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Logic circuits with diamond-based transistors

Technologists have designed logic circuits for computers designed to function in extreme environments. This type of technology will prove useful in applications like mining and deep sea drilling.

Internet doors slammed on white nationalist extremism

San Francisco - White extremists are having doors to the internet slammed on efforts to promote violent and bigoted agendas.

Forget oil, Russia goes crazy for cryptocurrency

Moscow - Standing in a warehouse in a Moscow suburb, Dmitry Marinichev tries to speak over the deafening hum of hundreds of computers stacked on shelves hard at work mining for crypto money.

It's now possible to hack a computer using DNA

Washington - As University of Washington laboratory uses strands of DNA to hack into a computer. What does this mean for companies developing DNA data storage solutions?

Google cancels diversity debate Town Hall

San Francisco - Google Thursday canceled a Town Hall intended to air viewpoints on diversity, sexism and free speech, citing worker safety concerns.

Detachables prop up tablets market as sales slump continues

Sales of tablet computers continued to fall during the second quarter of the year, according to a new report from market analysts IDC. However, there is hope that interest in detachable devices could provide a revival this year as some brands are growing.

Is it possible for a robot to write the news?

The future of media may one day involve news articles being by robots. These may not be the most in-depth or creative pieces; but standard news reports could be created in seconds by artificial intelligence.

RNA used to make ‘living computers’ for nanotechnology

Phoenix - Researchers from Arizona State University have demonstrated that living cells can be induced to carry out complex computations in the manner of tiny robots or computers.

Computing power increased five-fold

Computer scientists have devised a method that increases, by a factor of five, the computing power of a standard algorithm. This is when the algorithm is processed using a standard chip called FPGA.

Global ransomware attacks on the rise: Europol

Den Haag - Global ransomware attacks soared by over 11 percent in the 12 months to March, Europol reported Tuesday, but specialist tools developed with its partners had helped unlock some 28,000 encrypted devices.

No laptop ban as US says all airlines have raised security

Washington - All 180 airlines serving the United States have taken the security steps needed to avoid being forced to implement inflight bans on laptop computers, the Department of Homeland Security said Thursday.

Lithuania to extradite $100 mn email fraud suspect to US

Vilnius - A Lithuanian man who allegedly swindled $100 million (87 million euros) from tech giants Google and Facebook must be extradited to the United States, a court ruled on Monday.

Digital transformation and the aging workforce

Digital transformation is seen as a key business goal for many organizations. The transitioning of services to a cloud and other ventures may seem second nature to younger employees; for older workers, it's a different matter.

Growing chorus denounces sexist Silicon Valley culture

San Francisco - A growing chorus of voices denouncing sexist culture is echoing through male-dominated Silicon Valley, knocking a number of internet industry executives from their perches.

Utilities including nuclear firms hacked: NYT

Washington - Firms operating nuclear power plants and other energy facilities in the US have been hacked in recent months, the New York Times reported.It quoted what it called an urgent report issued in late June by the Department of Homeland Security.

Google Sheets used to create a virtual machine that computes data

A developer has demonstrated how he used a Google Sheets spreadsheet to emulate the operation of a computer processor. The spreadsheet, written using scripts, features four registers, a memory area and the ability to calculate Fibonacci numbers.

Almost a quarter of Windows users would switch to a Mac: survey

A new survey of U.S. computer customers has found that Apple continues to enjoy strong brand loyalty with its followers. 21 percent of respondents currently using a Windows machine said they'd like to switch to Mac.

'Ransomware' wave seemed aimed at old flaw and Ukraine

San Francisco - A global wave of cyberattacks exploited an already patched vulnerability in Windows software and appeared to have Ukraine as a primary target, according to computer security specialists.

Facebook hits two billion user mark

San Francisco - Facebook said Tuesday it now counts two billion active monthly users, as the social giant's founder Mark Zuckerberg highlighted his new mission -- not just connecting people, but helping them find common ground.

US tech giants join forces against terror content

San Francisco - Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube announced Monday the launch of an anti-terror partnership aimed at thwarting the spread of extremist content online.

