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Conservative party News

App at U.K. Tory Party conference in data breach

Birmingham - The ruling U.K. Conservative Party faced a major data leak via its own app ahead of the Party's annual conference in Birmingham.

Maxime Bernier turns his back on Conservative Party

Ottawa - Canadian MP Maxime Bernier has quit the Conservative Party of Canada and says he will form his own party devoted to "more freedom, less government." And he says it will be ready for the 2019 election.

Liberals ask Elections Ontario to investigate Doug Ford's videos

Ontario - Ontario’s Liberals have asked Elections Ontario to investigate Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford’s use of campaign videos that the Liberals say might be flouting election finance rules.

Op-Ed: Naylor Report spells bad news for the UK health service

London - In March 2017 the Naylor Review was published. It outlines plans to fund the U.K. health service through asset stripping and property selling. This week Theresa May announced plans to adopt it.

Op-Ed: Stephen Harper resigns as MP

Former prime minister Stephen Harper announced this morning that he will resign as member of parliament for Calgary Heritage, and quit politics.

How social media influenced the 2015 Canadian election

With Canada's impressively long 78-day election campaign culminating tonight with the final day of voting, Digital Journal examines how social media played a role in the campaigns launched by the Liberals, Tories and the New Democrats.

UK to send unemployed youths to employment 'boot camp'

The United Kingdom is taking an aggressive approach to fighting high youth unemployment, and one that critics claim amounts to essentially sending young people to “boot camps” as punishment for not finding employment.

Op-Ed: Debating science and medicine in run up to U.K. poll

London Colney - On May 7, the U.K. faces a general election. As the parties attempt to garner votes, wave hands and kiss babies, science and medical issues feature barely in policy manifestos. This is misguided and will damage the economy in the long-term.

UK Tory party to restrict under-age access to porn sites

London - As part of their election campaign, the UK Conservative party promise to halt under-age access to porn sites by enforcing age restrictions on adult content sites.

UK: Security alert as jogger runs into Prime Minister Cameron

Leeds - Questions are being asked concerning security protecting UK Prime Minister David Cameron after a jogger out running in Leeds, West Yorkshire collided with the Prime Minister as the latter was leaving an engagement at Leeds Civic Hall.

Sir Chris Chataway dies at the age of 82

London - British athlete and former world record holder Sir Chris Chataway has died at the age of 82. Chataway is one of Britain's most celebrated athletes and is well-known for helping Sir Roger Bannister to break the four-minute mile in 1954.

UK: Ken Clarke 'will' stand for re-election in 2015

Ken Clarke, the long-standing Conservative Party MP, is to seek re-election at the next British general election, it has been revealed.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau favours legalization of marijuana

Kelowna - As The Liberal leader finishes up a whirlwind five day tour of British Columbia he tells a cheering crowd that his position on cannabis has evolved from decriminalization to legalization and taxation of the herb.

Op-Ed: Why gay marriage is worth the fight to get it right!

The United States Supreme Court has finally decided to hear the case about gay marriage. Why does this affect you? Because Marriage is in trouble regardless of which side you are on, pro gay marriage or traditional marriage.

Op-Ed: Harper's backbencher revolt on the abortion issue

Ottawa - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is facing a revolt by some of his backbenchers, who wish to reopen the abortion issue. The Members of Parliament (MP) have been told to toe the party line and say their rights as parliamentarians are being violated.

UK PM and deputy reassure nation that coalition is united

As Britain’s coalition government reaches its halfway point, both the Prime Minister and his deputy claim it is “steadfast and united”.

Tories sued for back rent on former campaign headquarters

The Conservative Party skipped out on paying the rent due on its campaign headquarters in Ottawa's east end last month, according to a lawsuit filed by a property management company.

David Cameron joins Twitter

U.K. Prime Minster David Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party and head of the ConDem coalition, has joined the social networking site Twitter.

UK's David Cameron 'more hated than Gadaffi and Mubarak'

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, is a more hated figure than Egypt's Hosni Mubarak and Colonel Gadaffi of Libya, according to a recent poll.

Veteran campaigner slams new body that opposes same-sex marriage

One of the UK’s best-known equality campaigners is hitting out at a right-wing group that campaigns for what it calls traditional marriage.

Hackers tweet Conservative Party's online donors' information

Ottawa - Following the hacking of the Conservative Party website, which led to false reports of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper choking on a hash brown and being rushed to the hospital, hackers accessed the party's online donors' information.

Canadian opposition parties take aim at 'groundhog day' budget

Ottawa - The opposition parties attacked the Conservative government's "groundhog day" budget on June 7 as debates resumed in the House of Commons.

Op-Ed: Ottawa Rallies for Change

Ottawa - Green Party leader Elizabeth May was part of a rally in downtown Ottawa Saturday in support of proportional representation

Inside federal Conservative candidate John Carmichael's campaign Special

Toronto - John Carmichael will be serving as the federal Conservative candidate in Toronto's Don Valley West riding in the upcoming Canadian federal election. Carmichael will face off against Liberal incumbent Member of Parliament Rob Oliphant.

Brothers battle each other to lead Britain’s Labour Party

Two brothers who served in the British government are battling to replace Gordon Brown as the leader of the country’s defeated Labour Party.

Cameron becomes Britain’s youngest Prime Minister since 1812

David Cameron, 43, who has become Britain’s youngest prime minister since 1812, began his first full day of office today after days of wrangling to decide who will rule the United Kingdom.

Shun the Tories, leading commentator tells UK Lib Dems

As shuttle diplomacy continues among political parties to determine who will rule Britain, one of the country’s leading economic and political commentators is urging Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg to shun the Tories and throw in his lot with Labour.

UK Conservatives say same-sex unions could be called ‘marriage’

The traditional enemy of gay rights in Britain, the Conservative Party, has now become the only party seeming to offer marriage to same-sex couples.

UK campaign using Internet to create hung parliament

An Internet campaign using social media such as Twitter and Facebook is being launched in the UK today with the specific intention of preventing any one party from governing the country.

Election broadcast features sci-fi Doctor and Doctor’s ‘son’

The UK’s governing Labour Party has turned to the Internet to screen the first party election broadcast of the 2010 campaign, and it has recruited Doctor Who and Doctor Who’s son.
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A false statement on the Conservative Party website claiming Prime Minister Stephen Harper choked on...
A false statement on the Conservative Party website claiming Prime Minister Stephen Harper choked on hashbrowns.
Conservative Party Website
Grant Shapps  the United Kingdom s Minster for Housing
Grant Shapps, the United Kingdom's Minster for Housing
Communities and Local Government Office
David Davis MP
David Davis MP
Wikimedia Commons - (Photo: Robert Sharp / English PEN)
John Tory elected as Toronto s new mayor
John Tory elected as Toronto's new mayor
Joe Oliver  Finance Minister of Canada  in a media scrum at Toronto s unity rally for French terror ...
Joe Oliver, Finance Minister of Canada, in a media scrum at Toronto's unity rally for French terror victims.
Conservative candidate for Don Valley West  John Carmichael speaking with voters.
Conservative candidate for Don Valley West, John Carmichael speaking with voters.
Tony Clement  Canadian federal politician  President of the Treasury Board.
Tony Clement, Canadian federal politician, President of the Treasury Board.
World Economic Forum
Conservative candidate for Don Valley West  John Carmichael s campaign office.
Conservative candidate for Don Valley West, John Carmichael's campaign office.
Conservative candidate for Don Valley West  John Carmichael s campaign office.
Conservative candidate for Don Valley West, John Carmichael's campaign office.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper addressing an audience
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper addressing an audience
courtesy of the Conservative Party

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