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Construction News

A concrete problem: Olympic delay spells limbo on Athletes' Village

Apo - Hundreds of luxury apartments overlooking Tokyo Bay that were due to be converted from the Athletes' Village have already been sold -- just one of the many headaches caused by the historic postponement of the Tokyo Olympics.

Protests as Moscow moves to build road on radioactive dump

Moscow - Moscow authorities on Wednesday began work on building a highway over a Soviet-era dump of radioactive materials, despite months of public protests and warnings from environmental campaigners.

Q&A: Mobility is key in modern construction expense reporting Special

According to expert Jon Roskill, cloud-based mobile expense reporting software can resolve common pain points and deliver accessible control to construction leaders. This acknowledges that very nature of their roles, construction workers are mobile.

Canadian companies get $1million each to tackle plastic waste

Canada's Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson announced the three winners of the Plastics Innovation Challenge on Wednesday. Each business will receive $1 million to develop technologies to address plastic waste from food packaging and construction.

New Jersey will require builders to consider climate change

New Jersey will become the first state to require that builders take into account the impact of climate change, including rising sea levels, in order to win government approval for projects, Governor Philip D. Murphy announced on Monday.

Tokyo unveils heat-busting stadium, 7 months before Olympics

Apo - Tokyo formally unveiled its 60,000-seater main Olympic Stadium Sunday, more than seven months before the 2020 Opening Ceremony -- with a host of special features to beat the feared heat.

Row over plans to move Greek antiquities from construction site

Thessalon - Opposition politicians, archaeologists and locals have denounced Greek government plans to displace the fragile remnants of an ancient city district unearthed during work on a subway tunnel in Thessaloniki.

More cost overruns, delays for UK nuclear project: EDF

Paris - Britain's controversial Hinkley Point nuclear power plant project faces substantial fresh cost overruns and further delay, France's EDF power giant said Wednesday.

Giant construction project takes shape in remote North Korea

Longgang - Like a scene from an epic film, thousands of workers swarm over the building sites of Samjiyon, a monumental construction project in the far reaches of North Korea ordered by leader Kim Jong Un.

Workers in masks return to polluted Notre-Dame site

Paris - French construction workers wearing protective masks returned to the site of stricken Notre-Dame cathedral on Monday after a three-week pause due to the risk of lead contamination.

Homeowners still haven't signed agreements with Trans Mountain

Ottawa - After 68 months of contested hearings, an appellate court setback, a government takeover, and two federal cabinet approvals, an extra step will prolong the Canadian regulatory ordeal of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion.

Report: Cultural factors hampering construction digitialization

A new report finds that while the construction industry is making progress with digital transformation, especially being an early adopter of AI, the DX journey is hampered by cultural factors.

Dodge releases findings on improving data for project success

The construction sector is increasingly reliant upon digital data in order to make informed decisions about capital projects. Concerns have been flagged, in a new report, about the reliability of this data.

Clashes as Russians protest against building Orthodox cathedral

Yekaterinburg - Hundreds of people from the Russian Urals city of Yekaterinburg protested Tuesday against a controversial plan to build a Russian Orthodox cathedral in a central park.

Kuwait inaugurates massive causeway to free trade zone

Kuwait City - Kuwait on Wednesday inaugurated one of the world's longest causeways, linking the oil-rich Gulf state's capital to an uninhabited border region set to become a major free trade hub.

Contractors adopting IoT to lower insurance premiums

The results of a new survey indicates that more contractors are adopting Internet of Things technologies in order to lower insurance premiums. The survey comes from Dodge Data & Analytics and Triax Technologies.

Malaysia revives massive China-backed project

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia will revive a $34 billion Chinese-backed transport and property development that was abandoned in 2017, the prime minister said Friday, adding the project would contribute to Beijing’s global infrastructure drive.

Couple's sea home vision sunk by Thai navy charges

Bangkok - An American bitcoin investor could face the death penalty after Thailand's navy accused him of violating the country's sovereignty by building a "seastead" home off the coast, which he insisted was simply in pursuit of a vision of "freedom".

Belarus uncovers mass grave at WWII Jewish ghetto site

Brest - Construction on the site of a former Jewish ghetto in a Belarusian city has unearthed the remains of hundreds of people in WWII-era mass graves, prompting many locals to oppose a planned residential building.

Austrian businessman takes Poland's powerful party leader to court: lawyer

Warsaw - An Austrian businessman has accused the powerful head of Poland's right-wing ruling party Jaroslaw Kaczynski of failing to pay him for his work on a real estate project in Warsaw, the plaintiff's lawyer said Tuesday.

