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Communist News

Next Philippine leader seeks early talks with communist rebels

Davao - Incoming Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte said Sunday he would seek an early start to peace talks with communist rebels and free detained guerrilla chieftains when he takes office in end-June.

Philippines' Duterte says communist leader welcome home

Davao - The leader of the Philippines' communist insurgency will be welcome to return home after nearly three decades in exile and participate in peace talks, president-elect Rodrigo Duterte has said.

Philippine communist rebels kill 3 soldiers: Military

Manila - Communist guerrillas killed three Philippine soldiers in the first fatal clash since a newly-elected president offered to restart stalled peace talks, the military said Sunday.

Xi move on faction suggests China elite struggle: Experts

Bejing - Allies of Chinese President Xi Jinping are moving against a Communist organisation that is the power base of Premier Li Keqiang, in what analysts say may be a sign of faction-fighting at the top of the ruling party.

Rolling Stones thrill Cuba with free two-hour Havana concert

Havana - Rock-and-roll icons the Rolling Stones rocked Havana, Cuba, on Friday with a free concert in the city's Sports City complex.

Communist rebels 'raiding Philippines typhoon relief convoys'

Manila - Communist insurgents in the Philippines have attacked military convoys bringing aid to victims of a recent typhoon, killing one soldier in the latest ambush, police said Thursday.

Top rebel slain in blow to Philippine communist rebellion

Davao - The Philippine military has shot dead an infamous communist guerilla leader in a blow to one of the world's longest-running Maoist insurgencies, authorities said Monday.

Fidel Castro makes first public appearance in 14 months

Havana - Former president Fidel Castro appeared in public last week for the first time in 14 months at a school in Havana, media in Cuba reported Friday.

Philippine communist rebels say peace talks may resume soon

Manila - The Philippine government and communist rebels said Friday that formal negotiations to end a lengthy insurgency could restart shortly, though the rebels' armed wing announced it was beefing up its guerilla campaign.

Ukraine says goodbye Lenin as Communists face poll wipeout

Zaporizhzhya - Ever since Oleksiy Baburin's Stalin statue in southeastern Ukraine was bombed, he has been hiding it behind heavy metal blinds. Now the Communist lawmaker says his entire party is under attack.

Philippine rebels seize gold prospectors

Manila - Communist rebels waging one of Asia's longest running insurgencies seized dozens of prospectors in a remote Philippine gold rush site and used them as "human shields" against pursuing troops, a military official said Sunday.

Do NOT vote for ANC, urges Ronnie Kasrils with Vote NO campaign

Either don't vote for the ANC or spoil your votes, Ronnie Kasrils urges ANC voters through a new campaign called "Sidikiwe Vukani! (We are fed up! Wake up!) Vote No", to be launched on Tuesday.

Expropriate 50% of all farms, plans ANC government

In a leftist move some have called phantoms of Zimbabwe, the South African ANC government has proposed a plan to expropriate half of every commercial farm and handing it over to farm workers.

Key trial of alleged Hungarian Communist war criminal opens

Budapest - The first-ever top-ranking former Communist official to be charged has appeared in a Budapest court charged with war crimes relating to the shootings of dozens of civilians in the aftermath of the failed Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

Jacob Zuma booed at Mandela memorial service

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma of the ANC ruling party of South Africa was booed several times by the crowds at Nelson Mandela's memorial service in Soweto, Johannesburg.

Hungary moves towards opening Communist spy files, 23 years on

Budapest - Twenty-three years after the end of Communism in Hungary, the country has taken a tentative step towards opening the secret files of the era to the public, the last former East Bloc country to do so.

Hungary charges former Communist minister with war crimes

Budapest - In a historic move, the Budapest Branch of the Hungarian National Prosecutor’s Office has charged a former high Communist official with responsibility for war crimes leading to multiple deaths, as well as other, less serious offences.

United Nations: Can they help stop farm murders?

Can the United Nations help South Africans stop farm murders? Afriforum will be presenting a petition as supporting evidence to a report on farm murders, which will be submitted to the UN Forum For Minority Issues in November this year.

Op-Ed: Pravda, former Soviet Communist paper, says Obama is 'Communist'

In what is seen widely as an irony, the Russian news site and former official mouthpiece of the Communist Soviet Union, Pravda, in a scathing attack on Obama and "illiterate" Americans who reelected him, calls Obama a Communist.

Ex-Hungarian Communist government minister held for war crimes

Budapest - One of the highest-ranking Communist war criminals to be detained has been placed under house arrest in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, on suspicion of violating the rules and customs of war, an arrest that has waited 18 years.

Europe still split on totalitarian crimes on Black Ribbon Day

Budapest - The European Union’s Black Ribbon Day has been held in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, but has not had much media coverage, except in media catering to the relatives of the victims of Communism and some victims of Nazism.

Falun Gong rally in Sydney to mark thirteen years of persecution Special

Sydney - A Falun Gong rally was held outside Sydney Town Hall. Banners took up nearly the whole block on both sides of the road and about 100 people took part.

Kengor 'exposes' Frank Marshall Davis, 'Obama's communist mentor'

A book by Paul Kengor, PhD, titled "The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis, The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mentor," will be released July 17. The book introduces "the world to Frank Marshall Davis – member of the Communist Party, and Obama’s mentor

Berlin Wall, symbol of Communist oppression rose 50 years ago

Berlin - Germany has marked the coup-like overnight building of the Berlin Wall, aimed at preventing further defections to the West by those living in the shadow of East German Communism.

Former East Bloc countries call on EU to recall Communist crimes

Prague - Former Communist countries in the EU have called on the Union’s Justice and Home Affairs Council to declare a day of remembrance of all totalitarian crimes committed by regimes throughout Europe.

N.Korea on Red Alert, Ready for War

Following the joint US and South Korea drills, North Korea has put its military on full combat alert and ready to blow out South Korea, the communist state said.

China reinforces Party regime over army

New guidelines issued by the Central Military Commission (CMC) in China underscores the Party controlling over the country's armed forces, the People's Liberation Army (PLA).

Op-Ed: Obama's Nuclear Gaffes in Japan UPDATE: Obama Bows Low

On his first day in Japan, Obama declared himself "America's first Pacific President," dodged the subject of the Hiroshima bombing but said he would be honored to visit there, and praised Chinese exceptionalism as strongly as he has downplayed ours.

Victim of Stalinist Church Persecutions Beatified

A Hungarian Bishop, Zoltán Meszlényi, has been recognised as a martyr for his faith by the Catholic Church. Meszlényi is the first of the Hungarian victims of the Stalin-era anti-church persecution to be beatified.

Anti-Communist Blogger Freed in Vietnam

A blogger in Vietnam, who was recently detained due to his plan to distribute anti-China t-shirts and allegedly over his anti-communist stand, was released Sunday according to Hanoi police.
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Detail from The Arsenal  1928  by Diego Rivera. The work  painted for the Mexican Ministry Of Educat...
Detail from The Arsenal, 1928, by Diego Rivera. The work, painted for the Mexican Ministry Of Education in 1928 to promote national pride and culture, clearly reflects the artist's passion for politics. Frida Kahlo is depicted in the center of the work, handing out weapons to peasants. If Rivera was dedicated to the vision of Mexico enjoying a socialist future, then he found his equal in Frida Kahlo, whose background and education provided a solid grounding for political engagement.
Female Iranian communists protest the hijab in Stockholm  Sweden
Female Iranian communists protest the hijab in Stockholm, Sweden
Some Communist symbols used in Hungary between 1945 and 1989.
Some Communist symbols used in Hungary between 1945 and 1989.