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OECD adopts new Principles on Artificial Intelligence

OECD, plus partner countries, has formally adopted a new set of OECD 'Principles on Artificial Intelligence'. This took place at the Organisation’s 2019 Ministerial Council Meeting on May 22 in Paris.

US warns Chinese drones may steal data: report

Bejing - Washington has warned that Chinese-made drones could be giving spy agencies in Beijing "unfettered access" to stolen data, according to a report in American media.

'.Amazon' gives e-commerce giant its own internet domain

San Francisco - E-commerce giant Amazon was on its way to running its own online neighborhood Monday after the internet's address keeper granted the ".amazon" domain to the company.

Q&A: Wading through the AI landscape Special

With so many artificial intelligence solutions on the market, where should businesses be focus their energy? In addition, how should return on investment be assessed? Dmitry Binunsky from Exadel provider some insights.

Q&A: Is Apple's cloud service now threatened by Google? Special

Google's new cloud service Anthos is aimed directly at Apple's, signalling a new round of 'cloud war's, according to Todd Matters of RackWare. Google has also premiered its new cloud-reliant video game platform, Stadia.

Q&A: How Dell Technologies beat its sustainability goal Special

At the start of the year Dell Technologies reached their 2020 goal of recovering two billion pounds of used electronics, and the tech company continues to push the sustainability agenda. David Lear, VP of Corporate Sustainability explains more.

China blocks all language editions of Wikipedia

Bejing - Beijing has broadened its block of online encyclopedia Wikipedia to include all language editions, reported an internet censorship research group, ahead of the country's most politically explosive anniversary.

San Francisco bans facial recognition use by police

San Francisco - San Francisco on Tuesday became the first US city to ban use of facial recognition technology by police or other government agencies.

Whistleblower says Facebook generating terror content

San Francisco - Facebook is unwittingly auto-generating content for terror-linked groups that its artificial intelligence systems do not recognize as extremist, according to a complaint made public on Thursday.

New world record set for quantum memory efficiency

Hong Kong - A new world record of quantum memory efficiency has been established by technologists in Hong Kong. This used photonic quantum memory and edges 'true' quantum computers closer to reality.

Dell & FacilityConneX launch smart building IoT process

A new smart building technology project has been launched involving Dell Technologies and FacilityConneX, operating out of Dell's Hopkinton campus in the U.S. The new project will involve innovative use of the IoT.

Unified workspaces to multi-cloud: Dell Technologies 2019

Las Vegas - Dell Technologies World 2019 has kicked off and a number of new innovations have been showcased, from unified workspaces to multi-cloud systems, and from edge infrastructure to new cybersecurity analytics.

Five outdated IT practices that businesses need to overcome

Information technology plays a pivotal role in most businesses, either in ensuring that process operate effectively or with playing a key part of digital transformation initiates. A new report assesses how IT can become more efficient.

Twitter adds way to report voter-tricking tweets

San Francisco - Twitter on Wednesday began making it easier to report tweets aimed at interfering with people voting, starting first in Europe and India.

Samsung delays launch of folding Galaxy smartphone

San Francisco - Samsung said Monday it was delaying the launch of its folding smartphone after trouble with handsets sent to reviewers.Some reviewers who got their hands on the Galaxy Fold early reported problems with screens breaking.

Microsoft's work with Chinese military university raises eyebrows

Bejing - Microsoft has been collaborating with researchers linked to a Chinese military-backed university on artificial intelligence, elevating concerns that US firms are contributing to China's high-tech surveillance and censorship apparatus.

How edge computing can boost business efficiency

Many businesses are investing in edge computing, in order to achieve scale, speed and safety. Edge computing is essential for processing data speedily, such as with self-driving cars. We take a look at some of the advantages.

New Zealand PM says Facebook curbs not enough

Christchurch - New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Thursday welcomed Facebook's move to curb support for white nationalism on its platforms but said more needed to be done in the wake of the Christchurch mosque attacks.

Facebook admits storing passwords in plain text

San Francisco - Facebook on Thursday admitted that millions of passwords were stored in plain text on its internal servers, a security slip that left them readable by the social networking platform's employees.

Ukraine ready to take on Russian election hackers

Kiev - At the headquarters of Ukraine's SBU security service more than a dozen local and Western security experts watch a simulated foreign cyber attack on several big screens ahead of this month's presidential vote.

