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Luxembourg, Juncker under fire after global tax leaks

Brussels - EU finance ministers meet in Brussels Friday, with revelations about Luxembourg's tax breaks for big firms putting pressure on former premier Jean-Claude Juncker, the new European Commission president.

ICIJ: blowing the whistle on corporate tax schemes

Washington - The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which on Thursday revealed a massive tax avoidance system organised by Luxembourg, is a collective of journalists spanning more than 60 countries seeking to root out cross border crime, ...

Luxembourg, Juncker under fire after global tax leaks

Brussels - Luxembourg and its former premier Jean-Claude Juncker -- now head of the European commission -- came under fire Thursday after leaked documents showed the tiny nation gave hundreds of global firms huge tax breaks.

HP is to split into two separate business and consumer companies

Technology giant HP is planning to split itself into two separate companies with one focusing on business solutions and the other on the consumer computing products that it produces today.

Mark Cuban wants us to sell shares of tax-dodging U.S. companies

Billionaire investor and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is echoing words from the U.S. president about companies moving overseas for tax cuts and is advocating selling shares to those companies.

Tech companies slam FCC's plan for internet prioritisation

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Dropbox, Yahoo, Netflix and many others have all signed a letter expressing intense disapproval of the FCC's proposals for "Internet fast lanes" as yet another setback for the plans.

China's $12 trillion corporate debt pushes up refunding costs, drives mergers

China's corporate debt has hit record levels and is likely to accelerate a wave of domestic restructuring and trigger more defaults, as credit repayment problems rise.

China's $12 trillion corporate debt pushes up refunding costs, drives mergers

China's corporate debt has hit record levels and is likely to accelerate a wave of domestic restructuring and trigger more defaults, as credit repayment problems rise.

Shell sells Australian refinery, petrol stations to Vitol for $2.6 billion

Anglo Dutch oil company Royal Dutch Shell <RDSa.L> said on Friday it has agreed to sell its Australian downstream businesses to oil trader Vitol SA <VITOLV.UL> for about A$2.9 billion ($2.6 bill...

U.S. companies ramp up capex as confidence grows

Earlier this month, Eaton Corp Plc <ETN.N> made an announcement that captured little attention: the diversified manufacturer of heavy truck transmissions and residential circuit breakers ...

Number of young U.S. technology companies falls: Report

Sluggish growth among young technology firms could bode trouble for the U.S. economy, according to a new report from the Kauffman Foundation.

Man mailed cat feces to companies that didn't hire him

On Friday a man in St. Louis received two years probation for mailing cat feces to companies that didn't hire him. He plead guilty to mailing injurious articles.

Op-Ed: Online-only retailers disrupt industries with unmatched value

Austin - Convenience, variety, and discounted prices are literally at our fingertips when we shop online. E-commerce has revolutionized the way we shop; we no longer have to leave our houses or even get dressed to make an important purchase.

Kahr Arms relocating due to gun control

New York - The gun manufacturing company Kahr Arms has announced that it will be relocating from its home state of New York due to the rising gun control in the state.

Companies focusing more on customer rewards in tough economy

Atlanta - In this tough economy, companies are finding ways to entice customers to shop at their business. One method that has been proven effective time and again are customer rewards programs, otherwise known as loyalty appreciation.

Cayman Islands to publicize previously hidden companies

Cayman Islands is a popular destination for tax evasion in movies and possibly reality as well. However, this is all about to change with the new policies the Cayman Islands regulator body is considering.

Op-Ed: CES 2013 - Is it consumers or companies that want Smart TVs?

Smart TVs are one of the items being showcased at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with companies introducing what's to come on the market. But are Smart TVs really what the consumer market wants?

Op-Ed: Food companies market products to kids via smartphones

It's not that surprising to see food companies are increasingly advertising to kids through smartphones. Advertisements are already implemented on smartphones, specifically via the Android application market.

Op-Ed: Three easy ways to improve your SEO

In this economic climate with the fiscal cliff being discussed on the news every day, many small business owners are feeling the pressure. Most people know about SEO, but some just need a little extra help with it to keep their online business afloat.

Blacklist: UK construction workers fighting a job market ban

London - UK construction workers, struggling to find work, have now found that they are on an "employment blacklist", an illegal document which is ruining their lives.

McGraw-Hill splits in two separate companies

New York - In an effort to streamline operations, reduce costs and increase shareholder value, McGraw-Hill has announced it is splitting into two separate companies, one focused on primary global markets and the other on education.

How willful blindness infects corporate culture across the world Special

An expert on willful blindness explains why companies, such as News Corp, have a difficult time rooting out poisonous practises harming their brand. Margaret Heffernan also suggests a few tips for cleaning house.

Reddit to introduce 'branded communities' later this year Special

The popular online community Reddit will soon launch various "branded communities" in order for companies to interact with customers and learn how to improve their products, according to an interview with Reddit's General Manager.

New Solar Airbase for Fresno

The new solar panels that don the rooftops of the California Air national Guard base may be a first for any base. They won't be the last. Military and solar companies alike are expecting to see more solar projects on all types of bases across the country

Harris Poll: Google has the best reputation in corporate America

A Harris Interactive Poll of 60 companies shows Google has the best reputation in corporate America. It replaces Microsoft, which dropped to 10th place in the list.

Organisations shifting to four-day week in order to save gasoline

A number of organizations across the U.S. have decided to allow their employees to work four days a week to save on commuting. Many more companies are likely to follow.

Chocolate companies sued for collusion

Cadbury Beverages Canada, Hershey Canada, Mars Canada and Nestle Canada are being hit with a class-action suit for allegedly conspiring to raise prices in Canada. They could be forced to pay damages to the Canadian public.

11 companies to bump cartoons out of junk food ads

Pressure has been stepped up by the Federal Trade Commission on the biggest food and drink companies in the U.S. to restrict cartoons on their adds for junk food that targets children under 12 years old.

Crook Company Wow's The Court And Ends Up With A Hefty Fine

I guess it was going to happen sooner rather than later as news breaks today of the first online record retailer being sued over illegally selling imported cheap albums into the UK

2007 World's Most Ethical Companies

Here they are, The World's Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere Magazine, a national publication dedicated to illuminating the important correlation between ethics and profit.
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A photo of Startup Weekend in Phoenix
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