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Headteachers threaten to call police as children play '18' games

A group of UK headteachers have threatened to report parents to police for neglect if they allow their children to play violent computer games that have an 18-rating, claiming that the children have access to unsuitable levels of violence.

Google unveils YouTube for Kids, available now on Android and iOS

Google has unveiled its long-anticipated YouTube for Kids app that promises to give parents control over what video content their children consume and the ability to limit viewing hours while creating an attractive interface for kids.

Snapchat introduces 'Discover' in new update

Snapchat released a new update Tuesday which included the new Discover feature, which allows content creators to share information through stories on the Snapchat platform.

Op-Ed: SYGU Network and the music video revolution Special

Los Angeles - Music videos are plentiful online thanks to the digital distribution explosion that has positioned the the portable laptop,cell phone, and the tablet as a few of the high tech,convenient mechanisms for viewing content.

Op-Ed: How good content can improve your company's brand

SEOs and content professionals can drive value for small businesses such as restaurants and retailers. Much of the Web consists of keyword stuffing and duplicate content: non-value-added text that are simply rehashed for click-bait purposes.

GameStop wants content designed only for them, only from them

The idea of exclusive DLC from GameStop has been around for some time. Before it was usually released later as normal DLC. Now GameStop executives want exclusives that you can only get by ordering through them.

ScribbleLive Chat: Marketing to men in a digital age

In this live chat that ended Tuesday, marketing experts explained what it takes to get men to engage with content in connected world. Hear insight from executives at Playboy and

WordPress 3.9 Release Candidate 2 is available for testing

The immensely popular content management system WordPress has entered the second release candidate stage for version 3.9.

Survey: No free Wi-Fi biggest hotel guest complaint

One of the biggest complaints that hotel guests have is the lack of free Wi-Fi in their rooms. Guests believe that all hotels should offer free Internet connection and think it is more important that many other hotel amenities.

Spain to make providers of 'pirated' Web content walk the plank

Madrid - Well, not walk the plank exactly, but tough new laws are to be introduced in Spain and were set for approval in Parliament on Friday. The new laws call for six years in prison for linking to "pirated", copyright-protected material from webpages.

Harvey Weinstein wants sites to pay for linking

Harvey Weinstein, a proponent of Obama and an Oscar-winning producer, said that he has plans to push for legislation that would make websites pay for linking to news articles.

Digital Marketing group Magic Logix looks to expand

On Digital Journal, most of us writers know all about digital marketing and its benefits. From free coupons via Facebook for Italian ice to celebrities mentioning how good a certain food chain is on their Twitter, digital marketing is all around us.

mesh 2012: Is online content king again?

Toronto - Digital Journal liveblogged a mesh conference session on the potential of content marketing, a technique for companies to attract potential customers. The liveblog ran from 1:15pm to 2:20pm.

UK High Court tells ISPs to ban The Pirate Bay

The popular Swedish based file-sharing website, The Pirate Bay is to be blocked by internet service providers in the United Kingdom

India wants Google, Facebook to screen user content

India reached out to social media sites like Facebook and other online companies, asking them to prescreen user content that comes from India.

FOX Network to restrict access to online content Special

When TV web streaming was introduced to the public, affording millions of viewers with the opportunity to watch their favorite programs at their own convenience, it all seemed too good to be true. In less than three weeks' time--for some--it will be.

News sources, Facebook talking about exclusive content

Several news sources are in talks with the social network giant in providing exclusive news and content through Facebook.

Op-Ed: Social media presents new continuum in second great expansion

As social media environments give shape to the Internet's second great expansion, publishers and content producers need to travel the new digital continuum with their commercial partners.

Op-Ed: The web's information highway hums on destinations and ecosystems

A number of careful redefinitions are changing the traditional means in which information is distributed and consumed - forging new business models that have promise for a new field.

Yahoo launches network featuring exclusive content

Yahoo is all set to jump on to the content bandwagon. The Internet giant on Tuesday launched the Yahoo Contributor Network, hosting 400,000 freelance writers, photographers and videographers from Associated Content, a firm that it bought over in May.

YouTube Offers Filter For Offensive Content

People who are concerned about offensive videos and comments on YouTube will now have a way of limiting what others see on their computer, thanks to a new safety mode feature that YouTube is rolling out.

Associated Press, Yahoo to Tighten Content Restrictions

An expected deal to be made in the next few weeks between Yahoo and Associated Press may herald tighter restrictions and a hike in cost.

fizwoz launches beta, allows users to sell images to the media

fizwoz today launched as a beta product, and allows users to sell their images to the media using an auction system, similar to that of eBay.

UK's Shiny Media Goes Into Administration

Shiny Media folds after three years as one of the UK's most popular technology, fashion and lifestyle blogging networks.

Why Is There So Little Embedded Newspaper Content On The Web?

The established media is not participating in the bonanza of online audience-dominated tools to the extent that everyone that has only a vague idea of brand loyalty would expect.

Study says News Websites Have Uneasy Relationship with User-Generated Content

Major news websites are struggling to make the most of readers' contributions due to factors such as the costs of moderation and the varying quality of user-generated content (UGC), whilst in return readers are not fully engaging with the UGC initiatives.

CBS Admits Defeat & Submits To YouTube (And Others)

A year after CBS corp. announced the launch of Innertube (an entertainment channel on they admit it was a bad idea and they now plan to release free content to as many websites as possible.

User-Generated Content Threatens Media & Entertainment Industry

Just as reality TV took over Hollywood and led to the demise of several professional actors and associated firms, user-generated content could seriously compete with entertainment and media firms that are paid to create similar content online.

Yahoo expands newspaper content

Yahoo has signed up with McClatchy, the third largest US newspaper group, to access news and commentary.

Yahoo seeks content for mobile service

Yahoo Inc. is recruiting other Web sites to help make its mobile search services more useful for consumers and advertisers, marking another step in the Internet portal's push to build a lucrative sales channel beyond the personal computer.
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