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Facebook 'supreme court' overturns four content-removal rulings

Washington - Facebook's newly-launched 'supreme court' issued its first rulings on Thursday, overturning four of five decisions to remove controversial posts from the platform.

Meet Alex Crockford: Fitness trainer and social media influencer Special

Fitness trainer, social influencer and digital content producer Alex Crockford chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about being a personal trainer in the digital age and he shared his daily motivations.

Q&A: Why interactive streaming is the future of entertainment Special

Soon friends can watch shows like Stranger Things together even if they are not in the same room. This is due to advances in remote social watching, which will take streaming platforms to the next level.

Google pledges €94m to digital media projects

The Google Digital News Innovation fund has pledge to give 94 million euros to 'help journalism thrive'. This includes digital news outlets and fact-checking services.

Blockchain solution for managing content rights

Technology companies Microsoft and EY have developed a blockchain solution forthe managing content rights and royalties. The platform is designed for media and entertainment industries.

Spotify CEO admits hate content policy 'rolled out wrong'

On May 30, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek admitted to the hate content and hateful conduct policy on Spotify being "rolled out wrong."

Two brothers just sold their company to Oracle for $850 million

New York is still abuzz that an ad-tech company called Moat sold itself to Oracle. Terms of the deal were undisclosed but an unnamed source told Recode's Peter Kafka that Oracle would pay upwards of $850 million for Moat.

Samsung wants VR to be a 'whole body' experience with new headset

Samsung has unveiled a pair of unique headphones that let you "feel" virtual reality content instead of just seeing it. The headset tricks the section of the ear responsible for balance and motion into detecting physical movement in VR videos.

Amazon wading into virtual reality with its own video experiences

An Amazon job listing spotted online has revealed the company is working on building its own virtual reality platform. The video-oriented system will place the retail giant into competition with established brands including Facebook, HTC and Samsung.

Op-Ed: Is your content socially worthy? Today’s audience demands it

Businesses that fail to effectively convey an authoritative message to the hoi polloi are destined to fail. Now that it's 2016, I'll share a quick crash course in hopes small digital companies and product-based businesses are spared an untimely death.

Netflix banning the use of proxies to access its content

Netflix has announced it is deploying new techniques to detect when proxy services are being used to access its network. Proxies circumvent the controls that limit some Netflix shows to specific regions, breaking the company's license terms.

Sky to 'set TV free' with an all-new range of set-top boxes

European TV provider Sky has unveiled an all-new range of set-top boxes and mobile apps that combine to create a "whole new way of watching TV." The service is supposed to seamlessly blend live and on-demand content.

Snapchat introduces paid lenses, retweets annoyed and happy users

Snapchat has launched a store that lets users pay to get more Lenses to use in the app, animated filters that can be applied to snaps. In a unique move, the company has surprised unhappy users by retweeting their annoyance alongside positive responses.

New Forza Motorsport 6 DLC brings some Fallout 4-themed cars

Bethesda Studios and Turn 10 have teamed up to give Forza Motorsport 6 and Fallout 4 fans something doubly special. A DLC for the former game will introduce a couple of Fallout-themed cars, including the Chryslus Rocket 69.

Snapchat abruptly snaps, closes Snap Channel videos and shows

Messaging app Snapchat has abruptly shut down Snap Channel, a feature that showcased its own content including stories and videos. The staff responsible for creating the media have been made redundant.

A day after iOS 9 goes live, ad blockers claim App Store charts

With iOS 9, Apple is allowing iPhone and iPad users to install ad blockers for the first time. In a clear indication of the demand for these products, the genre has risen to the very top of the App Store charts just two days after iOS 9's launch.

All-new Apple TV wants to put the future of television into apps

Apple has today unveiled its reworked Apple TV with an all-new user experience and the ability to run its own apps. Apple announced it is seeking to change the future of television by moving people towards watching content over the Internet.

4K Netflix stream pirated for the first time

The DRM on Netflix's ultra-high definition content has been broken for the first time, allowing pirates to upload a 4K episode of Breaking Bad to a private torrent site. The episode weighs in at nearly 18GB because of the high quality.

Spotify set to end 'free' streaming next year

Music streaming service Spotify is looking to move towards a premium-only model next year, according to reports this weekend. Listening for free with adverts will no longer be an option as the music industry pushes for greater revenue from streaming.

Microsoft's Windows 10 download puts pressure on the Internet

The Internet is being put under immense pressure today from the millions of people who are upgrading to Windows 10. Microsoft is currently seeing 16 installs per second and has exclusively reserved 40Tbps bandwidth from all the major delivery networks.

YouTube app 'streamlining' makes vertical playback easier

Earlier this week, Google announced an update to its YouTube app for mobile devices. It introduces a proper vertical video playback mode, making it easier for people to view clips taken on smartphones in portrait orientation, alongside a refreshed design.

YouTuber PewDiePie made $7.45 million profit last year

YouTuber PewDiePie made a massive $7.45 million in profit last year, according to a new report. PewDiePie gained such fame for his video game reviews, playthroughs, tutorials and vlogs that he has become the most successful YouTuber ever.

Google harms consumers and itself by promoting its own content

A new study has concluded that Google harms consumers by filtering search results so that listings for its own services are promoted to the tops of pages. It adds more fuel to the EU's recent accusation of Google engaging in anticompetitive practices.

Google announces YouTube Gaming, coming this summer

Google has announced that it is creating a special variant of YouTube for gamers, throwing it into direct competition with Twitch. The site will allow players to stream footage of their games and make it easy for viewers to keep track of their favourites.

Netflix now makes up nearly 37% of all U.S. Internet traffic

Videos streaming from Netflix now account for nearly 37 percent of all of the traffic travelling over the Internet at primetime, according to a new report.

Op-Ed: The onslaught of ad blockers is killing websites and the Internet

The vast majority of websites rely on revenue from adverts displayed on their pages to be able to operate. Yet many consumers install ad blockers that hide them from sight, preventing websites from getting much needed money - and the trend is growing.

Op-Ed: The importance of social media in promoting website content

In a world where social media increasingly decides what internet users see and do and with SEO becoming less reliable, it is more important than ever for websites to use the technology effectively to communicate with users and market their own material.

Headteachers threaten to call police as children play '18' games

A group of UK headteachers have threatened to report parents to police for neglect if they allow their children to play violent computer games that have an 18-rating, claiming that the children have access to unsuitable levels of violence.

Google unveils YouTube for Kids, available now on Android and iOS

Google has unveiled its long-anticipated YouTube for Kids app that promises to give parents control over what video content their children consume and the ability to limit viewing hours while creating an attractive interface for kids.

Snapchat introduces 'Discover' in new update

Snapchat released a new update Tuesday which included the new Discover feature, which allows content creators to share information through stories on the Snapchat platform.
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