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Op-Ed: The Great Reset conspiracy – The very last conspiracy theory?

Sydney - The common denominator with all conspiracy theories is that nothing will ever be done about them because they’re invariably fictional. The Great Reset is no exception. It's a perfectly rational approach to global disasters, so it must be a conspiracy.

Op-Ed: Trump's HHS spokesman claims CDC is harboring a 'resistance unit'

Trump's HHS spokesman - on a Facebook Live video on Sunday - issued a very strange warning, and it had nothing to do with COVID-19. Claiming "his mental health has definitely failed" - he outlined a tale of an armed revolt by a CDC "resistance unit."

Skepticism over actual COVID-19 death count becomes political

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Donald Trump has made a series of unfortunate projections about the U.S. coronavirus death toll. In fact, the president went about making predictions in ways that were nothing short of bizarre.

Op-Ed: Trump's new threats over border based on lies and fake facts

In an attempt to control the news feed about his ongoing legal problems, President Donald Trump returned to the immigration issue, threatening to send "ARMED SOLDIERS to the Border." Nearly all his rhetoric is based on made up facts to scare his base.

Op-Ed: YouTube tries to police its channels as conspiracy theories go on

YouTube was supposed to clean up its site this year, pledging to weed out "bad actors," especially after advertisers voiced concerns their advertised brands were appearing next to extremist content.

'Pizzagate' shooter sentenced to four years in prison

Washington - The man who fired shots in Washington’s Comet Ping Pong restaurant while investigating fake news that the establishment was a front for a child trafficking ring connected to prominent Democrats was sentenced to four years in prison.

Sandy Hook 'truther' jailed for threats to victim's father

Fort Lauderdale - A 57-year-old Sandy Hook truther was sentenced to five months in jail after pleading guilty to threatening the father of one of the children killed in the Sandy Hook school massacre in 2012. The judge labelled her as “cruel and insensitive.”

Op-Ed: Unbelievable truth? Social media and conspiracies

The Internet is awash with false news and conspiracy theories. Many of the 'theories' appear too bizarre have any semblance in reality, yet many do. We examine 2016's highlights (or low lights).

'Chemtrails' — Secret chemical spraying or condensation trails?

The Internet is full of conspiracy theories about the condensation trails left by airplanes flying at high altitudes, with the most nefarious one being the government is spraying chemicals on people. In a new study, the conspiracy theories are shot down.

Giza pyramid vandalized to prove extraterrestrials built them

Conspiracy theories abound in our world, including one that suggests the pyramids of Giza was actually built by ancient astronauts, extraterrestrials who came to earth thousands of years ago.

Op-Ed: 10 reasons to stop believing JFK conspiracy nonsense

There's an old joke about a conspiracy theorist who dies and comes face-to-face with the Almighty Himself. “All right,” the theorist thinks, “now I finally get to find out the truth!” So he asks God: “Who shot John F. Kennedy?”

Op-Ed: In defense of the crazies: Its not theory anymore, its fact

We're not talking Elvis lives here, we are talking cold hard facts that not everything we are told is actually the truth.

Op-Ed: Why Adam Kokesh's arrest is a big deal

People are arrested every day in America, often on false charges. So what makes Adam Kokesh's recent arrest at the fifth Smoke Down Prohibition event such a big deal?

Photo: 1939 Jay-Z look-alike sparks Illuminati conspiracy theory

A 1939 photograph of a Harlem man with an uncanny resemblance to Jay-Z has gone viral after it was uploaded to Reddit. The photo has sparked lighthearted jokes and reignited old Illuminati conspiracy theories about the rapper.

Why are Jews and Israel central to major conspiracy theories?

Tel Aviv - Tragedies and horrific events such as the Boston Marathon bombings, the murder of 20 children in Sandy Hook, or 9/11 seem to create "a cottage industry" of conspiracies claiming that Jews or Israelis are behind these terrible incidents.

