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Musician Alicia Keys announces free SF concert before Super Bowl

San Francisco - American singer-songwriter Alicia Keys will headline a free concert on the San Francisco waterfront the night before Super Bowl 50.

How smartphones can revolutionize the diagnosis of disease

Smartphones are revered for their huge range of capabilities, expandable via apps that use the potential of the hardware to maximum effect. One of the most intriguing possibilities being explored now is the ability to use a phone to diagnose illness.

New water jetpacks spark concern in Hawaii

Honolulu - Being strapped to a water propelled jetpack and launching nine meters into the air can be one of the best adrenaline rushes a person can get. But to others it sparks a couple of concerns.

Breast ironing in Cameroon raises concerns Special

Breast ironing is a traditional practice carried out by mothers in the Central African country of Cameroon to prevent their growing daughters from becoming promiscuous.

Is cellphone use safe? Experts disagree with FDA study

Washington - The FDA and WHO have recently released studies on the use of cell phones and report no increased danger for users. Other experts in the field including the scientific team at Mast Sanity disagree and saying studies were funded by the cell phone companies.

Chinese ships cause concern for US

It has been reported that up to five ships from China have caused concern after moving too close to a US ship which is currently in the South China Sea.

A new HIV infection every 10 minutes in the U.S.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the HIV incidence statistics and said there are serious concerns about the disease.

Manhoods Get A Kick In The Pants Over Oz Speeding Campaign

In a new television advert laced with all the markings of a jolly good male ego put down, the campaign behind the Australian ad questions the size of the manhood of speeding motorists.

Japan Worried about the Elderly

Japans government have announced that the elderly will account for 40.5 percent of the population by 2055, if current trends continue. There will only be 1.3 workers paying taxes to support each person over the age of 65.

Addicted to the Counter: The Drugs We Can't Do Without

GP's around the UK, are urging patients to consider the possibilities of becoming addicted to non prescription drugs

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