Building boom turning to bust as Turkey's economy slows

Mudurnu - Deep in a provincial region of northwestern Turkey, it looks like a mirage -- hundreds of luxury houses built in neat rows, their pointed towers somewhere between French chateau and Disney castle.

Hikers clash with John Kerry's family on French Emerald Coast

Saint-briac-sur-mer - Hikers demanding right of way along a pristine stretch of coastal France are locked in a legal war with villa owners in a posh Brittany resort town, not least the family of US statesman and former presidential candidate John Kerry.

Odebrecht boss says worst is over after vast corruption scandal

S - The reputation of Odebrecht, a Brazilian construction giant, has become linked with corruption after it admitted to paying hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes in a dozen countries to secure public works contracts.

AI used to accelerate materials design

Researchers have demonstrated how artificial intelligence can be used to outline in a single chart information from thousands of scientific papers. This technique has been used to assist with optimal design of materials.

New demolitions halt search in deadly French building collapse

Marseille - Pressure grew on Marseille's mayor and other officials Thursday, accused of ignoring warnings about unsafe housing as a seventh body was pulled from rubble after a deadly building collapse in the southern French port city.

New demolitions halt search in deadly French building collapse

Marseille - Two dilapidated buildings next to those which collapsed in southern France were to be demolished Thursday, forcing rescue workers to call off their search after six bodies were pulled from the rubble.

Kirchner's son in court over Argentine corruption scandal

Buenos Aires - The son of Argentine ex-president Cristina Kirchner appeared in court Tuesday to testify as a suspect in the "corruption notebooks" scandal in which his mother is accused of receiving tens of millions of dollars in bribes.

Essential Science: New cement paste gets stronger when it cracks

Scientists have used 3D printing technology to develop a super-strong form of cement. This is based on the addition of an ingredient that becomes stronger the more pressure that is applied to it.

Ghost properties: cruel legacy of Venezuela's migration crisis

Caracas - Three years ago, asphyxiated by Venezuela's economic meltdown, Francisco Rojas and his wife Elena packed up four suitcases with the barest of essentials and walked out of their Caracas apartment.It has remained empty ever since.

Q&A: How technology helps build the modern hospital Special

MBI Group, a leading NYC construction firm, has recently won a bid to construct multiple patient care spaces across its New York City network of hospitals. To discover how modern technology assists with such projects, Alex Getelman provides an insight.
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Construction Image

Construction workers taking a break.
Construction workers taking a break.
Crane in the King s Cross areaa of London  U.K.
Crane in the King's Cross areaa of London, U.K.
Building works in London  with a crane in view.
Building works in London, with a crane in view.
Workers preparing bamboo scaffolding.
Workers preparing bamboo scaffolding.
A building development in North London.
A building development in North London.
Roofers are part of the building trades.
Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedicatio...
Roofers are part of the building trades. Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication
Built in just over two weeks  this hi-tech 30-storey hotel is the latest in mass production technolo...
Built in just over two weeks, this hi-tech 30-storey hotel is the latest in mass production technology.
Broad Construction Company
 Quartier de spectacles  under construction
"Quartier de spectacles" under construction
Patrick F.
Construction works with cranes in operation (West London  U.K.)
Construction works with cranes in operation (West London, U.K.)
Worker taking a break on the sixth floor.
Worker taking a break on the sixth floor.
Construction of air sampling buckets Fort McMurray  Alberta. November 13th  2010.
Construction of air sampling buckets Fort McMurray, Alberta. November 13th, 2010.
Upside down house in the village of Szymbark  near Gdansk  Northern Poland.
Upside down house in the village of Szymbark, near Gdansk, Northern Poland.
Facebook - Tourisme Durable
RichTea (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Dangerous situation at night on Union Station temporary walkway
Dangerous situation at night on Union Station temporary walkway
Construction site in Hertfordshire  U.K.
Construction site in Hertfordshire, U.K.
Ed Balls
Ed Balls
Harry Potts
Toronto Union Station
Toronto Union Station
Dangerous situation at night on Union Station temporary walkway
Dangerous situation at night on Union Station temporary walkway
New houses require little maintenance so are better for fuel and energy efficiency.
New houses require little maintenance so are better for fuel and energy efficiency.
Martin Pettitt
Renovating a backyard deck
Renovating a backyard deck
Mark Drago

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