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Rattled Chinese tech giants pledge to end unfair competition

Bejing - More than 20 Chinese tech giants have made a public pact to abide by anti-monopoly guidelines, after regulators told them to note "the warning" of a record fine against e-commerce giant Alibaba.

US adds Chinese supercomputer centers to export blacklist

Washington - The United States on Thursday restricted trade with top Chinese supercomputing centers, saying that Beijing's growing efforts in the field could have military uses that pose dangers.

New phase of light holds the key to quantum encryption

A new phase of light has been discovered. This has been named a "super photon". It is formed of thousands of individual light particles (photons). This could help unlock quantum encryption.

Too few people are backing up data: New survey of vulnerabilities Special

A new survey finds that 30 percent of people have never backed up their files, 113 phones are lost or stolen every minute, and 1 in 10 computers are infected with viruses each month.

World Back-Up Day means it is time to look after your files Special

Today, March 31st, is World Backup Day - which means it is a great opportunity for individuals and businesses to put in place measures to protect their data.

CompuCom hit with $20 million in losses after ransomware attack Special

U.S. based managed service provider CompuCom is expecting losses of over $20 million following this month's DarkSide ransomware attack that took down most of its systems. The implications of this are revealed.

Mystery buyer of $69 mn digital artwork reveals identity

Mumbai - An Indian-born blockchain entrepreneur has revealed himself as the mystery buyer who paid a record $69.3 million for a digital artwork last week, describing his purchase as a shot fired for racial equality.

Chinese cyber-espionage unit on US hacking spree: report

San Francisco - At least 30,000 US organizations including local governments have been hacked in recent days by an "unusually aggressive" Chinese cyber-espionage campaign, according to a computer security specialist.

Tech billionaire Elon Musk says he's off Twitter 'for a while'

New York - Tech billionaire Elon Musk said Tuesday he was taking a break from Twitter "for a while", after his posts on the platform helped fuel a stock market frenzy that sent the share prices of several companies soaring.

IT sector in Poland remains resilient in time of COVID-19

A new survey of companies in Poland operating in the IT sector finds that the impact of COVID-19 impact on conducting business as being reported as negative by half of the companies polled.

Tesla sues former employee for allegedly stealing 26,000 confidential files

San Francisco - Tesla has sued a former employee for allegedly stealing about 26,000 confidential files in his first week of working at the company, according to a court filing seen by AFP.

Google threatens to block Australians over media law

Sydney - Google threatened Friday to block Australians from using its search service unless the government changed landmark legislation to make the internet giant pay news outlets for their content.

YouTube extends ban on Trump channel ahead of inauguration

San Francisco - Google-owned YouTube on Tuesday confirmed it extended a ban on new video being added to US President Donald Trump's channel due to the potential for inciting violence.

After dizzying gyrations, what's bitcoin really worth?

London - After the latest wild ride took the poster child of cryptocurrencies above $40,000 before a stomach-churning plunge, the million dollar question won't go away: how much is bitcoin actually worth?

Facebook exec says 'no plans' to end Trump ban

New York - Facebook does not intend to lift the suspension on outgoing President Donald Trump, the platform's second in command Sheryl Sandberg said Monday. "Our ban is indefinite. We have said at least through the transition.

GoDaddy apologises for fake Christmas bonus email security test

Washington - US web company GoDaddy apologized Thursday after an email that promised employees a Christmas bonus in the midst of the economic crisis turned out to be a computer security test."GoDaddy takes the security of our platform extremely seriously.

China's Alibaba 'dismayed' by Uighur facial-recognition software

Shanghai - Chinese tech giant Alibaba has sought to distance itself from a face-recognition software feature devised by its cloud computing unit that could help users to identify members of the country's Muslim Uighur minority.

Cyberattack on US government poses 'grave risk': security agency

Washington - A sophisticated cyberattack on US government agencies and private companies that was revealed this week poses a "grave risk" and thwarting it will be "highly complex," the US computer security agency said Thursday.

Massive outage hits Google services worldwide

New York - A massive blackout on Monday temporarily disrupted popular Google services such as Gmail and YouTube, derailing the remote learning, work and entertainment that people have come to rely on during the pandemic.

