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Computer virus News

Surveying international malware threats: Q&A Special

Malware attacks have caused major damage over the years to businesses. Threats include viruses, worms, Trojan horses and ransomware. Many of the perpetrators are hidden behind a veil of Internet anonymity. Douglas Crawford, of explains more.

Op-Ed: Bill Gertz 'iWar' book a sobering wake up — Cyber-threat is real Special

With all the fear surrounding news of the WannaCrypt attack on computer systems world wide, the threat of technological tampering in some form or "Cyber-attack" is very real.

Cyber security predictions for 2015

Each year various cyber security experts provide their predictions about the immediate future of network and information security in the hopes that people can plan and prepare a little more effectively.

Shellshock bug attacks begin

Computer watchers have spotted several attacks on websites and servers using the serious Shellshock bug. This has resulted in several thousand infected servers being used to bombard web firms with data.

Computers under attack from your personal Wi-Fi connection

A computer virus that spread like a contagion through a Wi-Fi connection has been created by researchers at the University of Liverpool's School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science.

Op-Ed: United States is primary source of cyber-attacks

Cybercrime is an activity that is now affecting countries all around the world. As countries the world over have moved into an increasingly digital age, criminals have also evolved in line with technological advancements.

Researchers: Current Apple iOS devices vulnerable to charger hack

Researchers operating out of the Georgia Institute of Technology are warning Apple users that phony chargers could deliver malicious software onto the Apple operating system within a minute.

Computer viruses inserted on PC production line

According to Microsoft, a new tendency has arisen in cyber-crime: to install viruses into computers as they are being constructed on production lines.

'Gauss' the latest weaponized computer virus

A new computer virus similar to the Stuxnet virus has been found by Russia's Kaspersky Lab. It can gather information on banking transaction and steal login information for email and social networking websites. It has been dubbed 'gauss'

Op-Ed: The Biggest Mistake Computer Users Make

Everyday more and more hackers, virus, and worms threaten to steal or destroy valuable information sitting on users computers. Take steps to close obvious vulnerabilities left open on your computer.

Flame virus discovered, described as new 'super cyber-weapon'

An anti-virus company has announced the discovery of a 'highly sophisticated' malicious program. Dubbed "Flame Virus" in the media, this malware is described as very complex and designed to carry out cyber espionage.

Op-Ed: Nissan recently hacked, corporate hacking a growing issue

Nissan Motor Company fell victim to a hack incident close to two weeks ago, but waited about a week to go public with the information.

More than 500,000 websites compromised by cyber attack

A massive cyber attack on hundreds of thousands of websites which compromises security and then links to its suspicious website has been shut down by security researchers.

'First cyber superweapon' wreaks havoc on computers in China

Beijing - The Stuxnet computer virus has been labelled as the world's "first cyber superweapon." It is speculated that it was first designed to attack Iran's nuclear facilities. However, it has found its way to millions of computers in China.

Three men indicted for $100 million Internet fraud

For tricking Internet users in at least 60 countries into buying their bogus software products, three men from a Ukraine-based company have been indicted for Internet and computer fraud.

US Marshals and FBI under attack by mystery virus

A strange, mystery virus hit the law enforcement computers on Thursday, forcing both the FBI and US Marshals Service to shut down parts of their computer networks as precaution.

New Computer Virus that affects you while browsing the web

A new computer virus which infects government and consumer websites alike while infecting visitors' computers to secure personal and financial information.

A Recurrence of the 'Code Red' Worm?

Kaspersky Labs comments on the rumors surrounding the epidemic concerning this menacing Internet worm. MOSCOW, - Tuesday, July 31, 2001 - At the beginning of this week, press agencies for the US, UK and other countries began warning about the unlea...

The Network Worm ''SirCam'' Breaks Records for Spreading

CAMBRIDGE (United Kingdom) - In only six days since its detection on July 18, the network worm "SirCam" has spread throughout the world and has convincingly seized first place amongst the most wide-spreading malicious programs. At this time, Kaspersky ...

Have You Received A Copy Of The ''Kournikova'' Computer Virus?

Many companies have been hit by a new version of last year’s insidious Love Bug, disguised this time as a picture of tennis star Anna Kournikova. The worm, which is believed to have spread from Europe to the US overnight, lures users with an attachment.

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