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Reporting of sexual assault surges in France post-Weinstein

Paris - Reporting of sexual assault and rape in France has risen by nearly a third since the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the interior ministry said Thursday.The number of complaints for sexual assault and rape received by police rose 31.

Airbnb will let neighbors file complaints about awful renters

Airbnb is planning to launch a new feature which will allow neighbors of unruly renters to lodge complaints directly to Airbnb.

Criminal complaints in Cologne rise to 561: prosecutors

Berlin - Authorities in the German city of Cologne said Tuesday that the number of criminal complaints arising from a rash of violence targeting women on New Year's Eve had risen to 561.

Here's how companies really resist negative comments online

With news stories freely accessible to read online all the time, consumers can easily learn about all the latest events at companies. But what if the latest isn't actually very positive?

Play-Doh will replace toy that customers say looks phallic

Hasbro is going to replace a toy that some consumers say resembles a penis. The toy was part of the Play-Doh's Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain set.

Soft porn on CBS? FCC flooded with complaints on '2 Broke Girls'

Jokes about anal sex, girl-on-girl porn and forced fellatio are common on the CBS hit-comedy 2 Broke Girls, and while the show boasts ratings that helped salvage the network’s Monday-night lineup, some viewers have had enough.

Ikea 'paid police' for files on customers who complained

Ikea, the Swedish furniture giant, reportedly paid private investigators for illegal access to police files in order to illegally monitor 'complaining' customers and 'suspicious' staff at stores in France.

Op-Ed: Sun News TV interview with Gillis sets record for complaints

When Sun News' Krista Erickson interviewed dancer Margie Gillis about the money she has received from Canada the atmosphere was combative. The attack has a record number of complaints by viewers to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.

Complaints on Twitter about Facebook

Facebook users are turning to Twitter to vent their anger and frustration when the site goes offline. In 2010, several outages sparked a surge in tweets about the downtime.

Toronto Mayor's office flooded with complaints over Don Cherry

Toronto - Since Don Cherry's now famous remarks over "left-wing pinkos and kooks,” Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's office has been flooded with telephone calls, e-mails and letters complaining over his comments.

Numerous complaints submitted about Toronto's Santa Claus Parade

Toronto - Even though the annual Santa Claus Parade is supposed to bring smiles to children's faces and laughter from the parents, many turned out to be unhappy with this year's festivities.

Human skin is home to far more bacteria than previously thought

A recent study of bacterial communities on the skin will aid the understanding of certain skin conditions and speed efforts to understand the complex genetic and environmental factors involved in diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

Feds Investigate Controversial Alternative Medicine Trial Used In Heart Attacks

The largest alternative medicine study trial suspends enrollment while it undergoes investigation by the government. The feds claim that the study isn't looking at participant safety, which is just one of many errors being taken seriously by officials.

More Flights, Long Lines, More Complaints

The items confiscated before boarding a plane have been considered "ridiculous" at best. The lines open for scanning of people's belongings get more and more packed as the holiday season progresses. The main problem with all this: more complaints.

No happy faces for Windows Vista in The Netherlands

Nowhere on the planet are customers complaining more about Windows Vista than in The Netherlands. The software company answers this lament with a first-aid post on the Internet.

Inmates In Dakota County Jail Upset With Food - 'No More Bologna!' They Cry

The Dakota County Jail is receiving written complaints from its prisoners. What's the problem? Too much bologna. In an effort to save money, the warden has ordered that inmates eat 2 bologna sandwiches per day - 7 days a week. Inmates are feeling abused.

Complaints of neglected, dying cattle on a farm

Cattle were left to roam a farm, starving and dieing and calls for help were not answered.

Hard Soaps Say We're Too Soft At Dinner Time

Should we call this UK entertainment? Are we happy to settle back and watch our favourite soap when we witness bullying, violence and torture on prime time TV? Ofcom - TV watchdog says we're going soft, at the time of day when we sit down for the evening

HealthWrap: Doctors ignore sleep complaints

"Despite numerous studies that show that sleep deprivaiton has been linked cancer, heart disease and weight gain, U.S. doctors tend to dismiss sleep complaints"

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