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Constitution News

Ecuador court clears way for unlimited presidential terms

Quito - Ecuador's Constitutional Court has given lawmakers the green light to set new rules on term limits that would allow President Rafael Correa to extend his rule beyond 2017.

Myanmar moots changing constitution barring Suu Kyi from presidency

Inya - Myanmar's parliament will consider amending the country's constitution -- which currently bars opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi from becoming president -- ahead of elections next year, an official said Friday.

Burkina army seizes power after uprising against veteran ruler

Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso's President Blaise Compaore was toppled on Thursday as the army took power after protesters set parliament ablaze in a popular uprising against the veteran leader's 27-year-rule.

'Six Californias' initiative fails to make 2016 state ballot

Sacramento - A proposed initiative to divide California into six separate states did not get enough signatures from registered voters to qualify for the ballot in 2016, officials said Friday.

From PM to president: What next after Erdogan victory?

Ankara - Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will on August 28 succeed Abdullah Gul as president of Turkey, after his first round election victory on Sunday.

Myanmar's Suu Kyi gains 5 mn signatures in presidency fight

Yangon - Myanmar's opposition said on Wednesday almost five million people had signed a petition seen as a step towards ending a constitutional ban on veteran activist Aung San Suu Kyi running for president.

Millions back Suu Kyi call for Myanmar charter change

Yangon - Myanmar's opposition has gathered millions of signatures in support of changes to a constitution that bars its leader Aung San Suu Kyi from becoming president, in a show of political strength ahead of elections next year.

Ukraine offers regions more powers to calm insurgency

Kievpetrovsky Port - Ukraine's new Western-backed president is due on Thursday to submit constitutional changes expanding regional powers in the hope the measure will help calm a bloody pro-Russian insurgency convulsing his ex-Soviet state.

Norway celebrates 200 yr constitution amid hypocrisy spat

Oslo - Norway celebrated the 200th anniversary of its constitution on Saturday shortly after a controversy on whether the country betrayed its democratic principles by snubbing the Dalai Lama to please China.

Communist Cuba to see rare political reform campaign

Havana - A campaign seeking political change in one-party Communist Cuba will soon be launched with backing from domestic and international groups, a prominent dissident announced Wednesday.The campaign seeks to gather the 10,000 signatures necessary under Cuba...

Sen Rand Paul to sue Obama and NSA over 4th amendment concerns

Libertarian-leaning and likely 2016 presidential contender Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced plans on Wednesday to sue President Barack Obama and the NSA over Fourth Amendment violations.

Op-Ed: Is the call for an Article V Convention wise?

For over two hundred years, the American people have relied on a document written by our founding fathers that established a strong, but limited government, specifically designed to protect an individual's rights and freedoms.

Op-Ed: America — a Constitution Free Zone

Seizures, strip searches, forced detentions based on simple "reasonable suspicion". The 4th Amendment has officially been neutralized for Americans, and the scary part is most of us don't even realize it.

Op-Ed: Should Obama be tried for treason after his NSA speech on Friday?

Floating an administration source's trial balloon on just where Obama is trying to go on this NSA thing, the New York Times has divulged that Obama is seeking to declare the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution null and void once and for all.

Op-Ed: Enough debate — Is NSA spying constitutional or not?

Anyone who has followed the Snowden revelations or has even the most basic knowledge of the Constitution will find the answer to this question a resounding no.

People critical of ANC government cursed by God, says Jacob Zuma

South African president Jacob Zuma has added yet one more generally disagreeable saything to his already legendary repertoire, when he addressed the 33rd Presbyterian Synod in Giyani, Limpopo.

Op-Ed: Wingnut truck drivers have had a bellyfull of all this freedom

Washington - According to the website Think Progress, right wing truck drivers say they are going to organize to jam the beltway around Washington until they see the arrest of elected officials who have “violated their oath of office.”

Op-Ed: Are oaths to defend the constitution a waste of breath?

It's reasonable for a government that illegally spies on Americans to also block its military personnel from viewing leaked NSA files on news agency websites like The Guardian. But who in the military would now dare to "defend" the US Constitution?

Bloomberg calls for reinterpretation of American constitution

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said that interpretations of the American constitution would have to "change" in the wake of the Boston Marathon bomb attacks.

Vietnam calls for public opinion on constitutional reform

Hanoi - The Vietnamese government has requested the public to put forward its views on Vietnam's long-awaited constitutional reform.

Op-Ed: Colt firearms under fire and feeling unwelcome in Connecticut

Colt is the manufacturer of the Colt 45 revolver known as "The Peacemaker" and is facing a hostile environment in Connecticut, a place they called home for 175 years. Generations of family members have a solid history working at Colt.

Democrats ask Obama to give the 'full legal' basis for drones

Washington - Five House Democrats signed a letter today demanding President Barack Obama release the legal basis for the government's right to drone strikes, including those against American civilians.

Op-Ed: Homeland Security and Attorney General to target Americans?

How long will it be, before Americans are targeted by American drones on American soil, without judicial review, trial or a jury of their peers?

A Constitutional showdown looms in Missouri

Newly proposed bills would defend the Second Amendment by violating the First Amendment while creating a new felony offense.

Op-Ed: Loyalty oaths and censorship are not principles of freedom

Eugene - Two Arizona lawmakers have introduced two different proposed laws that might come to a vote this year. Both laws would require students in public and charter schools to stand, face an American flag and recite a standard pledge of allegiance every day.

Op-Ed: Barack Obama and the forgotten Emmett Till

No presidency is complete without a constitutional crisis, real or imagined. Political critics claimed George W. Bush committed a string of high crimes and misdemeanors, from the Iraq war, to torture, to illegal wiretaps.

New York Times writer wants U.S. to 'give up on the Constitution'

New York - The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights gives every American the right to life, liberty and property, but one op-ed writer and professor wants the U.S. to only pick and choose from the Constitution and abandon the rest.

Egyptian constitution gets approved

Cairo - After two rounds of voting, Egyptians have voted 'yes' to Egypt's controversial draft constitution, with 63 percent of voters giving their backing to the draft constitution.

Infowars writer petitions White House to deport Piers Morgan

Washington - writer Kurt Nimmo has launched a petition on the White House website in order to deport CNN host Piers Morgan because he is accused of being an enemy of the United States constitution and Bill of Rights.

Their future at stake, Egyptians wait in long lines to vote

Cairo - Despite weeks of protests and violence in Alexandria and the Egyptian capital of Cairo, thousands of Egyptians stood in line to vote on the controversial draft constitution.
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image from Ride for the Constitution website
image from Ride for the Constitution website
Ride for the Constitution
Egyptian President Mursi has come under fire from the opposition due to the referendum  which has pa...
Egyptian President Mursi has come under fire from the opposition due to the referendum, which has passed by majority vote.
Constitution of the United States
Constitution of the United States
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A Gay Pride procession in Budapest
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Truckers Ride For The Constitution
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A banner, mandatory to be displayed in government schools where universal education for junior primary level is available. In a banner at school of Tripura, along with the slogan of universal education, solidarity to the Indian Constitution is displayed.
It has often been in courtrooms in front of judges who render decisions that decisions about child s...
It has often been in courtrooms in front of judges who render decisions that decisions about child support are made and reviewed.


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