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Computer pioneer Harry Huskey has died

Harry Huskey, who helped build many of the first ever computers and who worked alongside Alan Turing, has died aged 101.

Artificial intelligence is showing racial and gender biases

Bath - Computers and apps are increasingly adopting 'artificial intelligence', at least to the level where human speech can be understood. Have such devices been trained on data sets that do not include a diverse range of people?

PC sales increase for first time in five years

Sales of traditional desktop computers have grown for the first time in five years, according to new figures from a major analyst. It signals that demand for computers and laptops is beginning to rise, at the expense of the stagnant tablet market.

US takedown of Russian botnet won't end pernicious spam: experts

Washington - The US takedown of the huge Kelihos botnet and the arrest of its Russian operator shut down one of the world's top generators of spam and online extortion.

Graphene used as tiny coolers for computer chips

New York - The wonder-material graphene can provide a new way to cool down the tiny chips found in phones, computers, and other gadgets. Rapid cooling is a key requirement for next generation electronics.

Apple admits it messed up the Mac Pro, will fix it next year

Apple has announced it's working on a new premium desktop PC for professionals. In an unusual admission of failure, the company has informed members of the media that it’s starting from scratch after failing to develop its innovative Mac Pro design.

New cybersecurity warning about desktop scanners

You’ve installed a firewall and you’re running virus scans regularly on your computer. Safe and secure? Perhaps not. A new study calls out desktop scanners as being at risk from hackers.

Warning: Your Smart TV could be spying on you

As the Internet of Things advances and more and more items become connected data security and privacy become hotly debated topics. One area of concern is with the growing prevalence of smart television sets.

Canada launches multi-million Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Toronto - The Canadian government is to pump in $125 million into a Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy. The funding will go into research, with the aim of Canada becoming the world leader in artificial intelligence.

Highly magnetic material improves computer performance

Computer technologists have created a highly magnetic material; the material could provide significant improvements to the performance of current computer technologies.

Faster computers from ultrashort light pulses

Computers of the future may be able to operate at speeds 100,000 times faster than those of today if the promises of ultrashort light pulses are realized.

Artificial intelligence helps predict suicide risks

New research suggests that machine learning can predict, with 80-90 percent accuracy, if a person is likely to attempt suicide. The prediction can extend up to two years into the future.

New form of matter may advance quantum computing

In what could overturn our understanding of physics, a new phase of matter has been created. This is called, colloquially at least, “a time crystal.” Here atoms appear to move in a pattern that repeats in time rather than in space.

Europol: Police must get 'tech-savvy' to catch criminals

Den Haag - Europe's police officers need to become "as tech-savvy" as the criminals they are trying to catch, its policing agency urged Thursday, saying it had identified some 5,000 gangs operating across the continent.

Assange accuses CIA of 'devastating incompetence' over leaks

London - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Thursday accused the CIA of "devastating incompetence" for failing to protect its hacking secrets and said he would work with tech companies to develop fixes for them.

WikiLeaks exposes alleged CIA hacking program

Washington - The CIA can turn your TV into a listening device, bypass popular encryption apps, and possibly control your car, according to a trove of alleged documents from the US spy agency released Tuesday by WikiLeaks.

New software continuously scrambles code to foil cyber attacks

A new approach to foiling cyber attacks and hackers has been proposed. This takes the form of software that is continuously scrambling its core code. The program is called Shuffler and it seeks to close every window that a cyber attack could get through.

Cybercriminals focusing on data-rich smartphones

Barcelona - Smartphones have become a mine of personal information, holding bank data, credit card information and addresses, making them the preferred target for cybercriminals, experts warn.

This tiny $10 computer comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has celebrated its fifth birthday by launching a new product, the successor to the highly successful Raspberry Pi Zero computer. The $10 Zero W adds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to the tiny form factor, making the Pi more versatile.

