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Construction News

Austrian businessman takes Poland's powerful party leader to court: lawyer

Warsaw - An Austrian businessman has accused the powerful head of Poland's right-wing ruling party Jaroslaw Kaczynski of failing to pay him for his work on a real estate project in Warsaw, the plaintiff's lawyer said Tuesday.

Building boom turning to bust as Turkey's economy slows

Mudurnu - Deep in a provincial region of northwestern Turkey, it looks like a mirage -- hundreds of luxury houses built in neat rows, their pointed towers somewhere between French chateau and Disney castle.

Hikers clash with John Kerry's family on French Emerald Coast

Saint-briac-sur-mer - Hikers demanding right of way along a pristine stretch of coastal France are locked in a legal war with villa owners in a posh Brittany resort town, not least the family of US statesman and former presidential candidate John Kerry.

Odebrecht boss says worst is over after vast corruption scandal

S - The reputation of Odebrecht, a Brazilian construction giant, has become linked with corruption after it admitted to paying hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes in a dozen countries to secure public works contracts.

AI used to accelerate materials design

Researchers have demonstrated how artificial intelligence can be used to outline in a single chart information from thousands of scientific papers. This technique has been used to assist with optimal design of materials.

New demolitions halt search in deadly French building collapse

Marseille - Pressure grew on Marseille's mayor and other officials Thursday, accused of ignoring warnings about unsafe housing as a seventh body was pulled from rubble after a deadly building collapse in the southern French port city.

New demolitions halt search in deadly French building collapse

Marseille - Two dilapidated buildings next to those which collapsed in southern France were to be demolished Thursday, forcing rescue workers to call off their search after six bodies were pulled from the rubble.

Kirchner's son in court over Argentine corruption scandal

Buenos Aires - The son of Argentine ex-president Cristina Kirchner appeared in court Tuesday to testify as a suspect in the "corruption notebooks" scandal in which his mother is accused of receiving tens of millions of dollars in bribes.

Essential Science: New cement paste gets stronger when it cracks

Scientists have used 3D printing technology to develop a super-strong form of cement. This is based on the addition of an ingredient that becomes stronger the more pressure that is applied to it.

Ghost properties: cruel legacy of Venezuela's migration crisis

Caracas - Three years ago, asphyxiated by Venezuela's economic meltdown, Francisco Rojas and his wife Elena packed up four suitcases with the barest of essentials and walked out of their Caracas apartment.It has remained empty ever since.

Q&A: How technology helps build the modern hospital Special

MBI Group, a leading NYC construction firm, has recently won a bid to construct multiple patient care spaces across its New York City network of hospitals. To discover how modern technology assists with such projects, Alex Getelman provides an insight.

Concrete: modern world's ubiquitous building material

Paris - Inexpensive and easy to manipulate, concrete has become an indispensible material for buildings and bridges around the globe, including the bridge with collapsed in the Italian city of Genoa on Tuesday killing at least 38 people.- What is concrete?

Digital technologies are reshaping the manufacturing landscape

For engineers, new skills are needed in a world of smart products. A new survey finds that to capitalize on new service-driven opportunities, manufacturers will need to improve their digital capabilities.

Engineer of Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam found dead

Addis Ababa - The project manager of Ethiopia's Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam was found dead in the capital Addis Ababa on Thursday, state media reported.

Historic Chinese town resists eviction for theme park

Chikan - A year ago, customers queued round the block for Wu Ying's red bean and coconut ice puddings, but now the 60-year-old has to vault a barricade to reach her dessert shop.

Cyprus clifftop villas raise fears for endangered seals

Peyia - In a string of caves along the coast of Cyprus, a colony of monk seals -- the most endangered mammals in the Mediterranean -- has found refuge.

Improving data collection for construction

Construction sites generate considerable amounts of data. Much of this data is still dependent upon manual collection and this creates inefficiencies. A new report highlights how technology can improve this.

Erdogan showcases new Istanbul airport ahead of elections

Istanbul - A plane carrying President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday touched down at Istanbul's new airport, the first such landing by a passenger aircraft ahead of its official opening in October.

Construction is using tech to seek efficiencies

New technologies have the potential to make a substantial impact upon the home of the future. The smart home concept can one day be extended to an entire town, according to a new state-of-the-industry report.

