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Controversial News

Rolling Stones thrill Cuba with free two-hour Havana concert

Havana - Rock-and-roll icons the Rolling Stones rocked Havana, Cuba, on Friday with a free concert in the city's Sports City complex.

Vogue Italia shocks with tribal photo-shoot: Are you offended?

This month's Vogue Italia has caused controversery with a tribal themed photo shoot featuring Dutch model Saskia de Brauw in brown face-paint posing next to African animals.

Arizona inmates put on bread and water for desecrating flag

Bread and water punishment has been around since the French Revolution, in the 1820s, and was used for "troublemakers." Even then, the length of time a man was confined to this diet lasted no more than three days.

GOP's Don Yelton resigns after racial remarks

Asheville - The GOP precinct chair of Buncombe County, North Carolina, resigned on Thursday after the state's Republican Party called for his resignation following racially insensitive remarks made during an interview.

America’s largest foreign oil source and a controversial pipeline

America’s largest foreign oil source is proposing a controversial pipeline which would create thousands of jobs but also create a risk of contaminating 30% of America's irrigation water with cancer causing compounds if the pipeline ever were to leak.

The real Peter Chao? 1-on-1 with the YouTube comedian Special

Peter Chao (username pyrobooby) exploded onto the YouTube scene 3 years ago with his controversial, forthright comedy. Today, his videos boast over 159 million views. I sat down with him for an exclusive look into his life, career, and Internet stardom.

Beyond the Sling, on controversial holistic attachment parenting

Mayim Blalik's book, 'Beyond the Sling,' is about her personal embracement of holistic attachment parenting, with many professionals and mothers wondering if it will be the next wave in childcare.

Texas Senate passes abortion sonogram measure, now goes to House

Austin - The Texas Senate on Thursday passed a controversial measure that would require women seeking an abortion to first have a sonogram and then listen to their doctor give a description of the fetus. The bill is now moving to the state House for approval.

TSA censoring website access from staff

The Transportation Security Administration has decided that access to certain websites will not be allowed on the federal agency's computers.

Polygamy may be good for career people: The Work Spouse

For quite some time, work relationships being kept separate from home life have been an issue in the area of extra-marital affairs. But what about having a purely platonic "office spouse?" Some interesting psychology reveals controversial beliefs.

Air Force Pulls Controversial Commercial

An Air Force commercial has sparked a debate within the military branch on whether its claims could be seen as misleading. In response the Air Force pulled the commercial.

New Push For Early Down Syndrome Screening Causes Debate

Currently most pregnant women receive their first ultrasound sometime in the second trimester. A recent decision by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists may change that. Parents are being urged to screen for Down Syndrome.

Controversial Way to Fight Sex Offenders

California is set to pass a law which has been controversial. The law is an attempt to stop online predators from targeting teens and children.

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Natural gas compression station in Gulfstream  Florida.
Natural gas compression station in Gulfstream, Florida.
Spectra Energy
Protesters opposed to the proposed Keystone XL demonstrate outside the White House in 2011.
Protesters opposed to the proposed Keystone XL demonstrate outside the White House in 2011.
Chesapeakeclimate/Wikimedia Commons
One of many billboards put up by the DA to remind the public who imposed the e-tolling atrocity upon...
One of many billboards put up by the DA to remind the public who imposed the e-tolling atrocity upon them

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