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Connected News

Strategies for improving healthcare IoT

The Internet of Things is impacting on many industries, including healthcare. Each industry presents different challenges. A new survey offers advice for those working in the healthcare sector seeking to brig connected technologies on-line.

Q&A: Are IoT devices a security threat? Special

Connected devices are a potential ongoing threat to the security of their users. The main concerns are discussed by IoT security expert Yotam Gutman, who outlines steps that can be followed to avoid becoming a victim of IoT hackers of all types.

Connecting legacy IT equipment could pose security risks

SCADA and ICS technology that supports much critical infrastructure is ageing. Also, this technology is becoming more connected, opening it up to new security threats. A new report considers how to minimize the risk of these systems being breached.

Internet of Things predictions for 2018, ready for business

The market data company Forrester Research has put together a list of Internet of Things (IoT) predictions for 2018. The new findings show the increasing impact that connected technology is having upon businesses.

Digital Britain: 'Full-fiber' broadband to be rolled out

London - British businesses have welcomed the announcement by the U.K. government concerning the roll out of 'full-fiber' broadband. Six areas in the U.K. have been named as test areas.

Connected wearable garment fashioned from graphene

Manchester - Graphene is the basis of a new generation of flexible and efficient electronic devices. It has now been used to fabricate a garment, and the garment is suitable for the latest wearable technology.

Review: Stereo MCs Collected

The popular English pop/dance/acid jazz/hip hop outfit, best known for their '90s hit "Connected," have released a comprehensive new retrospective. Digital Journal gave it a listen.

A soul on fire: A profile of actress, singer Amy Walker Special

She╩╝s connected with four million viewers from almost every tongue; now Amy Walker is uniting them all in a creative way no one has ever done before.

Recent attack in Pearland linked to Susana De Jesus' abduction

In a break that led police to a body of what is believed to be the woman abducted from a Pearland parking lot on February 2, police may be closer to solving a recent crime surge in the area. The most recent attack was connected to the abduction.

Newfoundland man is Twice connected to murder

newfoundland Man acquitted in B.C. was once a suspect in Newfoundland slayings

Top 10 Digital Counties

I would have expected a whole bunch of California counties but I was surprised to see them concentrated on the East coast

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Connected Image

Stereo MCs -  Collected
Stereo MCs - 'Collected'
Will Vincent
A teen surfing on the Net with a notebook PC
A teen surfing on the Net with a notebook PC
by taliesin
Stereo MCs
Stereo MCs
Will Vincent
An illustration of the ubiquity of social media
An illustration of the ubiquity of social media
Rosaura Ochua