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Concorde News

Airbus A380, the Concorde: technical feats, commercial flops

Paris - The scratching of the superjumbo jet Airbus A380 echoes the sad fate of the supersonic Concorde, another feat of aviation technology that turned out to be a commercial flop.

U.S. startups want to bring back supersonic passenger planes

Three U.S. startup companies plan to introduce supersonic jets in the mid-2020s. One company, Boom Supersonic, made its debut at Farnborough this week, pledging to revive commercial supersonic flight.

'Club Concorde' eyes bringing Concorde back into service by 2019

If they are successful, a group of British aviation enthusiasts plan to have the Concorde supersonic passenger jet airliner flying again by the end of the decade.

Op-Ed: Was the Concorde disaster trial a French cover-up?

Yesterday's French court decision to find Continental Airlines solely responsible for the Concorde disaster which killed 113 people in 2000 leaves many questions unanswered, including that of a possible French government and aviation interest cover-up.

Court finds Continental responsible for Concorde air disaster

Continental Airlines has been fined €200,000 and €1m in damages for its alleged responsibility for the Concorde disaster in which all 109 passengers and crew along with four people on the ground died when the plane crashed near Paris on July 25 2000.

Concorde crash remains unresolved 10 years later

Paris - Today marks the tenth commemoration of the Concorde crash near Paris which killed 113 people. The ensuing investigation and trial have blamed Continental Airlines for the crash, but several crucial questions remain unanswered.

Concorde crash reopened after 10 years

Concorde flight crashed at Paris airport during takeoff in 2000. 113 people were killed in this accident which was the end of supersonic travel.

Concorde auctioned off in pieces

Parts of the Concorde, the supersonic jet that once flew between Europe and the United States, were recently sold at auction in Toulouse, France. The sale was held from September 28 through October 1st, 2007.

Branson's £1m for Concorde to fly again

When Concorde last flew in 2003 most people thought that it would be the last time that the worlds only supersonic passenger plane would every take to the air. However a small group of former Concorde pilots and executives have other ideas.

Last Concorde Flight Lands in London

LONDON (voa) - Supersonic commercial flight came to an end Friday, when British Airways retired its fleet of seven Concorde aircraft. The run ended when BA flight 002 touched down at its home field of Heathrow, just outside London, after a 3.5 - hour f...

British Concorde Lands at JFK

NEW YORK (afp) - A British Airways Concorde jet has landed at New York's John F. Kennedy airport after its first transatlantic flight since service was suspended last year after a deadly crash. The plane departed London's Heathrow Airport Monday wi...

Improved Concorde Makes Test Flight

LONDON, (AP) - The Concorde was a big step closer to resuming service Tuesday after British Airways completed its first supersonic test flight of the aircraft since last year's Air France crash near Paris grounded the fleet. A Concorde, with modifi...

Costly Modifications To Concorde Begins

LONDON - British Airways has begun modifying its Concordes, with hopes rising that the airline's supersonic flagship will be back in service this spring after the supersonic aircraft's certificate of airworthiness were suspended, forcing British airway...

Concorde crash after takeoff from Paris airport kills 113

Officials now say at least 113 people were killed after a chartered Air France Concorde on its way to New York crashed into a hotel and restaurant a few miles outside of Paris. Four people at the hotel were killed, and at least a dozen were injured....

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The Concorde was a marvel of technology.
The Concorde was a marvel of technology.
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Concorde landing at Farnborough in September 1974.
Concorde landing at Farnborough in September 1974.
Steve Fitzgerald
Concorde AF4590 taking off on fire on July 25 2000
Concorde AF4590 taking off on fire on July 25 2000
Artists conception of a Boom Supersonic passenger aircraft
Artists conception of a Boom Supersonic passenger aircraft
Boom Supersonic

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