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Why businesses are considering automating the contract process Special

In the business world, artificial intelligence is enabling businesses to work in new ways. This includes automating everyday tasks. The next wave of this process will capture the contract management process, according to a leading analyst.

Contract Lifecycle Management predictions for 2020 Special

Looking into 2020, more and more organizations will start to see the necessary value of well integrated CCLM systems, according to an expert at Contract Lifecycle Management provider, Agiloft.

The data ownership battle between project owners and contractors

Dodge Data & Analytics and construction tech provider e-Builder have undertaken a review about data ownership and the tensions that can develop between project managers and contractors, within the construction sector.

Q&A: New approaches to automate contract management Special

Boys Town, a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the lives of children and families, has selected a no-code software to solve the complex contract lifecycle management challenges spanning three different business divisions.

Q&A: Calculating the real-world value of contract management Special

To maximize the value of investment in a contract and commerce lifecycle management (CCLM) system, the first step is to measure what matters using standard industry metrics. Colin Earl, CEO of Agiloft explains more.

Oilpatch alarmed over Enbridge Mainline contract requirements

Canadian pipeline company Enbridge Inc said on Friday it would invite bids for contracted space on its Mainline system, as shippers compete to move oil on the country’s congested pipeline networks.

Q&A: Why contractors are adopting IoT technology Special

Contractors are turning to Internet of Things adoption in order to seek lower costs such as potential savings from reduced deductibles and fewer claims, greater employee productivity, and improved safety records.

Q&A: Contractors adopt IoT to lower insurance premiums Special

IoT is increasingly being used by contractors. A new survey finds the top motivator for adopting IoT technology is the possibility of lowering insurance premiums, followed by recovering lost time due to incidents.

PG&E fails to reach deal with other firms over power contracts

PG&E’s bankruptcy process arose as the company faces tens of billions of dollars in potential liability relating to wildfires in California. The company also owes billions in contract payments, and attempts to settle these out of court have floundered.

Mexico's state-run power company urged to keep power prices low

Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday contracts private companies have with state-run power utility CFE should be revised to keep electricity prices low, sending shares in one firm tumbling.

Blockchain foundations of financial instruments: Q&A Special

In the new blockchain world, to write financial contracts a small business usually has to hire high-cost individuals to write the code. As an alternative, the company Firmo has a code language that opens the door for people without coding skills.

Payformance Solutions aims at value-based reimbursement contracts

The nonprofit research organization Altarum has launched of a new venture called Payformance Solutions. This will be a provider of value-based reimbursement solutions and services for the healthcare sector.

Interview: Why businesses need automated contract management Special

Ninety-two percent of businesses report that human error impacts their contract management process. To avoid this automation is needed. To find out how we spoke with Erik Severinghaus, chief strategy officer at SpringCM.

Prototypes of Trump's 'Great' wall to be built by end of summer

Washington - Up to eight different models or prototypes of President Trump's border wall will be built at the southwest border in San Diego by the end of September so that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials can select the winning design.

CRTC announces new wireless rules for Canadians

Under the new wireless code set out by the CRTC, Canadians will be able to cancel their contracts after two years without penalty and data and roaming charges will have monthly caps.

Verizon open to dropping contracts

Mobile carrier T-Mobile recently announced their no-contract plans, and now Verizon said that it is open to the idea of dropping contracts too.

T-Mobile introduces no-contract plans

It seems that T-Mobile has done away entirely with contracts for their wireless customers, which is part of broader changes designed to make the wireless carrier more competitive.

NFL contract signings heating up

Seattle - The NFL's fiscal year is coming to an end on March 8 and teams are scrambling to sign their stars before they can test free agency.

Jilted bride sues for six-figure revenge from runaway groom

Chicago - A bride in Chicago is suing the man she was going to marry when he backed out of the wedding four days before the ceremony. She is seeking reimbursement for the cost of the wedding, which she claims totals $95,942 in expenses.

Op-Ed: Australia’s defence farce, money wasted by the billions

The Sydney Morning Herald has just done Australia a tremendous favor in publishing defence force contracts since 1997. These figures include some incidents that would be too ridiculous for a game show.

Rolls Royce signs aircraft engine contracts worth $2 billion

Rolls Royce has announced its has secured orders worth $2 billion. The UK firm will be making engines for Airbus planes that will be used by Air China and Ethiopian Airlines.

NBA Labor Talks in the Works

Global economic conditions have hit the NBA right where it hurts, in the wallet. Ticket and sponsorship revenue is down. The salary cap dropped from $58.7 million to $57.7 million for next season.

University fine-print leaves students electrified... literally

DePaul University students in Chicago, IL learned a valuable lesson in contracts when all but four consented to some pretty horrific terms. Although the form was an experiment, when presented with an actual consent form, the actions were repeated.

Contracts in Iraq Focus of U.S. Military Probe

According to the United States Military and United States Prosecutors, firms in the Laila Tower are linked to fraud and bribery resulting in the theft of millions of dollars provided by U.S. taxpayers.

Massive support for House Bill applying criminal law to Iraq contractors

The new law is to apply to all Iraq contractors. There has been widespread anger over Iraq contracts, maladministration, incompetence, corruption, and waste. The vote passed 389-30, which means it overrides a Presidential veto, at least at this stage.

US military contracts: corruption, suicides, and they've only tracked $6 billion

It would be reasonable to say that few things have left the public as utterly infuriated as the Iraq contracts scandals. Enron and World Com might rate a mention, but since 1776 only Benedict Arnold would stick in the craw quite as much.

Spend crazy winter

Why are baseball's free agents receiving such huge contract this year?

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