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Condom News

Dear NASA, Sweden wants you to send a condom into space

Sweden is known for being "sexually liberated," and is not squeamish about it either. So it's no surprise that they have sent a request to NASA, asking the space agency to send a condom into space.

Calgary: Federal Court judge faces review in sex assault case

Calgary - A former Calgary provincial court judge faces disciplinary action that may range from reprimand to possible dismissal for comments he made to an alleged victim during a sexual assault trial last year, according to the Canadian Judicial Council.

Condom maker in court after claim product gives multiple orgasms

Berlin - A Berlin condom producer has had to head to court recently after "falsely" claiming its product could produce multiple orgasms. A rival company says promising up to 21 orgasms per pack of seven condoms is dangerous.

STD-detecting condoms aren’t coming to a store near you

One of the biggest news stories of the past few days has been focused around the idea that a color-changing condom could actually detect sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Introducing 'Scroguard,' a condom that covers your entire pelvis

'Scroguard' is a product designed for men. It covers areas, such as the pelvis region, that aren't covered by a regular condom.

Zimbabwe official urges people to stop using condoms

Harare - A top Zimbabwe official shocked the western world by calling it out on what he argued was a ploy to stunt the nation's growth. His solution? Zimbabweans should stop using condoms.

China firm sets record for thinnest latex condom: Guinness

Hong Kong - A Chinese manufacturer has set the record for the world's thinnest latex condom with one measuring 0.036 millimetres, Guinness World Records said on Thursday.The AONI condom made by Guangzhou Daming United Rubber Products beats one created in Japan, it...

German manufacturers warn thieves stolen condoms might not work

Aachen - In another of those stories that you just can't make up, a German condom manufacturing company has warned thieves that the condoms they stole from an automatic dispenser probably won't be safe to use.

Wedding dress made of condoms to raise chlamydia awareness

On Friday Australia's Illawarra Mercury announced that the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Area Health Service HIV and Related Programs Unit created a wedding dress made of condoms.

Gates will grant you $100,000 to invent a next-gen condom

Bill Gates and his wife, through the Grand Challenges in Global Health Program, are hoping that a $100,000 grant will encourage, and motivate, someone to reinvent the condom.

Toddler eats condom at McDonald's according to lawsuit

A toddler ate and coughed out a used condom while at McDonald's, according to a lawsuit being filed against the fast food company.

Condom company goes anime with special 'Hokuto no Ken' brands

Anime and condoms go together in Japan as a Japanese condom maker chooses the popular series "Hokuto no Ken" to promote its "Just Fit" series.

Condom exec Joe Nelson: one-size-fits-all condoms are bollocks Special

You wouldn’t wear a pair of shoes that were too tight, or a pair of pants that were two sizes too big. That’s why self-styled "Condom Revolutionary" Joe Nelson founded TheyFit, a company with a line of custom condoms that come in 95 unique sizes.

Man punctures condom with pin, found guilty of sexual assault

Dartmouth - Nova Scotia Supreme Court found Craig Jaret Hutchinson, 41, not guilty in 2009. A second trial, heard by the same court for the same charges, has now found him guilty of aggravated sexual assault.

NYC teachers new role: showing teens how to use a condom

New York - The times they are 'a changin' in New York City's schools. The much maligned and disputed idea of sex education is now being mandated for kids as young as 11. Within the curriculum, how to use a condom.

Julian Assange not using condom, warrants arrest?

London - Not using a condom, can this land someone on the Interpol's Most Wanted list? This seems to be one of the accusations against Julian Assange that forced him to come in for questioning on Tuesday.

Vatican unimpressed with school condom vending machine

Rome - The Vatican has criticised a Rome high school for their plan to install condom machines. While the school says it will help prevent and educate student-pregnancies, the Vatican believes it will trivialize sex.

42 million condoms being sent to South Africa

Responding to President Jacob Zuma’s request during his recent three-day visit to the UK, Britain has agreed to send 42 million condoms to South Africa as the country prepares for this summer’s World Cup tournament.

Catholic Church Opposed Use of Condom as HIV/AIDS and VD Shield

A Philippine lawmaker is being criticized by the influential Catholic bishops for supporting a bill in congress that would promote the use of condom as a way of protection from the spread of HIV/ AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases.

Giant Condom Tours UK Town Centre

A giant condom is touring a UK shopping centre this week in an attempt to create awareness of sexually transmitted infections.

Waiter, there's a rubber in my soup

Philip Hodousek, 50, and his family went out for an Easter brunch this year at a Mission Viejo, California restaurant. After ordering their meal they were served their French soups, and also received a condom with their meal.

‘Condom Park’ Proposed in north Indian city

One public park known as a love haven for couples has been planned to be converted into a “Condom Park” by the municipal authorities in the Indian city Lucknow.

Condom Found in Girl's McDonald's Happy Meal

A 7-year-old girl finds a condom inside her toy that came with a McDonald's Happy Meal in Switzerland. Police are investigating, and until more is known, McDonald's refuses to comment.

Fewer Canadian Teens Are Having Sex

Fewer teens in Canada are sexually active than a decade ago. There's even more good news though as those who have teenage sex also use a condom when they do.

New York city rolls out condom for Valentine's Day

New York City officials want their residents to promote safe sex and cut down on unwanted pregnancies, and so the city has issued a new official condom. It comes in a colorful wrapper and will unveiled in more than 200 NYC locations in the coming weeks.

Impress Your Boss With A New Decency Level

Generally, it's considered impossible to actually place your butt into a condom. But a new condom has been designed for just this purpose. Its creator Jiang Qian says he hopes it contributes to a cleaner environment. Of the party space, that is.

South Africa: Second Condom Recall

If you have been to South Africa recently and picked up some free government distributed condoms, you may want to toss them away or mail them back. A second condom recall has been issued.

Condom-in-a-bottle man sues Russian beer-makers for millions

A Russian who said that he discovered a condom wrapper and a suspicious rubber fragment in his bottle of beer is seeking nearly two million dollars in compensation, according to his lawyer.

Seven-year-old girl finds condom in a Happy Meal

A seven-year-old New Zealand girl got a condom for a prize in her "Happy Meal" at a Wellington McDonald's. Those toys aren't what they used to be. I guess Ronald wants her to be safe.

Durex Goes Down Under Looking For Love(rs)

A well-known condom maker has put the call out in Australia for what it is claiming could be the world's greatest job ... condom tester. Now, most men would tend to agree with this statement, as long as the women are provided along with the condoms!
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Condom Image

A German condom producer is in trouble after making the claim that its product will produce multiple...
A German condom producer is in trouble after making the claim that its product will produce multiple orgasms.
Courtney Walker
A Durex condom
A Durex condom
Rorro Navia (CC BY-ND 2.0)
Swedish Space Condom
Swedish Space Condom
Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU)
Kaptain Kobold
Condoms in use today have changed very little in the last 400 years.
Condoms in use today have changed very little in the last 400 years.
McDonald s restuarant in Mount Pleasant  Iowa.
McDonald's restuarant in Mount Pleasant, Iowa.

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