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Climate change creating new problems with crop storage

As temperatures rise, a situation is being created that illustrates a hazard that climate change is posing for agriculture. Once harvested, crops not immediately consumed or processed are stored, often, for months. That job is becoming very costly.

Consumer attitudes and behaviors are shaping the future of retail

To survive the current global economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic, retailers need to fully accept mobile device shopping. To succeed, the e-commerce industry needs to learn about how consumer behaviors are shaping the future of retail.

Expect an acceleration of the data privacy conversation in 2021 Special

Data privacy regulations, in parallel with consumer awareness,are set to increase in 2021. This presents challenges for businesses and the best course of action is to get ahead of the curve. A business insider provides advice.

Eight tips for consumers to take to protect their privacy online Special

Concern over personal data privacy continues to grow as many globally continue to work from home throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As attacks increase however, some users are unaware of the importance of setting up their devices correctly.

Why consumers need to remain savvy with their personal data Special

Marking Data Privacy Day, consumers need to remain savvy when using inline services and this includes questioning what happens to their data and why they should offer personal details to companies.

Now’s the time for businesses to refresh their data privacy Special

Data Privacy Day provides a useful reminder to businesses in terms of updating and refreshing their systems. This is not simply technological since thought needs to go into the overall approach as well.

Is lockdown pushing us towards technology overload?

The greater reliance upon technology during the time of coronavirus has enabled many businesses to continue trading. However, there are signs that workers are becoming overwhelmed by the variety of tech solutions available.

Q&A: Advice for consumers to reduce cybercrime threats Special

Cybersecurity risks are ever-present but we can take steps to lower these risks if we stand back and consider where the risks derive from and take a hard look at our own activities, says security expert Myke Lyons.

For Chinese consumers, Ant Group app is part of the fabric of life

Shanghai - The most essential item in aircraft engineer Tao Rui's possession during a recent outing in Shanghai was the Alipay smartphone app from Ant Group, a company little known outside China until it unfurled plans for the biggest IPO in history.

Q&A: Consumer and business outlooks since COVID-19 Special

Many businesses are facing uncertainty and across many sectors the outlook is bleak. One reason for this is due to low levels of consumer confidence. But is this so for all sectors, and how will things unfold? An expert from Experian weighs in.

Q&A: Why businesses need to identify consumers for growth Special

As businesses start to rise up out of the economic turmoil that the coronavirus pandemic has caused, one important element of the recovery strategy is with identifying that right consumers to target. An Experian expert explains how.

How the COVID-19 pandemic is eroding household finances

The coronavirus pandemic has slowed the economy down considerably and it has caused widespread financial problems, for both companies, employees and the typical household. A new survey looks into the situation in the U.S.

COVID-19 impacts IT pro work-life balance as helpdesk issues rise

The COVID-19 pandemic fast-tracked digital transformation for many organizations, impacting the role of digital service operations practitioners. This has affected the service that IT professionals can offer.

B2C Retail Benchmark Report looks at first quarter of 2020

Episerver has released a new study with dips into the state of businesses to consumer interactions, putting in place a benchmark for businesses in relation to the first quarter of 2020.

Volunteer-run grocery revives rural French village

Sauxillanges - Like so many villages tucked in the folds of the French countryside, the centre of Sauxillanges faced a near-certain death.

EU takes aim at ticket bots, data harvesters

Apo - EU countries will from Tuesday begin rolling out tougher laws against online operators who play fast and loose with consumers, including those harvesting personal data or deploying bots to snap up tickets.

New IoT security rating to meets regulatory demands

UL, the global safety science company, is now offering an IoT Security Rating to help manufacturers demonstrate cybersecurity posture in preparation for upcoming regulations.

Looking into the truth about perception and misinformation

New research assesses why it is often challenging for consumers to internalize the types of retracted information that are issued by enterprises or from media organizations. This is symptomatic of the digital age.

Q&A: Tech CEOs are asking Congress for Federal Data Privacy Law Special

Recently 51 tech CEOs sent an open letter to Congress asking for a federal data privacy law, signalling that companies do not want a patchwork of regulations. What might this federal law look like? Chris Hertz of DivvyCloud takes a look.

Pig farmers pessimistic as China tries to talk down swine fever

Bejing - Sun Dawu sighs sadly when asked about the death of thousands of his pigs, killed by the African swine fever outbreak that has been decimating hog herds across China.

Tropical fish swim into Europe's waters as common species head north

Paris - Cod, sole and plaice might be regulars on European dinner tables but as climate change heats the oceans common species are heading to cooler northern waters -- with profound potential consequences for fish stocks and consumers.

Q&A: Why market research needs to draw insights from AI Special

Companies have typically used market research in order to gain consumer insights. But in the age of social media, consumer preferences change rapidly and data gathered from months-long research projects is static and one-dimensional. AI can overcome this.

DX survey reveals high levels of enterprise-consumer disconnect

Kony, Inc. has unveiled a new survey which looks at the global investment and effectiveness of businesses’ digital transformation efforts. The survey shows a disconnect between enterprise investments and consumer experiences.

Misuse of social networks is damaging business brands

A new study from Trend Micro reveals how the misuse of social networks can damage a business’ brand. The report also informs consumers how they might be tricked into a scam from what is believed to be a trusted source.

New York lawmakers reject data privacy act in surprise turn

New York - The New York Privacy Act’s failure to pass the New York Legislature took many commentators by surprise. Had it passed, the bill would have introduced a regulatory framework that mirrored the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Millennials are 'dramatically financially worse off': report

Millennials' spending is the same as their parents when it comes to the proportion of their income going to things such as food, restaurants, and alcohol — they just have less money to spend.

Consumers opting out this National Mental Health Awareness month

The flurry of alerts, notifications and voice services that flood our daily lives can have a lasting negative influence on our mental health. These negative influences gave been assessed in review from Accenture Interactive’s company Fjord.

It's everyday Americans who pay Trump's tariffs

Washington - President Donald Trump has repeatedly boasted that the tariffs he has imposed on trading partners are a financial windfall for the US treasury, but research shows it is Americans that bear the brunt of the impact.

How seriously are retailers taking new data privacy laws? Special

When GDPR first hit, many retailers rolled out changes to comply with the new regulations, but many smaller companies appear to have reverted back to cookies and data collection, plus other activities that fought data privacy requirements.

Facebook ordered to pay 30,000 euros in France over 'abusive' usage terms

Paris - A French court has ordered Facebook to pay 30,000 euros ($34,000) over "abusive" terms-of-use agreements that people had to accept in order to access their social media accounts, the consumer group which filed the lawsuit said Wednesday.
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The Florida Organic Aquaculture shrimp farm opened in Fellsmere  Florida in 2014.
The Florida Organic Aquaculture shrimp farm opened in Fellsmere, Florida in 2014.
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A logo for Consumers International.
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Sargent  Bruce McPhilips of the South San Francisco Police Dept. cautions that when people rely too ...
Sargent, Bruce McPhilips of the South San Francisco Police Dept. cautions that when people rely too much on high tech conveniences, they might make themselves more vulnerable to thieves.
In the UK and America  30 to 40 percent of the food we buy gets thrown in the trash.
In the UK and America, 30 to 40 percent of the food we buy gets thrown in the trash.
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Shoppers entering a Loblaws store.
Shoppers entering a Loblaws store.
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 Either consumers will pay more  suppliers will receive less  retail margins will be lower  or consu...
"Either consumers will pay more, suppliers will receive less, retail margins will be lower, or consumers will buy fewer products or forego purchases altogether," Walmart said.
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Depicting the idea of online shopping
Depicting the idea of online shopping
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