Rachel Maddow talks about conspiracy delusions of Sen. Rand Paul

Rachel Maddow on her Friday show, discussed how fringe conspiracy theories have gained acceptance in the conservative mainstream. She singled out Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) whom she accused of taking conspiracy fantasies from the Internet and talk shows.

Pope Benedict XVI: Resignation sparks conspiracy theories

Pope Benedict XVI sent shock waves through the Catholic world when he announced he was resigning. Although he gave reasons, chiefly "advanced age" and declining strength, speculations have flourished about the true reason behind the decision.

Social Security records show Newtown shooter dead before massacre

Conspiracy theorists have more suspicions to raise, a simple search of death records from the Social Security Death Index shows that Adam Lanza was recorded dead a day before the Newtown school massacre.

Death of prominent rifle manufacturer sparks conspiracy theories

John Noveske, 36, is the second gun enthusiast to die in the last few days, sparking intrigue and conspiracy theories, among some who feel the government is out to take guns away from American citizens.

Florida professor: Sandy Hook shooting may not have happened

Boca Raton - Although James Tracy, a tenured associate professor at Florida Atlantic University, teaches a course in conspiracies, this one was too much for the school who are backing away from the theory the shooting might not have taken place.

Op-Ed: The latest web conspiracy talk

Is Bill Gates using vaccination against polio as part of a sinister plot to reduce world population? Was T.J. Ready a government agent? Is the FBI fighting terrorism or inciting it?

Conspiracy theorists mark OKC Bombing Anniversary with new film

Oklahoma City - Produced in Oklahoma by Free Mind Films A Noble Lie is the newest film to allege a government cover up, the film's producers go on a promotional blitz as the nation marks the 17th Anniversary.

Review: David Mamet's 'Homicide' still a masterpiece

New York - David Mamet has won many plaudits for his literary works, including screenplays, but this unheralded bijou is surely his masterpiece.

Op-Ed: A hideous conspiracy theory — The 'no cures for anything' racket

Sydney - There’s a very ugly conspiracy theory going around- Medical research is deliberately not finding cures for major diseases. Sound disgusting? It is, extremely. The trouble is that it may have some basis in fact.

Professor investigated for denying HIV - AIDS connection

A university professor in Italy is under investigation for teaching and directing studies which deny any link between the HIV virus and AIDS. This has caused public outcry and has triggered an inquiry by the University of Florence.

Andrew Breitbart's death sparks wild conspiracy theories

Washington - Conspiracy theories claiming that President Obama killed conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart are making the rounds online. Breitbart was pronounced dead at UCLA Medical Center after he suddenly collapsed on a sidewalk near his home on Thursday.

Op-Ed: Abū Qatāda — the man the Grand Conspiracy can't kill

According to proponents of the Grand Conspiracy, the Order of the Illuminati controls the world already. Abū Qatāda is living proof it doesn't.

Will Nibiru Arrive In September With Comet Elenin?

As Comet Elenin approaches the earth, the 10th planet controversy heats up. A gnostic school in Washington State issues an advisory to its students to be prepared by September 15. Does the Comet conceal a greater menace to earth?

Op-Ed: How Obama and Prince Philip planned the East African famine

If you thought the Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorists were living in cloud cuckooland, you haven’t heard of Lyndon LaRouche.

Op-Ed: Is that a gun in your pocket? Americans fight back against TSA

Americans have become increasingly angered over some of the Draconian measures employed by the TSA against innocent airline passengers. Now, some of them are fighting back in albeit unusual ways.
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John Ratliff  36-years-old killed in car accident - one day after Keith Ratliff of FPSRussia is foun...
John Ratliff, 36-years-old killed in car accident - one day after Keith Ratliff of FPSRussia is found murdered.
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Noah Pozner  6  who lost his life in the Sandy Hook massacre.
Noah Pozner, 6, who lost his life in the Sandy Hook massacre.
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Screenshot: Taken 1/30/2013
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Some claim that this photo from NASA s website appears  to show a human-like figure towering over th...
Some claim that this photo from NASA's website appears to show a human-like figure towering over the Mars Curiosity Rover.
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