Harassment complaint at prior job ends road for new Uber exec

San Francisco - A new engineering executive at Uber has left after the ride-sharing titan learned he ended his career at Google after a sexual harassment complaint, according to US media reports.

Fantasy league aims to lure US students to economics

Washington - Have you needed to use your high school chemistry recently? Anyone asked you lately who won the US-British war of 1812? Probably not. But have you taken out a loan to purchase a car or a house or go to college? Looked for a job? Got a credit card?

Essential Science: Parallels between your brain and the Internet

The human brain and the interconnections that form the Internet share a key similarity, according to new research. Here a common rule governs traffic flow in engineered and biological systems.

You may be owed $10 for owning a PC with a DVD drive

You could be owed $10 in compensation for owning a computer with a DVD drive over a decade ago. Residents of several American states can claim free money after a price fixing lawsuit was settled by major DVD drive manufacturers.

New data transfer efficiency record set

Computer technologists have set a new record for the transfer of information via superdense coding. This is a process where the properties of particles are used to store as much information as possible.

Statistician predicts who will win the Super Bowl

A statistician armed with a sophisticated computer program has made a call as to who will win the Super Bowl. He is predicting that the Atlanta Falcons to win the 51st staging of the contest.

Ex-Mozilla employee: 'Don't buy antivirus software'

A former Mozilla employee has spoken out about the dangers of using third-party antivirus software on Windows computers. He claims the programs do not necessarily protect your PC and can house serious vulnerabilities themselves.

ASUS unveils its own more expensive Raspberry Pi rival

ASUS has launched a micro-computer to rival the immensely popular Raspberry Pi. The Tinker resembles a clone of the Pi but sports more powerful hardware. It also has a higher price tag though, potentially preventing it from gaining the same following.

Emails sent on Mondays contain the most errors

When is the worst day to send an email? The answer, it appears, is Monday. This is because electronic mail sent on the first day of the working week contains more grammatical mistakes than those sent on other days.

Apple removes New York Times app from China store

Bejing - Apple has removed the New York Times from its China app store, the tech giant said, after authorities told the company the app breached regulations.

Google Translate invents its own language

Google Translate has just got a whole lot smarter. The artificial intelligence platform has begun using a neural network to translate between different languages, and to do so it has invented its own language.
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Disconnected from WWW.
Disconnected from WWW.
Digital Journal
LEO II computer
LEO II computer
J. Lyons & Company
Samsung ArtPC Pulse
Samsung ArtPC Pulse
Microsoft Surface computer
File photo: Microsoft Surface, a touchscreen table
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A photo taken at an event called Ladies Learning Code
A photo taken at an event called Ladies Learning Code
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A screensave
A screensave
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Office of the District Attorney-Richmond County, NY
New iPad (3)
New iPad (3)
Apple: Lowering carbon emissions by focusing on recycling.
Apple: Lowering carbon emissions by focusing on recycling.
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Inside one of the observatories. Sophisticated computers control the movement of the telescopes.
Inside one of the observatories. Sophisticated computers control the movement of the telescopes.
Two K-9 models  the Doctor s robotic dog.
Two K-9 models, the Doctor's robotic dog.
The Acer Iconia Tab A501
The Acer Iconia Tab A501
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The ultra-thin MacBook Air
The ultra-thin MacBook Air
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The 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air laptops from Apple
The 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air laptops from Apple
Courtesy Apple
Staples Canada is giving over $500 000 worth of computer equipment to 20 schools across Canada in re...
Staples Canada is giving over $500,000 worth of computer equipment to 20 schools across Canada in recognition of their eco-responsible improvements. The Staples Canada Eco Computer Lab Contest is one of many in a long list of environmental initiatives created and supported by Staples Canada.
Sony s VPCF136FXB F-series notebook PC
Sony's VPCF136FXB F-series notebook PC
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The modern age  delegates following the conference via computer links.
The modern age, delegates following the conference via computer links.
Student learning through a software program in Stanford U
Student learning through a software program in Stanford U
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Apple logo