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Fossil fuel energy consumption in U.S. is lowest in 100 years

Washington - U.S. fossil fuel consumption in 2017 reached the lowest share in more than a century as the use of renewable energy continued to climb and petroleum use remained well below its 2005 peak.

After warnings of species plight: solutions in sight

Medell - Chicken or beef? Think carefully: your choice can help determine the future of the planet.

Dealing with falling demand in the electricity sector isn't easy

A drop in power demand about 10 years ago put an end to more than 80 years of rising electricity consumption in the U.S. Many analysts cite the year 1998 as the turning point when GDP growth and electricity demand parted ways.

One-third of the world's groundwater basins are in distress

Civilization is rapidly draining some of our largest groundwater basins, yet we have no accurate data to let us know how much water is left. This means that many of the world's population are using water, not knowing it may run out, researchers conclude.

Weak spending shows Japanese consumer doubts about Abenomics

Japanese consumers ended last year with a whimper instead of the bang many had expected, reinforcing a nagging worry that the prime minister's aggressive policies are struggling to find support among thos...

UK Government: 'On holiday, don’t let drink do your talking'

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office is encouraging young travelers to think before they drink, to avoid putting themselves at risk of serious harm while holidaying in foreign countries.

Calgary hosts Global Clean Energy Congress and Exhibition Nov 1-3

Calgary - Participants will engage in the 3-day Global Clean Energy Congress and Exhibition November 1-3 in Calgary, promising an information packed exchange of ideas and practical applications involving clean energy alternatives for the future.

Australian scientist gives human race another 100 years

Canberra - If you want to believe Professor Frank Fenner, 2110 -- or a date close to 100 years from now -- will be the day humans have made themselves extinct.

Study: One Billion Frogs Consumed Each Year

An analysis of UN trade data shows up to one billion wild frogs are consumed each year. Researchers worry the amphibian population may be affected considerably in the near future.

USDA Proposes a New Rule: 'Cows Unfit to Stand Are Unfit to Eat'

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is planning to propose a rule that will ban cows too sick to stand from being slaughtered and their meat being sold to the public.

Are you an Alcoholic? It's in your genes say the researchers

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) researchers has discovered a gene variant in mice that predicts how much alcohol they may consume. Scientists are trying to see whether humans also exhibit the same pattern.

Trial to begin this year in case of meat unfit for human consumption

In August of 2003 Aylmer Meats was shut down because meat products were allegedly sold to the public from cows that were already dead. Yesterday the case moved one step closer to trial.

Energy saving revisited

New standards for electric consumption by computers and TVs are in the works

State of the Union -- Bush Calls for Cut in Gas Consumption

State of the Union initially addresses a cut in gas consumption

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