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Computer chips News

New computer chip vulnerabilities discovered

It doesn't seem that long since the last computer chip vulnerability news, yet researchers have discovered new vulnerabilities relating to common computer chips.

Faster more efficient way to store and process information found

University of Waterloo chemists have found a much faster and more efficient way to store and process information by expanding the limitations of how the flow of electricity can be used and managed.

Samsung tops the 2017 chip company ranking

An end-of-year assessment has found that Samsung heads up the 2017 chip company ranking. This is based on sales, where the overall market that grew 22.2 percent from 2016.

Graphene used as tiny coolers for computer chips

New York - The wonder-material graphene can provide a new way to cool down the tiny chips found in phones, computers, and other gadgets. Rapid cooling is a key requirement for next generation electronics.

Making better computer chip with 'DNA origami'

Faster and cheaper computer chips are one of the drivers within the technology sector. One way to achieve this is by shrinking component sizes. For this, one research group have been looking at DNA.

Alternative to silicon semiconductors

Time to re-name 'Silicon Valley'? Researchers have announced silicon alternatives for semiconductors to be used in future computers and next-generation electronics.

Brazilian school district using computer chips to track students

A Brazilian school district is looking to reduce truancy and, as a solution, plans to use computer chips to help reach this goal.

Intel Pentium 4 Processor Advertising To Break On Feb. 19

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Intel Corporation, the world's largest chipmaker, will launch a $300 million PentiumĀ® 4 processor worldwide marketing campaign, starting February 19. Intel will kick off the campaign with new TV commercials featuring the nationall..

From the heater to the fridge: Chips to revolutionize the household

MUNICH (dpa) - Long before computers ever did, electronic chips and microprocessors marched slowly, almost imperceptibly, into households everywhere. Televisions, heaters, washing machines: there's hardly a device made nowadays which doesn't have them....

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