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Contraception News

The man who said no to free love: Paul VI becomes saint

Vatican City - Pope Paul VI, the man who cracked down on free love during the 1960s and carried out sweeping changes to the Church, became a saint Sunday, along with slain Salvador archbishop Oscar Romero.

FDA approves 'Natural Cycles' birth control app

The FDA has now granted marketing approval to an app that tracks a user's temperature and menstrual cycle in order to determine which days they are fertile and which days they aren't.

Chinese baby born four years after parents' death in car crash

Bejing - A surrogate mother has given birth to a baby boy in China four years after his parents died in a car crash, Chinese media reported.The deceased couple was undergoing fertility treatments before the fatal accident in 2013.

Hunger, contraception key concerns in Burkina: Melinda Gates

Ouagadougou - While widespread malnutrition remains the biggest child killer in Burkina Faso, mothers' tasks are made all the more arduous by a chronic lack of access to contraception, Melinda Gates, wife of billionaire philanthropist Bill, told AFP in Ouagadougou t...

Condom ad featuring ex-porn star Sunny Leone stokes anger in India

Ahmedabad - Indian authorities tore down dozens of billboards Tuesday after a slew of complaints over an advertisement depicting a former porn star promoting condoms ahead of a major Hindu festival.

Bangladesh frets about population boom in Rohingya camps

Cox's Bazar - Bangladesh has launched a birth control drive in its overcrowded Rohingya refugee camps, an official said Tuesday, fearing a population boom would worsen the humanitarian crisis unfolding along its border.

Brazil lifts ban on controversial sterilization implants

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil has lifted a ban on the sale of Essure female sterilization implants after receiving results from clinical trials on its risks, authorities said Tuesday.

Conflict-zone contraception for the Boko Haram homeless

Maiduguri - Sixteen-year-old Aisha slips into the white family planning tent at the Bakassi camp for displaced people in Maiduguri, northeast Nigeria, and whispers in case she is overheard.

Poland approves restrictions on morning-after pill

Varsovia - Poland's President Andrzej Duda approved on Friday a new law limiting access to the morning-after pill in the devoutly Catholic country, which already has one of the EU's most restrictive abortion rules.

Bayer's Essure trial is approved again after FDA re-evaluation

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concluded its investigation on Essure's pivotal trial. Bayer, the company that manufactures the controversial contraception method, has been, in fact, accused of manipulating data to inflate the device's safety.

Family planning not for Muslims, says Turkey's Erdogan

Istanbul - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday that family planning and contraception were not for Muslim families, in his latest comments promoting population growth that angered women's activists.

Pregnant at 15, the teenage mothers of Romania

- "God has given me a beautiful little girl. But life is difficult because I am still a child myself," says Lorena, one of more than 2,000 girls under 16 who give birth in Romania each year, some as young as 12.

The battle for birth control: Afghanistan's new fight

Balkh - "Four children is enough," says the young Afghan woman as she examines a box of contraceptive pills.

FDA issues Black Box warning for Essure — Lawsuits keep growing

A federal court ruled that 2 cases of women who claim they were harmed by Bayer's birth control device Essure can continue. In the meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a "black box" label to warn the public about its dangerousness.

Men with Zika should wait six months before unprotected sex: U.S.

Washington - Men who have been diagnosed with the Zika virus or have symptoms of the illness should wait at least six months before having unprotected sex, US health authorities said.

Vatican says chill, Pope not backing pill

Vatican City - The Vatican on Friday moved swiftly to dampen claims Pope Francis had signalled a significant relaxation of the Catholic Church's ban on contraception in response to an outbreak of the Zika virus in Latin America.

Pope Francis on Zika: Abortion a crime, contraception a lesser evil

Vatican City - Pope Francis insisted Thursday that abortion was always a crime but hinted that the Church could exceptionally relax its ban on contraception for women at risk of contracting the Zika virus."Abortion is not a lesser evil.

US urges condom use or abstinence to avoid Zika virus

Miami - US health authorities on Friday urged people to use condoms or refrain from sex if they live in or have traveled to areas where the Zika virus is circulating.

Indonesian district to ban condoms in convenience stores

Menteng Dua - A staunchly Islamic district in Indonesia plans to ban the sale of condoms in convenience stores in a bid to halt premarital sex, an official said Tuesday, but activists criticised the move as misguided.

Thousands to be sterilised in global 'vasectomy-athon'

Indonesia - Thousands of men around the world are to be sterilised Friday in what organisers dubbed a global "vasectomy-athon", to encourage men to take a bigger role in family planning and combat resistance to the procedure.

Single shot animal contraceptive coming soon

The idea of an injectable contraceptive for pets, administered by injection, is coming closer to reality after some successful animal trials.

Pope rows back from 'rabbits' comments, praises large families

- Pope Francis on Wednesday described large families as a "gift from God", just days after he said Catholics did not need to "breed like rabbits".

Pope says Catholics do not need to breed 'like rabbits'

Rome - Pope Francis has said that good Catholics do not have to breed "like rabbits", defending the Church's stance on artificial contraception and appealing to the world's 1.2 billion Roman Catholics to practise responsible parenting.

The man who said no to free love: Paul VI heads towards sainthood

- Pope Paul VI, the man who cracked down on free love during the 1960s and carried out sweeping changes to the Church, will be beatified on Sunday in his first step towards sainthood.

Op-Ed: The dumbest argument against Hobby Lobby

It might seem hard to be too critical of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to allow Hobby Lobby to deny its female employees insurance that covers contraception.

Faith trumps birth control in US Supreme Court ruling

Washington - Family-owned private companies can deny birth control coverage in their employee health care plans, the US Supreme Court said Monday in a ruling seen by some as a victory for religious freedom.

Op-Ed: Company wants to offer anti-masturbation device to parents

Washington D.c. - A large American corporation wants to make sure youngsters don’t start making jerking off a hobby. Fortunately the Supreme Court has seen this issue from all sides.

Women of Philippine slum welcome birth control victory

Manila - Single mother Christina Bantasan clutched her baby in the shadows of a sprawling Philippine slum, wishing that a controversial birth control law had come earlier so she could have planned her future better.

Philippine Supreme Court approves birth control law

Manila - The Philippines' highest court approved Tuesday a controversial birth control law that supporters said would transform the lives of millions of poor Filipinos, despite bitter opposition from the powerful Catholic Church.

Supreme Court to hear contraception case arguments

Washington - US Supreme Court justices appeared divided Tuesday as they heard arguments on whether employers must provide certain contraceptives under employee health plans, even if it is contrary to their religious beliefs.The court's three liberal women justices ...
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The Natural Cycles app is certified in the European Union to be called a contraceptive.
The Natural Cycles app is certified in the European Union to be called a contraceptive.
Natural Cycles
Every day at least five women are brought to the gynaecological ward of Uganda’s Mulago National R...
Every day at least five women are brought to the gynaecological ward of Uganda’s Mulago National Referral Hospital in Kampala for treatment for complications caused by crude attempts to terminate their pregnancies.
Inter Press Service / Andrew Green

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