Global ransomware attack 'came from North Korea'

London - May 2017's global ransomware attack, which struck over 200,000 computer systems across 150 countries, was 'launched from North Korea' according to British security officials.

Facebook seeks to become 'hostile place' for extremists

San Francisco - Facebook on Thursday said it is ramping up the use of artificial intelligence in a push to make the social network "a hostile place" for extremists to spread messages of hate.

Israeli intelligence discovered IS plans for laptop bomb: report

Washington - Israeli government spies hacked into the operations of Islamic State bombmakers to discover they were developing a laptop computer bomb to blow up a commercial aircraft, The New York Times reported Monday.

By 2060 experts predict AI will beat us at everything

Oxford - Advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence continue at a rapid pace. One scientist predicts, steeping into futurism that machine intelligence will be at such a level that by 2060 any machine will be able to out-think a human.

Philippine bank chaos as money goes missing from accounts

Manila - A major Philippine bank shut down online transactions and cash machines on Wednesday after money went missing from accounts, triggering fears it had been hacked even as company officials said it was an internal computer error.

Laptop ban hot topic as airlines meet in Cancun

Canc - Top airline industry players are meeting Monday and Tuesday in Cancun to seek alternatives to the US and British bans on laptops and tablets on certain flights, which they say is hurting business.

Studying network traffic helps track malware

A new study shows the analysis of network traffic, especially that directed towards suspicious domains, allows administrators to detect malware infections before the invading malware can do most of its damage.

US says no laptop ban on board flights from Europe for now

Washington - US aviation security officials stepped back Tuesday from imposing a ban on carry-on computers on flights coming from Europe, which had been proposed to guard against possible bomb-laden electronics from the Islamic State group.

Intel 'Core i9' is now reality, costs up to $2,000

Intel has announced the most significant change to its desktop processor line-up in over half a decade by adding a new sub-brand to its "Core" series. The new Core i9 is aimed at enthusiasts and power users. It offers up to 18 processing cores.

China to launch cybersecurity law despite concerns

Bejing - China will implement a controversial cybersecurity law Thursday despite concerns from foreign firms worried about its impact on their ability to do business in the world's second largest economy.
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Among the products and other items featured at Macworld Expo 2014 was services concerning data stora...
Among the products and other items featured at Macworld Expo 2014 was services concerning data storage and security, yes, including "cloud technology" as well.
Computer keyboard & Cat
Computer keyboard & Cat
The 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air laptops from Apple
The 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air laptops from Apple
Courtesy Apple
Samsung ArtPC Pulse
Samsung ArtPC Pulse
Disconnected from WWW.
Disconnected from WWW.
Digital Journal
The modern age  delegates following the conference via computer links.
The modern age, delegates following the conference via computer links.
Digital Journal/File
Samsung ArtPC Pulse
Samsung ArtPC Pulse
My first Apple PowerBook 100
My first Apple PowerBook 100
File photo
A woman working on her computer
A woman working on her computer
Flickr Creative Commons
Inside one of the observatories. Sophisticated computers control the movement of the telescopes.
Inside one of the observatories. Sophisticated computers control the movement of the telescopes.
A photo taken at an event called Ladies Learning Code
A photo taken at an event called Ladies Learning Code
Jon Lim
The 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air laptops from Apple
The 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air laptops from Apple
Courtesy Apple
LEO II computer
LEO II computer
J. Lyons & Company
Student learning through a software program in Stanford U
Student learning through a software program in Stanford U
Microsoft Surface computer
File photo: Microsoft Surface, a touchscreen table
Photo courtesy Microsoft
MEMA Press Conference on Hurricane Sandy. by Jay Baker at Reisterstown  MD.
MEMA Press Conference on Hurricane Sandy. by Jay Baker at Reisterstown, MD.
The ultra-thin MacBook Air
The ultra-thin MacBook Air
Courtesy Apple
Photo by Sarah Houghton-Jan
Sony s VPCF136FXB F-series notebook PC
Sony's VPCF136FXB F-series notebook PC
Courtesy Sony

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