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COVID-19: Car sharing presents a 'major risk'

For staff who cannot work from home, or who have less enlightened employers who will not allow remote working, car sharing is a popular means to get to work, saving on time and money. This practice, however, carries COVID-19 risks.

Op-Ed: A unique partnership, shows San Jose leads the way to the future Special

San Jose - Commuters rejoice! Bicycling and air travel have a connection as Ford GoBike and Alaska Airlines launched the ‘Miles for Miles’ member rewards program this past October 26 in San Jose.

Op-Ed: Transit ride has only slight delay as Golden Gate is closed Special

San Francisco - The work to install a Moveable Median Barrier is now underway along the Golden Gate Bridge. So far the work has been carried out smoothly and while the bridge is closed to vehicle traffic, buses can go across.

Commuting students: English lessons available on trains in France

Paris - For those in France wishing to improve their English, a new service started up this week. France's rail operator, SNCF, is offering English lessons, literally on the rails, to profitably pass commuters' travel time.

Dozens join forces to save woman from 32-ton train

A Japanese woman in her 30’s was jointly rescued by commuters when she slipped between the 8-inch crack between the platform and the train during rush hour.

Op-Ed: What’s the true cost of commuting?

There's more to commuting than just the price of gas. Insurance premiums, wasted time, and depreciation should all be part of your calculation.

Northern Virginia snow causes messy morning commute Special

Fairfax - A bit of snow came through the Northern Virginia region this Monday morning. While significant amounts of accumulation are not expected, it was just enough to cause some problems on the road during the morning commute.

D.C. region tops list of commuter hours wasted in traffic Special

Fairfax - A new report says U.S. drivers spend, on average, over 65 hours a year sitting in traffic. The Washington D.C. region ranked top of the list of those commuters wasting time stuck in road congestion.

Halifax Metro Transit Strike continues, no talks scheduled Special

Halifax - Negotiations between Metro Transit employees and Halifax Regional Municipality are all but frozen on this partly sunny, frigid weekend.

Angels interact with astounded London commuters in ad campaign

Victoria - Commuters making their way home through London's Victoria station were left amazed when an advertising stone set on the concourse floor asked travellers to look up. When they did they saw an angel.

Hawaii, Others Considering Taxing Those with Long Commutes

Hawaii is considering taxing commuters on how far they drive. That might reduce road congestion, but it will truly impact the poor in some areas.

Commuters to be hit in New York transit fare hike

New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority voted to hike fares on subways and buses by 25 per cent and to cut service. At stake is a $1.2-billion budget deficit, but the take is considerably more.

Penguins Becoming Long-distance Commuters

Imagine you live in the suburbs of Chicago and you must commute hundreds of miles to a job in Iowa just to put food on the table. Magellanic penguins living on the Atlantic coast of Argentina face a similar scenario, and it is taking a toll.

Pissed Off Commuters Set Fire To Train Over Delays

After getting impatient over waiting for a delayed train to get moving, Metrorail reported that a group of Pretoria commuters set two train cars on fire.

That really suitzzz you sir

Commuters are beingoffered a jacket that will allow themto snooze in style on the journey to work.

Britan's commuters spend longer in cars and trains

Know the Europeans thank the cheap air travel, for the growth of flexible working and an increase in communication technology.

Life for gang who tortured commuters for pin numbers

Four robbers who snatched London commuters outside of train and Tube stations, and tortured them for their pin numbers, were sentenced to life.

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The turn out for the event this past Oct. 2017 was exciting. Diana Birkett Rakow  Alaska Airlines’...
The turn out for the event this past Oct. 2017 was exciting. Diana Birkett Rakow, Alaska Airlines’ Vice President of External Relations, talked about the unique aspects of the partnership between the airlines and Ford to help make this innovation of commuting, bicycling and air travel, possible.
Ford GoBike
Many people showed up for the Ford GoBike and Alaska Airlines partnership-program launch event this ...
Many people showed up for the Ford GoBike and Alaska Airlines partnership-program launch event this past Oct. 26, 2017 in downtown San Jose. Bike share is great for quick trips around town or leisurely rides through the park. Use it to commute to work or school, run errands and explore the city.
Ford GoBike
Watch the Gap sign on New Jersey Transit train
Watch the Gap sign on New Jersey Transit train

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