie Driver talks about being a part of 'Conviction' Special

The electrifying 'Conviction' (on Blu-ray/DVD) is a heartbreaking, but ultimately triumphant film about Betty Anne Warren's (Hilary Swank) real-life,18-year fight to prove her brother's innocence and winning his freedom. Also: Ray, All About Eve & Virus X

Op-Ed: TIFF 2010 - The emotional whallop of Hilary Swank's Conviction Special

If you're not teary eyed after watching the film Conviction, debuting at the Toronto International Film Festival, you must be dead inside. The story of a sister trying to save her wrongfully convicted brother is a legal drama you won't soon forget.

UK grandmother on Texas Death Row makes final plea Special

Gatesville - The Supreme Court refused to review the case of a British woman condemned to die by lethal injection at Huntsville Prison. Linda Carty was sentenced to death for the capital murder of a young Texas mother whose baby she then kidnapped for her own.

Google executives found guilty of violating privacy laws in Italy

Internet freedom was struck a serious blow today after three Google executives were convicted of violating privacy laws.

Jurors Recommend Death Penalty for Convicted Wildfire Arsonist

It didn’t take California jurors long to reach a verdict in the death penalty phase in the trial of convicted arsonist Raymond Lee Oyler.

NYC Rabbi Found Guilty of Molesting His Own Daughter

It's been a scene in a Brooklyn Federal Courtroom for the past few weeks. A Rabbi, a revered Yeshiva school teacher was on trial for allegedly sexually abusing his daughter over seven years. He was found guilty Wednesday, much to his daughter's relief.

Arsonist in Deadly California Brush Fire Convicted of Murder

A Riverside, California, jury found Raymond Lee Oyler, 38, guilty on five counts of first-degree murder with special circumstances for multiple murder during the commission of a felony, that of arson.

Man Found Guilty of Killing Girlfriend With BBQ Tongs

The son of a prominent Caltech, Pasadena, English professor was convicted of the May 7, 2005, murder of his girlfriend after beating her and stabbing her with a barbeque tongs.

Op-Ed: Animal rights activists convicted of hate campaign in UK

Four UK activists have been convicted of conducting a blackmail campaign against people connected with a medical research facility. The Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty group crossed a line sacred to activists that it people say should have respected.

Murdered For Wearing Black: Gang Is Convicted of Killing a Goth Girl

It is probably the first serious attack against what most of us older British people once tried out -- being Gothic. The murderer of a young Goth girl in Lancashire was found guilty this week.

Man convicted of rape in 1982 exonerated after DNA evidence

A man wrongly convicted of rape in 1982 is finally released with the help of The Innocence Project.

Man cleared by DNA now faces life sentence

A Wisconsin man who served 18 years in prison for a rape that he was later cleared of by DNA has been guilty of manslaughter.

Summons turns into arrest

Step 1: Get a summons for no ticket on the Light Rail. Step 2: Rip up summons in front of the Officer. Step 3: Profit? No, you get another summons for littering, then you assault the Officer of course.

The Burger King Rapists Have Been Jailed

The problem is the men are unlikely to serve their full sentences.

Shearer sheepish in the dock

Drunk sheep shearer pranks neighbor by herding a flock of sheep into his house and locking them in for twelve hours. Which would have been pretty funny if the sheep didn't need to go to the bathroom after three

HIV-positive man gets 50 years for rape

HI V Man has been sentenced to 50 years in prison for rape.

Atlanta Couple Convicted of Murdering Son; their Church was Investigated for Corporal Punishment Ties

An Atlanta couple was convicted of murder in the beating death of their 8-year-old son, a case that prompted authorities to raid the parents' church because it supports corporal punishment.

Sex at work brings prison time for former cop?

Or is Special Treatment going to be awarded because he was a Cop?

Freed prisoner: 'I just thank God'

DA's office drops charges amid signs of a wrongful conviction

Man Convicted for Lying for Urine

Authorities say they have no idea why Kevin Oliver wanted women's urine.

Canadian Cases Of Wrongful Conviction

These are some cases that if we had the death penalty in Canada, these innocent men might not be alive today.

La Man Gets 150 Sentence On Attempted Murder Conviction

A man convicted of attempting to kill his ex-girlfriend and police officers will spend the rest of his life in prison.
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Conviction Image

Sam Rockwell plays real-life Kenny Waters in Conviction  due for release in October 2010
Sam Rockwell plays real-life Kenny Waters in Conviction, due for release in October 2010
Courtesy TIFF
Minnie Driver as Abra and Hilary Swank as Betty Anne in  Conviction
Minnie Driver as Abra and Hilary Swank as Betty Anne in 'Conviction'
Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell in the upcoming film Conviction
Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell in the upcoming film Conviction
Courtesy TIFF
Minnie Driver in her latest film  Barney s Version
Minnie Driver in her latest film 'Barney's Version'
Sony Classics
Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell in  Conviction
Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell in 'Conviction'

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