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Researchers achieve 1Tb/sec 5G speeds in lab

Researchers developing the 5G mobile network technology that will eventually replace 4G have managed to transfer data at a massive 1 Tb/sec in experimental lab conditions, blowing away previous estimates of the potential speed of our future mobiles.

New Android malware spies on you even when phone is shut down

Security researchers have discovered a new form of malware attacking Android smartphones that allows hackers to control the device even if it appears completely shut down to the user.

T.I. chastises media for connecting Boston bombings to HipHop

It's being reported that Boston marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev frequently visited a website called According to HipHopDX, he even had an email address associated with the site.

AT&T buys Verizon Wireless spectrum for $1.9 billion

Wireless mobile phone service provider AT&T is making a very big investment, $1.9 billion to be exact. This deal takes place with the biggest network providers by subscriber - Verizon Wireless.

DARPA aims for long-range 100Gbps wireless network

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is thinking big! Really big - 200 kilometers or about 100 miles to be exact.

GOPs deny Occupy Wall Street relationship to Democratic Party

Calling attention to social inequality and a political refusal to correct the problem, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is fueled by frustration and rage of middle-class Americans at the wealthy and powerful, at the expense of the middle class and less fortunate.

Web browser, IQ study discovered to be hoax Special

A recent study linking a person's use of a Web browser and IQ level has been found to be an elaborate hoax created by a disgruntled Web developer.

Free Internet connection for everyone in Swindon, UK

Swindon Borough Council, in cooperation with the private sector, has made Swindon the first city in the UK to have free Internet access for all residents.

New York cafes to ban laptop use

New Yorkers who used to spend hours with their laptops with a cup of latte are now facing an Net connection ban that is being enforced by more and more local cafes.

Free broadband connection unappealing to everyone in UK

A new study shows that 43% of people who don't yet have Internet access in the UK would stay offline even if they were offered a free computer complete with broadband.

A Single Connection Downed The Large Hadron Collider

A single bad connection was the cause behind the world's largest atom smasher to be sidelined. The Large Hadron Collider at CERN was shut down just days after it opened with huge fanfare.

Smoke Gets In Your Ears - How Our Teenagers May Not Be Ignoring Us After All

According to a new study out this week, the points in favour of smoking appears to have taken yet another dive as experts have now found a strong link between smoking and the problems people have with their hearing and comprehension

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Bar graph comparing the results of a 2006 and 2011 survey demonstrating the relation between web bro...
Bar graph comparing the results of a 2006 and 2011 survey demonstrating the relation between web browser and IQ level.
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