World's smallest house made using nanotechnology

Bescat - Scientists have assembled the world’s smallest house by using a combination of robotics and nanotechnology. The micro-house even has a door that a house mite can fit through.

Construction firm PCL builds its digital strategy

The construction sector has been one of the most forward thinking in terms of digital transformation, especially relating to supply chain and with the use of drones. One lead example is with Canadian company PCL.

NATO 'condemns' Russia bridge to Moscow-annexed Crimea

Apo - NATO on Wednesday denounced a new bridge linking mainland Russia to Moscow-annexed Crimea as "another violation" of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Putin opens new bridge to Crimea, provoking Ukraine, Western ire

Kerch - President Vladimir Putin drew condemnation from the US, Europe and Ukraine on Tuesday after he opened a new bridge linking mainland Russia and Moscow-annexed Crimea by driving a truck across it to the peninsula.

Building boom lifts Lisbon allure — and property prices

Lisbon - Lisbon's azure skies are dotted with forests of cranes as scores of construction workers give Portugal's capital a shiny and new, if pricey, veneer.

Billionaire French tycoon Bollore detained in Africa corruption probe

Paris - Billionaire French tycoon Vincent Bollore was detained Tuesday as part of a corruption investigation into his group's activities in West Africa where it operates several ports, legal sources told AFP.

The long haul to restore Soviet model for collective living

Moscow - Neglected and abused, Moscow's Narkomfin apartment block, a Soviet masterpiece admired around the world, is finally being restored to its original, pioneering state.

Giant new Istanbul airport '85 pct done, to open on time'

Istanbul - Istanbul's giant new airport, which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hopes will make the city a global air traffic hub, is 85 percent finished and will open on time this year, the transport minister said Friday.

Robots breaking new ground in the construction industry

With the development of self-driving cars, trucks, buses and delivery vehicles, it was only a matter of time before heavy machinery became self-driving. Now, a San Francisco startup has disrupted the construction industry with an autonomous bulldozer.

Construction needs to become data-driven for future success

To remain competitive and to be fit for the future, the construction sector needs to embrace data driven technologies. According to different analysts, this includes maximizing the potential of the Internet of Things.

Why many construction companies have not transitioned to digital

Moving to a digital model is essential for future survival of construction companies. This is necessary to meet changes arising from connected homes, smart factories and offices, according to a new report.
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Construction Image

The poles installed up the mountain for the GW Lift at Sugar Mountain moved from the old Summit Expr...
The poles installed up the mountain for the GW Lift at Sugar Mountain moved from the old Summit Express lift.
Cementos Argos is Colombia s biggest cement firm.
Cementos Argos is Colombia's biggest cement firm.
Cementos Argos
A construction site  with digger  in Elstree  Hertfordshire  UK.
A construction site, with digger, in Elstree, Hertfordshire, UK.
Dangerous situation at night on Union Station temporary walkway
Dangerous situation at night on Union Station temporary walkway
A kitchen under construction
A kitchen under construction
Via Flickr user erin williamson
A demolition crew on their way
A demolition crew on their way
Dave Wilson Cumbria
New houses require little maintenance so are better for fuel and energy efficiency.
New houses require little maintenance so are better for fuel and energy efficiency.
Martin Pettitt
Construction workers taking a break.
Construction workers taking a break.
 Quartier de spectacles  under construction
"Quartier de spectacles" under construction
Patrick F.
St-Catherine Street under repair
St-Catherine Street under repair
Patrick F.
Renovating a backyard deck
Renovating a backyard deck
Mark Drago
Dangerous situation at night on Union Station temporary walkway
Dangerous situation at night on Union Station temporary walkway
Construction site in Hertfordshire  U.K.
Construction site in Hertfordshire, U.K.
Downsview Motel the only hotel in town  demolished  Sept 2011 Sackville  NS
Downsview Motel the only hotel in town, demolished, Sept 2011,Sackville, NS
Construction site in Saskatoon.
Construction site in Saskatoon.
Julia Adamson -wikimedia commons
Construction of air sampling buckets Fort McMurray  Alberta. November 13th  2010.
Construction of air sampling buckets Fort McMurray, Alberta. November 13th, 2010.
Built in just over two weeks  this hi-tech 30-storey hotel is the latest in mass production technolo...
Built in just over two weeks, this hi-tech 30-storey hotel is the latest in mass production technology.
Broad Construction Company

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