China is overtaking US in artificial intelligence: researchers

Washington - China is poised to overtake the United States in artificial intelligence with a surge in academic research on the key technology, an analysis published Wednesday showed.

Sydney to construct Quantum Harbour City for advanced computing

Sydney - A new collaboration between two universities — UNSW and the University of Sydney - has been announced, with the aim of building quantum computers in silicon and for developing a new focused research hub in the Australian city.

Thousands protest Russia's 'internet isolation'

Moscow - Thousands of people rallied against Russia's increasingly restrictive internet policies Sunday which critics say will eventually lead to "total censorship" and isolate the country from the world.

China chat log leak shows scope of surveillance

Bejing - A leak of around 364 million online records in a Chinese database, including private messages and ID numbers, has again highlighted the size and scope of Beijing's mass surveillance system.

China data leak exposes mass surveillance in Xinjiang

Bejing - A Chinese technology firm has compiled a range of personal information on 2.6 million people in Xinjiang -- from their ethnicity to locations -- according to a data leak highlighting the wide extent of surveillance in the restive region.

Letting an AI go 'to sleep' enhances its performance

An artificial intelligence has been programmed so that it enters into 'sleep mode' with the aim of enhancing performance. The process is based on a mathematical model.

Lithuania attracts London fintech firms as Brexit looms

Vilnius - Worried over Brexit uncertainty, dozens of fintech companies have applied for licences in Lithuania to secure access to the EU market, the Baltic state's central bank said Tuesday.

Tencent investment in Reddit sparks censorship worry

San Francisco - Reddit confirmed Monday a new funding round that included a $150 million investment by Chinese technology behemoth Tencent, prompting concerns that "the front page of the internet" might wind up censored.

Girls Who Code announce expansion plans

Girls Who Code is a non-profit working to close the gender gap in technology by teaching young girls computer science. The organization launched in Canada in November 2018 and it now plans to expand further.

Review: Inateck Docking Station FD2002 Special

For computer users, a hard drive docking station is useful if you need to swap around large amounts of data between drives or if you require additional data storage. The Inateck Docking Station FD2002 provides an effective means to achieve this.
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Computers Image

A photo taken at an event called Ladies Learning Code
A photo taken at an event called Ladies Learning Code
Jon Lim (CC BY 2.0)
A woman working on her computer
A woman working on her computer
Flickr Creative Commons
Samsung ArtPC Pulse
Samsung ArtPC Pulse
The 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air laptops from Apple
The 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air laptops from Apple
Courtesy Apple
Microsoft Surface computer
File photo: Microsoft Surface, a touchscreen table
Photo courtesy Microsoft
My first Apple PowerBook 100
My first Apple PowerBook 100
File photo
Computer system with pre-prorgammed operators  recognizable by their faces  on show at Pharmig  Slov...
Computer system with pre-prorgammed operators, recognizable by their faces, on show at Pharmig, Slovenia, March 2019.
Office of the District Attorney-Richmond County, NY
LEO II computer
LEO II computer
J. Lyons & Company
An updated version of Moore’s Law (based on Kurzweil’s graph). Date: 12/10/2016.
An updated version of Moore’s Law (based on Kurzweil’s graph). Date: 12/10/2016.
Steve Jurvetson
MEMA Press Conference on Hurricane Sandy. by Jay Baker at Reisterstown  MD.
MEMA Press Conference on Hurricane Sandy. by Jay Baker at Reisterstown, MD.
Bill Gates & Paul Allen
Paul Allen (left) and Bill Gates shortly after signing a major contract with IBM to write software for their upcoming line of PCs in 1981.
Photo courtesy Microsoft
Seagate BarraCuda SSD
Seagate BarraCuda SSD
© Seagate
New iPad (3)
New iPad (3)
Samsung ArtPC Pulse
Samsung ArtPC Pulse
A screensave
A screensave
Photo by Sarah Houghton-Jan
Inateck FD2002 Dual Bay box  containing each of the device components.
Inateck FD2002 Dual Bay box, containing each of the device components.
The Acer Iconia Tab A501
The Acer Iconia Tab A501
Courtesy Acer
Two K-9 models  the Doctor s robotic dog.
Two K-9 models, the Doctor's robotic dog.

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