US government says agencies hit by massive cyberattack

Washington - The US government issued an emergency directive to federal agencies in the wake of a major cyberattack, as multiple media outlets reported at least two departments -- including the Treasury -- had been targeted by hackers with ties to Russia.

US government confirms cyberattack

Washington - The US government confirmed Sunday that its computer networks had been hit by a cyberattack, as The Washington Post reported at least two departments had been targeted by Russian state hackers.

California to bring antitrust lawsuit against Google

Washington - California will join the US government and 11 other states in bringing lawsuits against Google for abusing its market dominance, the state's top prosecutor said Friday.

Lab developing device to help Earth dodge asteroids

Riga - In a corner of the campus at Riga Technical University, a team of scientists is working on technology that could one day stop asteroids from smashing into Earth.

Are firms putting too much faith in managed service providers? Special

Companies attempt to use managed service providers to help to off-set some of the risks associated with IT security. Such providers can also help with addressing post-activity risks. While this model has worked well, more needs to be done going into 2021.

Twitter says flagged 300,000 'misleading' election tweets

Washington - Twitter labeled 300,000 tweets related to the US presidential election as "potentially misleading" in the two weeks surrounding the vote, making up 0.2 percent of election-related posts, the company said Thursday.

'No evidence' of lost or changed votes: US election officials

Washington - Senior US federal and state election officials said Thursday that there was "no evidence" that votes were lost or changed, or voting systems corrupted, in the presidential election.

Virgin's Hyperloop carries passengers for the first time

Los Angeles - The Virgin Hyperloop made its first journey carrying passengers Sunday, in a test the company claimed represented a major step forward for the "groundbreaking" technology capable of transporting people at 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) an hour.

From hummus to high-tech: Israel CEOs seek 'friends', deals in UAE

Dubai - If you had asked Israeli businessman Yehonatan Ben Hamozeg earlier this year where he'd be pitching his palm tree saving technology in October, there was no chance he would have said the United Arab Emirates.

US authorities warn of 'imminent' cyber threat to hospitals

Washington - US security authorities warned Wednesday of an "imminent cybercrime threat" to hospitals and healthcare providers, urging them to increase their protection.

SK Hynix in $9 bn deal for Intel's flash memory chip business

Seoul - The world's second-largest chipmaker, South Korea's SK Hynix, announced a record $9 billion deal Tuesday to buy Intel's flash memory chip operation as it seeks to bolster its position against rival behemoth Samsung Electronics.
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My first Apple PowerBook 100
My first Apple PowerBook 100
File photo
A screensave
A screensave
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Samsung ArtPC Pulse
Samsung ArtPC Pulse
Photo by Jefferson Santos on Unsplash
Disconnected from WWW.
Disconnected from WWW.
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Seagate BarraCuda SSD
Seagate BarraCuda SSD
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Among the products and other items featured at Macworld Expo 2014 was services concerning data stora...
Among the products and other items featured at Macworld Expo 2014 was services concerning data storage and security, yes, including "cloud technology" as well.
File photo: People sit around laptop computers at a cafe in Beijing in 2014.
File photo: People sit around laptop computers at a cafe in Beijing in 2014.
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A student using a computer in the classroom
A student using a computer in the classroom
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File: A photo taken at an event called Ladies Learning Code
File: A photo taken at an event called Ladies Learning Code
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Computer system with pre-prorgammed operators  recognizable by their faces  on show at Pharmig  Slov...
Computer system with pre-prorgammed operators, recognizable by their faces, on show at Pharmig, Slovenia, March 2019.
The ultra-thin MacBook Air
The ultra-thin MacBook Air
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Learning tech trends at the Microsoft  Fifth Avenue  NYC  store.
Learning tech trends at the Microsoft, Fifth Avenue, NYC, store.
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Microsoft Surface computer
File photo: Microsoft Surface, a touchscreen table
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New iPad (3)
New iPad (3)
Too many applicants crashed Obamacare screens
Too many applicants crashed Obamacare screens
U.S. government
An updated version of Moore’s Law (based on Kurzweil’s graph). Date: 12/10/2016.
An updated version of Moore’s Law (based on Kurzweil’s graph). Date: 12/10/2016.
Steve Jurvetson
Inside one of the observatories. Sophisticated computers control the movement of the telescopes.
Inside one of the observatories. Sophisticated computers control the movement of the telescopes.

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