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Virus may spark 'devastating' global condom shortage

Kuala Lumpur - A global condom shortage is looming as the coronavirus pandemic shutters factories and disrupts supply chains, the world's top maker of the contraceptives said, with the United Nations warning of "devastating" consequences.

Pyeongchang sets Winter Olympic record — for condoms

Seoul - This month's Winter Olympics in South Korea will set a record even before the first athlete comes out of a starting gate, organisers said Thursday -- for the largest number of free condoms handed out at a Winter Games.

U.S. agents seize thousands of fake condoms in Puerto Rico

San Juan - U.S. federal agents in Puerto Rico seized 40,000 counterfeit condoms. The fake condoms were seized in San Juan, according to officials.

Pope Francis urges 'responsible behaviour' to stop AIDS spread

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Wednesday issued a call for "responsible behaviour" to prevent the spread of AIDS without specifying whether that included wearing condoms.

Keeping elephants at bay with chili powder and condoms

The ultimate elephant repellent has been found to be chili powder inside condoms, with the condoms placed at key locations. There's a reason for this, and it's to do with protecting elephants from poachers.

There is a way of almost completely eliminating the risk of HIV

Today is World AIDS Day and there is no better day to talk about the prevention of HIV than now. While the number of HIV infections has dropped 35 percent since 2000, and AIDS-related deaths have dropped 40 percent, these statistics could be even lower.

German court bars condom maker's multiple orgasm claim

Berlin - A German court Thursday barred a condom manufacturer from advertising its product with the promise that a pack of seven contraceptives "equals up to 21 orgasms", calling the claim misleading.

Nanotechnology builds unbreakable condoms

It is always better to be safe than sorry and with sexual intercourse nanotech may have the answer for lowering the risk of condoms breaking at the wrong moment.

Uganda says fight against AIDS affected by too small condoms

A Parliamentary Committee for HIV/AIDS in Uganda has issued urgent calls for larger sized condoms in the nation's fight against AIDS.

Los Angeles porn producers moving out because of regulations

Los Angeles - California's Los Angeles county has a regulation that adult film stars wear condoms in all porn films, and it's threatening to spread statewide. This has caused the adult film industry to gather up their video cameras and get out of town.

Group puts women's rights front and center in condom purchases Special

In an interview with the Lovability Movement's Navriti Sood, the issue of empowering women on condom purchases underscored the need for better packaging and for more comfortable retail environments.

Court: Man who poked holes in condoms guilty of sexual assault

Ottawa - The Supreme Court of Canada upheld the conviction of a man for sexual assault after he punctured condoms he used in an attempt to get his girlfriend pregnant and save their relationship.

Op-Ed: The Schumacher crash helmet fallacy

Grenoble - As Michael Schumacher fights for his life in a Grenoble hospital bed, "experts" are claiming his wearing a helmet saved his life.

Review: AIDS ‘Denialism’ videos on YouTube

Everybody knows AIDS is caused by the HIV virus, right? Some people think not. Some even think HIV does not exist. But they're all cranks. Aren't they?

The search for the world's perfect condom

Condoms have been around for at least the last 400 years, and then only used as a protection against pregnancy. As a protection from STD's, the history is more recent. Regardless of these facts, men really aren't too thrilled about using them.

Norwegian gay health charity places box with condoms in forest

Oslo - Members of a Norwegian gay health charity have placed a bird box, filled with condoms, on a tree in Oslo's Ekeberg Forest, which is apparently a popular locale for casual sex.

Synthetic polymer could stop the spread of HIV

Research by a materials scientist suggests that a large molecule can be designed to mimic the binding of HIV to immune system cells. The molecule could be used to stop the virus from physically entering the body.

New figures reveal 2012 rise in STI diagnosis rates

New figures from Public Health England (PHE) show that the number of new sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnoses rose by five percent in 2012.

Bacon condoms: The latest in tasty meat fun

J&D Foods is run by Justin and Dave. Apparently they are "just two regular guys" and it's their dream "to make everything taste like bacon." Now it seems they have ventured into the sex market.

Condom company goes anime with special 'Hokuto no Ken' brands

Anime and condoms go together in Japan as a Japanese condom maker chooses the popular series "Hokuto no Ken" to promote its "Just Fit" series.

NJ student launches Condom Ambulance service for college campus

Student entrepreneur Kyle McCabe is always prepared to provide his Condom Ambulance service to fellow students caught out without protection.

Op-Ed: Teen Pregnancy — its decline and what that means for U.S.

Teen pregnancy rates in the United States are declining and statistics show it's because of comprehensive sex education in schools.

Condom exec Joe Nelson: one-size-fits-all condoms are bollocks Special

You wouldn’t wear a pair of shoes that were too tight, or a pair of pants that were two sizes too big. That’s why self-styled "Condom Revolutionary" Joe Nelson founded TheyFit, a company with a line of custom condoms that come in 95 unique sizes.

Los Angeles law now requires porn actors wear condoms

Los Angeles - A law that took effect in Los Angeles on Monday requires that porn movie actors use condoms. But city officials in Los Angeles, where companies producing 90 percent of U.S. porn films are based, are not yet clear how the new regulation will be enforced.

Los Angeles to porn industry: Use condoms or else

Los Angeles - A new L.A. city ordinance could deny pornographers a filming permit unless condoms are used, and the porn industry could be saying goodbye to its California home.

Op-Ed: The ugly truth about condoms and ‘safe sex’

Condoms are back in the news again, this time for a novel reason; one campaigning organisation is calling for them to be made compulsory for porn stars. The shocking truth about condoms though is that they don’t work.

Porn industry fights back against call for condom use

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s campaign for mandatory condom use in America's adult film industry has come under criticism after it was accused of spreading false information, leading to a temporal halt in porno film making in Los Angeles city.

Condoms block drains at Commonwealth Games village

Delhi - Thousands of used condoms blocked the drains at the Commonwealth Games village in Delhi after they were flushed down toilets.

Baby Boomers play risky when it comes to their sex lives

Baby boomers may tell their children about the facts of life and safe sex but don't seem to be taking their own advice, according to a survey by the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF).

Intercourse judge charged for handing out condom filled acorns

Intercourse - A judge from the village of Intercourse, Pennsylvania has been charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly giving women acorns which he had hollowed out and stuffed with condoms.
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A company in Germany went to court after it claimed its condoms produce multiple orgasms.
A company in Germany went to court after it claimed its condoms produce multiple orgasms.
YouTube screen capture
Just a few of the products sold by Einhorn
Just a few of the products sold by Einhorn
TheyFit condoms.
TheyFit condoms.
Einhorn Vegan condom
Einhorn Vegan condom
Romney Condom: Never Settle
Romney Condom: Never Settle
Say It With A Condom
The adult film industry in Los Angeles  San Fernando Valley reacted to the mandatory condom rules en...
The adult film industry in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley reacted to the mandatory condom rules enacted in 2012. Many production companies are leaving town.
Associated Press
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A display of condoms.
A display of condoms.
by peachy92
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